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½ April 21, 2018
Execrable. What was the recruitment campaign for this? Cheap horror flick requires talentless actors to bludgeon a dreadful script to death? Worse even than I imagined it would be.
½ April 18, 2018
I don't know how I endured till the end, this movie is a masterpiece of junk.

Fortunately, I rented this movie. Otherwise, I'd burn it in a dumpster. Unfortunately, my local family video definitely won't refund me, otherwise, I'd ask for a refund for sure.

I give half star because the beginning of the movie was somehow attractive, but I had to convince myself to find out how terrible the movie could be when keeping on watching it. The acting is garbage, the plot is a mental torment to any audience has a common sense.

The leading role was a disaster, the dumb bi**h Zoe was supposed to be a heroine, but on the contrary, she jinxed anyone who was around.

First incident, she convinced her team to get some vaccines while she could sneak into her old office to grab some photos. Without notifying her team, Zoe intentionally left herself behind in the zombie zone, then had one of her teammates killed who's trying to rescue her, and led her formal admirer who turned to a zombie already to follow them back to the safe house. Did she feel sorry about it? Absolutely not! Zoe felt like she's the only righteous one among others, her team deserves to be killed to save her ass.

Second incident, the Zoe DB turned her so-called boyfriend to against the lieutenant, his brother, to catch some zombies without permission, the result was another disaster. The zombies eventually passed the
barriers and killed a branch of people. When lieutenant questioned our heroine, she claimed that's for research purposes. Did she feel sorry for the consequences because of her arrogance? Again, no.

I tried my best to convince myself to believe the leading actress was not the super villain or the hidden boss in the movie, because the story ended up pretty f**ked up, almost everybody were killed or I shall say, eaten by the zombies in the bunker. Finally, the vaccine was created. Again, Zoe became the new leader in the bunker and she shall be credited for killing dozens to save one life.

Other numerous hilarious acting shall not be listed out because I don't have a whole months to write this thing. Some well armed soldiers got bitten was because totally idiotic reactions. For example, when you come all the way to a location, you checked each corners, you should be sure the path you covered earlier is secured. Why on the earth you'd put your gun away, turned your back towards the direction where someone was screaming and running away from? Why not just put some seasoning on your neck and back to give those zombies a better taste? Come on! I'd be damned if the solider's first reaction was that way while he had survived under zombies attack for such long time!

I bet I am not smart after all, how come I rented this film without checking the reviews first. Or I am simply not smart enough to figure it out this movie is actually a black comedy.
½ April 17, 2018
Muy mala. Un trama muy tonto.
April 16, 2018
Honestly the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life. how the writers managed to make the main character so stupid and unlikable is beyond me. There should be laws against how horrible the acting is in this movie. It was like watching a major car wreck except not nearly as interesting.
½ April 15, 2018
A film that feels 10 years late to the zombie party while not bringing anything new to the table. The scariest part of this film is trying to not get distracted by your phone from how boring and by the numbers this film is.

The characters are a collection of every personality type we've seen in every zombie film within the last 20 years. The only difference is how god awful the acting is. Sometimes it feels like you're watching a foreign film with a bad English dub.

There are zero horror elements and not even enough action to fill the void. A zombie film set mostly in a laboratory could be interesting and engaging were it done by more competent film makers.

Watch this film if you have trouble sleeping, it'll help.
April 15, 2018
I signed up to Rotten Tomotoes because this film was so bad. The only thing about this film that was unpredictable was the colour of the lead characters vest from scene to scene - the producer forgot to hire a Continuity Supervisor.
½ April 15, 2018
Bloodlines sets out to be a more accurate remake of the original film but losses why the 1985 movie was worth watching. With a main character who puts everyone in danger a supporting cast who enables her and a "villainous" superior officer who reflects the audiences how stupid can you be outlook there is no redeeming character in the film. The worst of it all is the reimagined Bub now named max who's deus ex machina blood allows him to think. Blood aside this character's biggest fault is his rapist psychopathic roots and relationship to the main character. Even though the setting and general feel is more inline with the 1985 this remake fails at capturing the message of Romero's original film.
½ April 14, 2018
This is so damn terrible.... Poor acting from the main actress... Poor plot...
April 13, 2018
It's not Uwe Boll good, but... lol.
½ April 12, 2018
This is a bad regurgitated zombie plot flick. Bad acting by the main characters and even worse director. To make things worse the ending pisses you off
Super Reviewer
April 11, 2018
So, if you're a horror nerd, you've been aware that, very sadly and unfortunately, George A. Romero is no longer alive in order to provide quality horror movies. Though, to be fair, after Survival of the Dead was released in 2009 (which I wasn't a big fan of, Romero didn't make any more films. I'm certain that he wanted to enjoy his retirement. Romero's influence over the zombie genre, which if you think hasn't influenced the way zombie medium is tackled to this very day, then you really don't know anything about horror. To this day his influence on horror is felt and not even just the zombie genre. I think independent filmmaking, where real ideas, themes and characters are explored, owes a great deal to Romero. He was one of the first ones to really write and direct full-fledged horror movies, complete with believable characters. Or believable for the situation they find themselves in at least. Having said that, I think it's interesting that out of the big three '...of the Dead' movies, the one that seems to be remade the most is Day of the Dead, considering 2008 we had remake, that really wasn't. Hell, there was actually a sequel to the original film that came out in 2005 too, which I haven't seen nor do I plan to. The reason I say this is that, while Day of the Dead is still really good, it obviously pales in comparison to the quality and influence of Night and Dawn. Night of the Living Dead apparently has an animated re-telling. So I don't know if that counts. Regardless, how many remakes there are of Romero's zombie films is irrelevant. I guess one of the few positives I can say about this film is that it is a more 'faithful' take on the Day of the Dead story than the 2008 remake was. With that, I mean that the movie uses sort of a similar storyline with Bubba, but instead of Bubba being the hero of the movie, Max is actually kind of the most perverted zombie I've ever seen. He lusts for Zoe in a creepy way. He's one of those 'if I can't have you, nobody can' zombies. You know the type. Another thing before I continue, however. What is with everybody currently working in the zombie medium refusing to call them zombies??? They actively STAY away from the word as if it's a racial slur or something. It could be justified if Romero didn't name them in any of his movies, at least up until Day of the Dead, in that, given that the zombie market was not as overcrowded as it is in this day and age. Now everybody knows what zombies are, so why not just call them as such? It's like they want to be a zombie movie while also avoiding the 'negative' stigma surrounding the subgenre. You can't have it both ways, guys. The Walking Dead is the worst offender, it just feels so unnatural to hear 'walker' or 'geek' or 'deadhead' or 'biter' instead of just saying the word zombie. Ooops! I said the Z word, that's a big no-no 'round these parts. You almost sense the actors struggling to call them anything OTHER than zombies at times. It's ridiculous. The term for them here is rotters. Where do I start with this movie? It's obviously really fucking bad or else it wouldn't get the rating it has received. Is it better or worse than the first remake, I have no fucking clue since it's been quite a while since I watched it. Normally, I would have given this the lowest rating possible, but I did think that some of the practical effects looked good and the zombie make-up on Johnathon Schaech looked surprisingly good. They blew their budget on the make-up and forgot about everything else like, you know, telling a good story. One of the problems that immediately jumps out at you is the fact that the acting is largely terrible. Sophie Skelton has appeared in four episodes of Outlander, which I hear is really good, but you wouldn't know this woman was actually a professional actress if you looked at her performance here. Honestly, I think I'm being a little harsh, I did feel that she was decent enough in her role. I believe it's everything around her that's clouding my judgment. Having said that, this movie has the same asshole military leader role that Joe Polito played in the original. He was so bad that it was actually a really entertaining performance. But the guy who plays Polito's role here, Miguel, is not great. He's not the worst, but he's nowhere near good. Anyway, I hated this character with a passion. Not because he was an asshole, because I don't have a problem with that, but because he literally had no reason to be an asshole. It's like his characterization was something they just needed to tick off to fulfill some goal to be somewhat faithful to the original movie. I realize that Zoe needed someone to resist everything she was trying to do with trying to find a vaccine, but there's literally no substance to Miguel whatsoever. There's no reason for him to exist other than to serve as Zoe's foil. Which is fine and dandy, but at least give the character something to do that isn't being a total asshole to everyone for no other reason than just because. And that's another thing, while Zoe's goal are admirable, to find a cure for this disease that's ravaged the world, she gets a lot of people killed as a result of her influence. First, the supply run they go on leads to Max holding on to the bottom of a hummer, and making his way back with the group to the bunker. That gets one person killed at the medical facility and two when they find their way back to the bunker. They find Max and they chain him up, the chains are relatively short so everyone else is just slightly out of his reach if he tries anything. So Zoe realizes that Max's blood might be what she needs in order to get a cure. So she needs live specimens, to draw blood from, to see if Max's blood really does cure the disease. So they go to the perimeter gate, without Miguel's knowledge. They need two live samples, so they herd them in one by one. Holding the gate in place, since they have to let them in one by one, which is understandable. So first one comes in and everything is fine. Second one comes in, which fulfills Zoe's requirements and they...still hold the gate in place while Zoe does her shit. Then after she's done they struggle to close the fucking gate. And it's like, really, guys??? You could have closed the gate IMMEDIATELY after you let the second zombie in and you just didn't. What a bunch of dipshits. So the zombies break through the gate and storm the bunker and a shit-ton more people die, one at Miguel's hands (or gun rather) after being bitten. So you can see how Zoe might have actually been responsible for more deaths than anyone else in the entire movie. And she's supposed to be the fucking heroine. Max somehow escapes, he took someone's keys and unshackled himself. The thing was, though, that the chains on Max's hands were so short that it was impossible for him to bring his hands close enough together to put the key in one of the chains. They don't even show him escaping, he just shows up behind Zoe out of nowhere when she is performing her experiments. Yes, yes I know, I'm looking for sense in a movie where the dead come back to life. Just let me complain in peace, please? In closing, this is really bad, the acting is substandard outside of Johnatho Schaech, who's perfectly solid as Max, the character development is non-existent. You don't care about anybody or anything in this movie. Not to mention the cinematography is uninspired. All in all, this was just a really fucking bad movie. Maybe giving it one star is generous, but I did think some of the zombie make-up and practical gore looked good. That doesn't really come close to covering up for everything else the movie does wrong. Avoid it and I imagine George A. Romero would be pissed off at this movie, with good reason.
April 10, 2018
They tried to modernise an old idea which isn't always a bad thing, but they didn't think about the audience. As films have adapted, as have the audience, they need a character to relate to in a film, not a bunch of soldiers making witty/smug remarks. The film has no depth.
April 10, 2018
The best film ever it had everything I like in a zombie horror and great visual effects. Fantastic addition to the franchise.
½ April 9, 2018
The start of the movie was so bad that I was hesitant to continue but I stuck it out...wish stopped. It's story was not unlike others, very generic. The acting was what ruined it for me, the poor acting was just laughable, characters that are completely unlikeable and for some reason the SFX crew needed to learn "less is more". The zombie at the very start as the girl is walking down the street on the phone to her mom, gets up and looks like he has a chain of sausages wrapped around his neck. The crappy bloody splatter on the camera is annoying, reminds me of that other crappy zombie flick house of the dead BUT their excuse was that was suppose to be cheesy and videogame-esk.
April 9, 2018
Not a very good "remake". Crap editing, BB gun can plainly be seen on a handgun when Baca is going to commit suicide.
½ April 9, 2018
Fuck. This is bad. This is total shit. FUCK.
April 9, 2018
Terrible writing, terrible acting. Laugh worthy at most, but the plot is making me cringe too much to continue watching. The characters are very cliche and aren't thought through.
½ April 9, 2018
Pls don't watch it... Worst storyline ever, stupid scripts with poor acting
½ April 8, 2018
The #MeToo movie of the zombie genre. The plot follows a strong female lead determined to bring her in-your-face brand of feminism to the apocalypse. Who knew brain dead zombies could be such chauvinists. #TimesUp for civilization in this end of the world male-basher.
½ April 8, 2018
Woeful...seriously poor. I enjoy a good/bad film as much as the next viewer but the terribleness of this film manages to be greater than the sum of its sub-standard, sewn-together parts. Both plot and characters are poorly written and cliched, the direction is uninspired at best with performances ranging from bland to downright awful. The protagonist character manages to achieve the rather spectacular feat of being responsible for every misfortune that befalls the bunker/camp without any whiff of irony or purpose other than to move the plot along. She's the Kim Bauer of zombie films and is just as annoying. She runs well mind you.
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