Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones Reviews

September 20, 2019
Chappelle is fascinating, sophisticated, and what sets him apart, fearless.
September 12, 2019
There were moments in this special that I can get behind, but there were others that I'm shocked that Netflix gave the go-ahead to.
September 10, 2019
Sticks and Stones registers as a temper tantrum, the product of a man who wants it all -- money, fame, influence -- without much having to answer to anyone.
September 9, 2019
[O]verall, I found the special funny, entertaining, and yes... very edgy. But more importantly, I felt like in the end, the world of comedy benefited from it.
September 8, 2019
You've got our attention, pal. You just haven't delivered the funny.
September 6, 2019
Sticks & Stones leaves the audience with the sense that there was more work to be done before the special was filmed.
September 6, 2019
Ultimately, though, it feels like stale work from a comedian who was once known for truly boundary-pushing comedy - the kind that actually understood nuance, particularly where famous and powerful men were concerned.
September 5, 2019
Sticks & Stones exists as a defiant design to intentionally offend large swaths of the audience Chappelle deems too thin-skinned and easily outraged.. while serving up simple, low-bar yucks to anyone yearning for validation of their anti-P.C. stance.
September 4, 2019
Lacking empathy can certainly be amusing, but Sticks & Stones is a tired routine by a man who forgot to layer jokes into his act, too often sounding like a pundit on Fox News.
September 4, 2019
He's one of the few comedians who can really touch on a lot of different sensitive topics and still make it funny.
September 4, 2019
There's an overwhelming feeling of the now as you watch "Sticks and Stones." It feels immediate, a plea from one of our very best comedians to his own audience to stop the hysteria.
September 3, 2019
I couldn't help but appreciate the fact that, well, this guy will do it; he'll go there.
August 29, 2019
Sticks and Stones is designed to generate inflammatory coverage... It's a symbiotic cycle with no end in sight, and it's become the last thing a beloved provocateur should ever want to be: predictable.
August 28, 2019
Sticks & Stones is terrible, and [Dave] Chappelle can only blame himself for that.
August 27, 2019
Like dropping in on a rascally uncle who doesn't know, or doesn't care, how much he's disappointing you.
August 27, 2019
"Sticks & Stones" isn't necessarily a failure, it just feels like Chappelle presenting half-formed material with few jokes that truly hit hard and stand out.
August 27, 2019
The set mostly misses the mark. And what is that mark? The truth. Chappelle remains one of the most vital, and certainly among the most daring, of standups... His latest hour is a setback.