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½ October 30, 2016
I am convinced that Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg are trying to kill the spoof genre, and perhaps all of comedy.
½ October 1, 2016
Who ever is seeing these films should be put in jail.
September 18, 2016
Honestly this movie was complete shit. On my birthday I had some friends over. I very much did not want to watch this movie as the trailer looked shit and the reviews spoke for themselves. I watched it and honestly, now I hate my friends. This movie was so utterly shit and unfunny that I would rather watch, well to be honest, anything, utterly anything else. Do not waste your life watching this movie.
September 7, 2016
I don't think that Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer's "Disaster Movie" is good, it's absolute trash but it's so bad that it's so good. -3/5 stars
August 27, 2016
I mean, at least it lives up to its title..
½ August 15, 2016
Easily the worst film I have ever seen that wasn't helmed by a female director. I am usually very picky when it comes to selecting movies to watch, hence my usually high satisfaction as a cinephile. I can't believe I wasted my time on this vile piece of garbage and that this ever saw a cinematic release when there MUST be thousands...NO, millions, of better things that could have been made instead. The Lumiere brothers must be rolling in their graves at how cinema has been travestied.

My only regret other than my time wasted and the scar on my brain from having watched it is the fact that unlike Metacritic, on Rotten Tomatoes I can't give it a zero rating. Or a negative, for that matter! =)
½ July 25, 2016
I can't believe I'm watching this atrocious and obnoxious film.
This is absolutely a knockoff to better popular movies,
These 2 Directors Named Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer needs to either stop making parody films or make films in general.
Fuck Disaster Movie!
I Hate Everything, Hulk Acting Stupid, Iron Man Also Acting Stupid, Amy Winehouse being a slut, Indiana Jones being a short fucking midget, Enchanted Ruining everybody's childhood and the cancer of anti drug movies.
Sitting through this piece of Shit makes you never watch movies ever again, Watching this awful Abomination makes you wanna throw something at the screen, Aaron and Jason should not be allowed to make any more of these awful and atrocious films, They're filmmaking is what toddlers would create.

Score: 0/10
½ July 12, 2016
to me this movie seems to be ok but It lacks I'm some parts this movie could have been better if they push the story and push it to the limit instead of having a story nearly makes no sense I feel this movie had a great idea just expand on it to make it better
½ June 26, 2016
Just like the movie's name, this movie falls short being a disaster. Also when the poster said our favorite movies will be destroyed, actually it's more like this movie destroyed itself by being stupid.
May 27, 2016
At least the name of the movie is fitting
May 25, 2016
I love the chipmunks part, sorry
½ May 9, 2016
Un desastre de película, literalmente hablando.
April 10, 2016
Funny and amusing; why hate on this when you can hate on worse movies?
½ March 22, 2016
worst movie i have ever seen in my god dammmmmmm mmmmnlife
February 25, 2016
not as good as dinkster but it ok I gess 10/10
½ February 9, 2016
Well there goes a 1.5 hours that I'll never get back! What a complete waste of time and money!
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½ December 27, 2015
This movie is well... disastrous. Nothing else to say about it. Who thought this would be a good idea for a movie anyways? Obviously not me because I have better things to do anyways than watch this disaster movie.
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½ December 22, 2015
I want to find the one critic on rotten tomatoes who gave this a "fresh review" because this film is utter shite from start to finish. The comedy in this film couldn't appeal to the lowest common dominator. the acting, what's the point of talking about the acting, it was like the actors just came on the set, didn't give a rats arse, just read there lines and then drunk their sorrows. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are scum of cinema, they honestly don't care about their craft and the audience and it shows with this atrocity of a film, it uses cheap humour, like Amy Winehouse being a drunk vampire. but the worse thing about this film is the ending, honestly I cant write into words how cheap the ending was. The thing that pisses me off the most is that the film mocks film which are 100 times better than this film, for example no country for old men which is a fantastic film by the Coen Brothers with unbelievable cinematography by the legend which is Roger Deakins. This is the worse film of all time, no film can be as bas as this, even if you tried you couldn't. This film gets 0/10.
½ December 8, 2015
I give if half because zero isn't an option this was actually one of the few movies in life I turned off half an hour in please don't bother
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