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Donkey Punch begins as a promising thriller, but loses credibility while adhering too closely to genre conventions.



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A luxurious yacht floating in the Mediterranean serves as the unlikely setting for this tightly wound horror-thriller concerning three vacationing ladies whose carefree vacation morphs into a picturesque nightmare over the grueling course of one terrifying night at sea. It began as a fun night out on the town, but after meeting three charming locals at a nearby club, the gorgeous vacationers made the fateful mistake of joining the men for a hedonistic party at sea. Unwisely climbing aboard the borrowed yacht with the libidinous strangers as the sexual tension becomes palpable, the girls realize too little too late that their most recent misstep could very well be their last after a freak accident claims the life of one, and the argument over how to handle the situation leads to a vicious struggle for survival. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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  • Jul 24, 2012
    Four blokes meet three birds, and when one delivers the titular sexual maneuver, they must decide how to handle the resulting murder. After the first half hour, the film descends into all the horror movie cliches that <i>Cabin in the Woods</i> satirized. But it's sexy and occasionally delivers a suspenseful moment or two. I don't like its predictability, and I'm uncomfortable with the fact that many horror film producers think more about odd, creative ways to kill characters rather than developing them. Overall, <i>Donkey Punch</i> is a horror film for all the good and ill that genre evinces.
    Jim H Super Reviewer
  • Feb 25, 2012
    Not bad, but not great. Has couple of good "holy crap did that just happen?!" moments, but a few of those does not a good movie make.
    Ken S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 06, 2011
    Super slow pace, killer kills, okay movie.
    ZACHO D Super Reviewer
  • Mar 27, 2011
    An tense, chaotic, brutal, sexy but sometimes too sexy and slickly, stylishly made thriller in the likes of The Ferryman without the supernatural undertones, Dead Calm without the story or scares and Very Bad Things without the humor. In the beginning it felt like I was watching a hip music video or some Laguna Beach episode and it treads almost into porn territory with its full frontal nudity and pretty long sex scene and if you read the title of the movie you know what's going to happen in that scene. After a freak accident on a beautiful yacht all hell breaks loose on how differently they try to handle the scary situation and the blood starts to flow. The acting was decent but not great and it was sometimes hard to understand what they are saying with their strong british accents and it's funny because on a SNL episode they make fun of how hard it is to understand what people are saying in british films sometimes and it's absolutly true. It doesn't have much of a strong story and the lack of character developement it was hard to care what happened to anyone but the brutal, graphic kills and the intensity makes up for that as well as the scenery. It has a pretty shocking ending that was haunting and effective. Overall it wasn't completely original and the characters were bland and thin but I can see that an effort to bring a new twist and spin on thrillers of this kind was brought to the table and I think it accomplished what it set out to do for the most part and for a movie called Donkey Punch it wasn't half bad. Rent it for a boring night at home.
    Matt S Super Reviewer

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