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Dreamscape mixes several genres -- horror, sci-fi, action -- and always maintains a sense of adventure and humor.



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In an attempt to help people who experience recurring nightmares, a research program is using psychics to enter the patients' dreams. The studies are going well, until the President of the U.S. becomes one of the patients, and a psychic assassin attempts to kill him in his sleep.


Dennis Quaid
as Alex Gardner
Max von Sydow
as Dr. Paul Novotny
Kate Capshaw
as Jane DeVries
Eddie Albert
as The President
David Patrick Kelly
as Tommy Ray Glatman
George Wendt
as Charlie Prince
Larry Gelman
as Mr. Webber
Peter Jason
as Babcock
Jana Taylor
as Mrs. Webber
Madison Mason
as Fred Schoenstein
Kate Charleston
as President's Daughter
Kate Charleson
as President's Daughter
Virginia Kiser
as President's Wife
Carl Strano
as Edward Simms
Brian Libby
as McClaren
Fred Waugh (II)
as Bill Hardy
Timothy Blake
as Mrs. Blair
Carey Fox
as Tech Aide
Marii Mak
as Tech Aide
Claudia Lowe
as Tech Aide
Anna Chavez
as Newswoman
Ben Kronen
as Train Conductor
John Malone
as Trolley Conductor
Mindi Iden
as Waitress
Betty Kean
as Grandma
Trent Dolan
as Desk Guard
Andrew Boyer
as Webber's Brother
George Caldwell
as Buddy's Father
Ernest Harada
as Gardener
Alan Buchdahl
as Track Announcer
Larry Cedar
as The Snakeman
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Critic Reviews for Dreamscape

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Audience Reviews for Dreamscape

  • Jul 24, 2012
    Tommy Ray Glatman: In this world, Alex, you're nothing. And me, I'm God.  "Close Your Eyes and The Adventure Begins" Dreamscape is an extremely silly movie, but it isn't without its merits. Featuring a story that is a cross of Nightmare on Elm Street and Inception, Dreamscape has some interesting ideas about nightmares and how we could build a story around them. The movie is actually a pretty fun ride, looking back. There were moments when I said to myself, "This is stupid", but in the end I liked it just enough. There's some interesting stuff that balances out all the bad things. Such as the performances from Plummer and von Sydow balancing out the performance of Quaid, who wasn't horrible, but had moments where he was. Dreamscape follows a man named Alex, who has endless psychic ability, but gave it all up at the age of nineteen. Now he only uses his abilities to pick winning horses. He soon finds himself back in action though, when he asked to help out in a new area, called Dreamscape. He goes into the dreams of people and can do pretty much anything. Soon he finds out that someone has a more sinister use for Dreamscape then he at first thought. Now it is up to him to bring an end to it. This is a movie that has that weird movie feel that can only come from the 80's. The effects are terrible when looked at today, and it made it kind of hard to watch, at times. Overall though, the effects were used in an almost humorous way, which actually made the movie more enjoyable. There were just a few instances where the effects seemed to overpower the interesting story that was taking place. Dreamscape isn't a movie that is overly thrilling or engaging, it is just a decent way to spend an hour and a half. I didn't fall in love with it, but it could have been exponentially worse. As it is, I would it give a mild recommendation. I personally wouldn't run out to see it again, but there's some stuff in Dreamscape that could appeal to other people on a grander scale, than it did me. 
    Melvin W Super Reviewer
  • Dec 05, 2011
    People can go into other peoples dreams and interact, a goverment progham has people being treaten this way, people who are troubled but within this a plot is taking place to get rid of the president of united states who is about to strike peace with the russians. Dennis quaid a person with strong powers for this job and now out of it all is brought back, but he soon discovers all is not well and this kicking off. the film 80s dated now is enjoyable a young Dennis quaid not great but engageing, there are silly moments throughout but for a 80s fantsasy film there are a lot worse out there.
    scott g Super Reviewer
  • Feb 05, 2011
    Loved the premise and the cast in this movie! Considering that this was made the same year as Nightmare on Elm Street it is hard to know who came up with the dream killer idea, but both films are very different. For the time and its budget Dreamscape is very good.
    Jason R Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2010
    A great adventure filled sci-fi thriller all about dreams and psychics. I really liked this movie, and I highly recommend it.
    Aj V Super Reviewer

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