Diamonds Are Forever


Diamonds Are Forever

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Diamonds are Forever is a largely derivative affair, but it's still pretty entertaining nonetheless, thanks to great stunts, witty dialogue, and the presence of Sean Connery.



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In this spy adventure, James Bond is involved in a scheme by the insidious Ernst Blofeld to force the world powers to disarm so that he can take over the globe. Folksinger Jimmy Dean shows up briefly as a Howard Hughes-like reclusive billionaire, while Lana Wood is a "human prop."


Sean Connery
as James Bond
Jill St. John
as Tiffany Case
Charles Gray
as Ernst Blofeld
Lana Wood
as Plenty O'Toole
Jimmy Dean
as Willard Whyte
Putter Smith
as Mr. Kidd
Bruce Glover
as Mr. Wint
Ed Call
as Maxie
Joseph Fürst
as Dr. Metz
George A. Cooper
as SPECTRE Agent
Lois Maxwell
as Miss Moneypenny
Leonard Barr
as Shady Tree
Laurence Naismith
as Sir Donald Monger
Margaret Lacey
as Mrs. Whistler
Joe Robinson
as Peter Franks
Trina Parks
as Thumper
Ed Bishop
as Klaus Hergersheimer
Nicky Blair
as Doorman
Clifford Earl
as Immigration Officer
Karl Held
as Agent
John Abineri
as Airline Representative
Max Latimer
as Blofeld's Double
Bill Hutchinson
as Moon Crater Controller
Frank Mann
as Moon Crater Guard
David Bauer
as Slumber
Mark Elwes
as Sir Donald's Secretary
Frank Olegario
as Man in Fez
David Healy
as Vandenburg Launch Director
Gordon Ruttan
as Vandenburg Aide
Marc Lawrence I
as Attendant
Sid Haig
as Attendant
Michael Valente
as Attendant
Ray Baker
as Helicopter Pilot
Catherine Deeney
as Welfare Worker
Jay Sarno
as Sideshow Barker
George Lane Cooper
as SPECTRE Agent
Dick Crockett
as Crane Operator
Janos Kurucz
as Aide to Metz
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Critic Reviews for Diamonds Are Forever

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  • Bond looks better than ever, partly because Sean Connery has returned to play him.

    Oct 13, 2008 | Full Review…
  • Diamonds Are Forever doesn't carry the same quality or flair as its many predecessors.

    Apr 24, 2008 | Full Review…

    Variety Staff

    Top Critic
  • Assorted ladies, a few quick lines, and one good chase, making for a mediocre entry in the series.

    Apr 24, 2008 | Full Review…
  • A wry and exhilarating bit of entertainment.

    Jan 26, 2006 | Full Review…
    Time Out
    Top Critic
  • The movie's momentum is such that one never has much time to react to its lack of reason, only to its sensations of speed and narrow escape, and to the splendor of its crazy gadgets and décor.

    May 9, 2005 | Rating: 4/5
  • We see different movies for different reasons, and Diamonds Are Forever is great at doing the things we see a James Bond movie for.

    Oct 23, 2004 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Diamonds Are Forever

  • Oct 17, 2015
    A rough among the Diamonds, Sean Connery's occasionally entertaining return to the role that made him famous single handedly pilots the 007 series into the over-the-top, almost comedic, spoof-worthy skies that would dominate the '70s. Essentially, Diamonds Are Forever plays out as a swanky harbinger of the campy Roger Moore escapades that would follow. Moore gets shouldered with this association, but - make no mistake about it - Connery kick-started it but good with this, a largely forgettable romp where the series starts to show its age. Nothing about James Bond should come as a standard issue experience, but this go-round simply starts to become imitative of the glory days. And speaking of 'age,' the leading man starts to show it--if not completely in looks, than interest. Women get flung at him with no wooing necessary and the heavies look about as formidable as Maxwell Smart. Truly, between the spa mud bath murder, moon buggy chase, horrible acting by one of the worst Bond girls ever, and the singer of "Big Bad John" adding support, this chapter amounts to being more of a comedy than Peter Sellers' Casino Royale did four years earlier. Some decent stunts and witty repartee help to gloss over what's become Double-0 formula, but most of Diamonds - from the unthreatening skeevy henchmen to a Howard Hughes-esqe plotline - ends up to be a veritable fugazi. In this classic spy caper, a diamond smuggling investigation leads James Bond (Connery) to Las Vegas, where he uncovers an extortion plot headed by his nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. A then-historic paycheck brings Connery him back into the fray and his charisma carries some of the stale goings-on. He surely morphed into an on screen older sex symbol in his '60s (The Untouchables, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Entrapment), but consider his awkward years. He looks remarkably less viral and vested than four years earlier in You Only Live Twice. Plus, when paired with Jill St. John, he's got too much heavy lifting. She delivers lines as sing-songy and unconvincing as a grade school play. Country-Western star Jimmy Dean lightens things up as a thinly veiled take on reclusive billionaire Hughes but the tone already proves lighter than a Go Go Bird feather. Bottom line: Diamonds and Rust
    Jeff B Super Reviewer
  • Oct 12, 2015
    It's funny, I read reviews of Goldfinger that said that film changed the tone and course of Bond films for a long time, and I think that writer was right. Since Goldfinger, it has been average Bond movie after average Bond movie. The tongue and cheek tone that Goldfinger sort of inspired had already grown tiresome and over the top by Diamonds Are Forever. Connery is back, which is obviously a step up from Lazenby, but Blofeld once again changed actors. Apparently this reflects the chameleon like nature of Blofeld in the books, but it fails to create a sense of rhythm and consistency to the franchise. With that being said, he was one of the better Blofelds we have had and made for a decent foe. The problem is that the tone of the rest of the film is so goofy and dissimilar to what Bond and Blofeld are in. The action sequences are improved since the unorthidox editing of On Her Majesty's Secret Service without the strange settings of Thunderball and You Only Live Twice. Even the sidekick villains in the film are borderline un-watchable. By today's standards, these assumed gay characters would be seen as portrayed very offensively, but I guess that was just the time the film was released. So other than the fact that this film has the dumbest cops in film history, weird duo characters, and it's tonally inconsistent, it is a decently entertaining film. We finally get a good back and forth between Blofeld and Bond, and Connery is back (at least for one film). Diamonds Are Forever is yet another average installment in the franchise. +Connery is back +Blofeld in his full form +Better action -Tonally off -Un-watchable side duos -Offensive at times 5.8/10
    Thomas D Super Reviewer
  • Aug 03, 2015
    Sean Connerys last official Bond movie and i'm affraid he goes out with a wimper, I think the studio knew it wasn't a good script so they tried their best to bring back Connery hoping it was enough to make the film better but even Connery seems uninterested in playing Bond anymore and does nothing new to the film, The plot is very strange and when we eventually find out what it's all about it wasn't worth the wait and kind of stupid, And the film is overlong there's little to no action and when there is it's nothing new, Apart from one good car chase the main thing that this film will be remembered by is the soundtrack.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Apr 06, 2015
    An older Sean Connery is clearly jaded with the role, resulting in a boring and misdirected outing in the Bond franchise, with sequences that help the franchise inch ever closer to complete camp.
    Kase V Super Reviewer

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