Nov 8, 2016
Who knows where his displaced emotions will take him? Who cares?
Aug 11, 2016
Demolition is a cinematic deconstruction of expectation and cliché, all of which results in a moving marvel of self-actualization I think I just might be in love with.
May 1, 2016
The story of a bereaved man who starts to dismantle household appliances and, later, buildings, the whole movie is a laboured metaphor: we get it, he's falling apart.
Apr 28, 2016
The film is utterly annihilated by its stylistic contrivance and ludicrous self-importance
Apr 28, 2016
A moving account of how the process of grief can take on strange forms.
Apr 21, 2016
Gyllenhaal continues his post-Nightcrawler upgrade with another vivid performance in the key of strange.
Apr 13, 2016
There's a beauty in the breakdown, and it's amongst the rubble that Davis finds himself living, rather than enduring, his life.
Apr 11, 2016
There is much to savor here, especially the unforced performance of Judah Lewis -- one more recruit to the terrific roster of younger actors who are streaming into the movies. Yet the film lacks the courage of its affliction.
Apr 10, 2016
Thank god for Jake Gyllenhaal. Absent his performance, Demolition would have been a more unbearable slog than it is.
Apr 9, 2016
The filmmaking is stellar and Gyllenhaal is aces, but for all of its experimentation and predictability, 'Demoliton' turns out to be maddeningly vanilla.
Apr 8, 2016
Director Jean-Marc Vallée doesn't seem to mind when his movies become sun-dappled insta-redemption stories so long as there's a bravura central turn holding it all down.
Apr 8, 2016
Demolition doesn't suffer from Vallée's fine direction or Gyllenhaal's outstanding performance...
Apr 8, 2016
The best I can say is that it's another tour de force for Gyllenhaal, although his intensity isn't matched by the movie itself.
Apr 8, 2016
The deadpan and sometimes excruciating discomfort on display, played for laughs, calls to mind the early, emotionally subversive films of David O. Russell.
Apr 8, 2016
[A] manipulative downer about a widower who deals with his icy emotional numbness by literally taking a sledgehammer to his old life.
Apr 8, 2016
Amazingly, if awkwardly, the experiment works.
Apr 8, 2016
The scenario does contain a couple of unexpected stings in its tale, which almost makes the inevitable redemption payoff play a little less pat than it might have under different circumstances. But not THAT much less pat.
Apr 8, 2016
Gyllenhaal's performance is so engaging, so successfully constructed to make us sympathize with the man's anti-social reactions to convention, even while we may understand everyone else's bemusement.
Apr 8, 2016
Gyllenhaal broods convincingly, but little else rings true in this contrived drama.
Apr 8, 2016
Demolition plays like a failed iteration of a 1970s angry-misfit movie (think Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces), not like the real thing.