Nov 7, 2019
The music is eloquently timeless. The lyrics unparalleled, even illuminating. Yes, it's delightful, it's delicious, it's's De-Lovely.
May 8, 2011
Unfortunately, the film's post-modern staginess assists in keeping Porter endlessly at arm's length. [Blu-ray]
May 3, 2011
Winkler indulges a large amount of screentime detailing these sexual leanings and complications, which disrupts the picture's balance between wannabe musical and straight up bio-pic.
Dec 22, 2010
The music is de-lovely, but not much else is.
Nov 20, 2008
Jul 14, 2007
May 24, 2007
More imagination than inquiry, this cautiously reverential tale reaches for aesthetic pleasure and emotion over insight.
May 23, 2007
If you ignore the plot and just approach the flick as nothing more than a 21st century update of a Busby Berkeley-style musical, you will not be disappointed.
Oct 22, 2006
An earnest, well-meant musical biography that never quite has enough time between numbers to delve into the details of Porter's complicated life.
Sep 22, 2006
Performances crackling with an enthusiasm that indicates how much Porter's work continues to be loved and respected.
Apr 1, 2006
Sep 30, 2005
May 5, 2005
Elegante e esteticamente admirável, este musical é um pouco mais longo do que deveria, mas as belas canções e os complexos planos concebidos por Winker acabam compensando.
Apr 17, 2005
The production numbers recap Porter's life using his own music. The concept is nothing if not original but it's the execution that causes the greatest strife.
Feb 20, 2005
...employs a bizarre structure that makes it virtually impossible to connect with anything or anyone on screen.
Feb 2, 2005
Emotionally week and distant, like watered-down soup. It provides poor nourishment.
Dec 15, 2004
An intelligent behind-the-scenes look at enduring love and enduring music.
Dec 3, 2004
De-Lovely, de-Nearly delectable
Nov 27, 2004
...if I didn't already enjoy the composer's music, this movie would never have swayed to like it.
Nov 24, 2004
Kline and Judd are both good, but Cole Porter seems to have more sophistication than depth.