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December 14, 2017
Perhaps the best advice is, stop worrying about meaning. Sit back, enjoy its rich design, costumes, landscape and colours.
January 17, 2017
Kitano's sensibilities as a blackly-comic director serve the film well
November 7, 2012
There's a clinical stillness to the way Kitano suggests the inevitability of loss, his always-arresting visuals and the disembodied, ambient soundtrack framing the characters at a quizzical distance.
September 23, 2011
November 8, 2007
The stories have a fateful, lonely feel, like one of Wong Kar-wai's missed connections. Yet their tragic timelessness, and the lovely, aching pace at which they are told, bring them to a level of extraordinary beauty.
November 8, 2007
November 8, 2007
June 21, 2007
A tripy, fascinating film mixing puppeteering with live action.
May 28, 2005
...this anthology of tragic tales is never dull and always a feast for the eyes.
May 23, 2005
Kitsch art.
March 19, 2005
pretentious and as hollow as the puppets
March 11, 2005
The cinematography is colorful and sweeping, the editing and storytelling simple and pure.
March 6, 2005
There aren't many movies more visually beautiful than Takeshi Kitano's odd but moving "Dolls."
February 11, 2005
It's all as passionate, refined, and insistently sad as Bunraku puppetry itself.
February 4, 2005
Dolls isn't a film for everybody, especially the impatient, but Kitano does succeed, I think, in drawing us into his tempo and his world, and slowing us down into the sadness of his characters.
February 3, 2005
A work both rigorously stylized and deeply personal.
January 21, 2005
Devoted fans of Kitano will want to see Dolls. Others may be put off by the dirgelike pace (Kitano takes full credit for the editing) and a ghastly, mood-destroying pop-music number performed by Fukada.
January 21, 2005
Fascinating bits of behavior are scattered throughout these stories, but it cannot be said that the characters are fleshed out beyond their sentimental symbolism.
January 20, 2005
The movie's pace is appropriate to its mood, which is crisp, melancholy and gently cruel.
January 20, 2005
Though Kitano has called Dolls 'a puppet show with human characters,' there's nothing stiff or unreal about its intensity of feeling.
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