Eddie Albert

Eddie Albert

Highest Rated: 100% Attack (1956)

Lowest Rated: 0% Head Office (1986)

Birthday: Apr 22, 1906

Birthplace: Not Available

One of the most versatile American movie actors of the mid-20th century, Eddie Albert missed out on stardom but, instead, enjoyed a 50-year-plus screen career that encompassed everything from light comedy and zany satire to the most savage war dramas. Born Edward Albert Heimberger in Rock Island, IL, he attended the University of Minnesota. After working as everything from soda jerk to a circus acrobat (with a short stint as a nightclub and radio singer), Albert headed for New York City, where he scored a hit in the play Brother Rat, portraying military cadet Bing Edwards. He also starred in Room Service on-stage before heading to Hollywood, where he was signed by Warner Bros. to recreate his stage role in the 1938 film Brother Rat. Albert was known for his comedic work during the early years of his career -- his other early major credits included The Boys From Syracuse and Boy Meets Girl on-stage and On Your Toes (1939) onscreen. When he did appear in dramas, such as A Dispatch From Reuters (1940), it was usually as a light, secondary lead or male ingénue, similar to the kinds of parts that Dick Powell played during his callow, youthful days. Albert had an independent streak that made him unusual among actors of his era -- he actually quit Warner Bros. at one point, preferring to work as a circus performer for eight dollars per day. The outbreak of World War II sent Albert into the U.S. Navy as a junior officer, and he distinguished himself during 1943 in the fighting on Tarawa. Assigned as the salvage officer in the shore party of the second landing wave (which engaged in heavy fighting with the Japanese), his job was to examine military equipment abandoned on the battlefield to see if it should be retrieved; but what he found were wounded men who had been left behind under heavy fire. Albert took them off the beach in a small launch not designed for that task, earning commendations for his bravery. A bona fide hero, he was sent home to support a War Bond drive (though he never traded on his war experiences, and didn't discussing them in detail on-camera until the 1990s). When Albert resumed his acting career in 1945, he had changed; he displayed a much more serious, intense screen persona, even when he was doing comedy. He was also a much better actor, though it took ten years, and directors Robert Aldrich and David Miller, to show the movie-going public just how good he was. Ironically, when Albert did return to films, the roles weren't really there for him, so he turned to television and theatrical work during the early '50s. His best movie from this period was The Dude Goes West (1948), an offbeat comedy-Western directed by Kurt Neumann in a vein similar to Along Came Jones. The mid-'50s saw Albert finally achieve recognition as a serious actor, first with his Oscar-nominated supporting performance in William Wyler's hit Roman Holiday (1953) and then, three years later, in Robert Aldrich's brutal World War II drama Attack!, in which he gave the performance of a lifetime as a cowardly, psychopathic army officer. From that point on, Albert got some of the choicest supporting dramatic parts in Hollywood, in high-profile movies such as The Longest Day and small-scale gems like David Miller's Captain Newman, M.D. Indeed, the latter film, in which he played a more sympathetic disturbed military officer, might represent his single best performance onscreen. His ability at comedy wasn't forgotten, however, and, in 1965, he took on the starring role of Oliver Wendell Douglas (opposite Eva Gabor) in the TV series Green Acres, in which he got to play the straight man to an array of top comic performers for six seasons. The show developed a cult following among viewers, ranging from small children to college students, and became a pop-culture institution. The movie business had changed by the time Albert re-entered films in 1971, but he still snagged an Oscar nomination for his work (in a difficult anti-Semitic role) in Elaine May's


Highest Rated Movies



91% The Kid Stays in the Picture Actor $1.4M 2002
No Score Yet The Barefoot Executive Herbert Gower 1995
No Score Yet Brenda Starr Maloney 1992
No Score Yet Girl From Mars Dr. Charles Favender 1991
91% The Big Picture Emcee 1989
No Score Yet The Heist Actor 1989
No Score Yet Fist Fighter Actor 1989
No Score Yet The Rescue Actor 1988
No Score Yet Accidents Eddie Powers 1988
No Score Yet Turnaround Actor 1987
No Score Yet Mercy or Murder? Joe Varon 1987
No Score Yet Distortions Actor 1987
No Score Yet Getting Even (Hostage: Dallas) Actor 1986
0% Head Office Helmes 1986
No Score Yet Dress Gray Judge Hand 1986
No Score Yet Stitches Dean Bradley 1985
No Score Yet Burning Rage Will Larson 1984
77% Dreamscape The President 1984
No Score Yet The Demon Murder Case Actor 1983
No Score Yet Fall Guy Actor 1982
33% Yes, Giorgio Henry Pollack 1982
No Score Yet The House Where Evil Dwells Actor 1982
No Score Yet Beyond Witch Mountain Actor 1982
No Score Yet Goliath Awaits Admiral Sloan 1981
No Score Yet Night School (Terror Eyes) Actor 1981
No Score Yet Peter and Paul Festus 1981
No Score Yet Yesterday (Gabrielle) (Scoring) (The Victory) (This Time Forever) Bart Kramer 1981
No Score Yet Take This Job and Shove It Samuel Ellison 1981
No Score Yet Beulah Land Felix Kendrick 1980
No Score Yet How to Beat the High Cost of Living Max 1980
No Score Yet Foolin' Around Daggett 1980
14% The Concorde... Airport '79 Eli 1979
No Score Yet The Border Moffat 1979
No Score Yet Crash of Flight 401 Captain Dunn 1978
No Score Yet The Word Actor 1978
No Score Yet The Greek Tycoon Actor 1978
No Score Yet The Domino Principle Actor 1977
No Score Yet Moving Violation Alex Warren 1977
No Score Yet Birch Interval Pa Strawacher 1976
63% Hustle Leo Sellers 1975
No Score Yet Whiffs Col. Lockyer 1975
76% Escape to Witch Mountain Jason 1975
18% The Devil's Rain Dr. Sam Richards 1975
82% The Longest Yard Warden Rudolph Hazen 1974
44% McQ Kosterman 1974
No Score Yet The Borrowers Pod Clock 1973
No Score Yet Fireball Forward Col. Douglas Graham 1972
92% The Heartbreak Kid Mr. Corcoran 1972
No Score Yet Columbo: Dead Weight Actor 1971
No Score Yet Mouse on the Mayflower Actor 1968
No Score Yet 7 Women Charles Pether 1966
No Score Yet Party's Over Ben 1966
No Score Yet Green Acres - The Collector's Edition Actor 1965
No Score Yet Strange Voyage (El extraño viaje) Chris Thompson 1964
No Score Yet Captain Newman, M.D. Col. Bliss 1963
No Score Yet Miracle of the White Stallions Rider Otto 1963
No Score Yet Who's Got the Action? Clint Morgan 1963
87% The Longest Day Col. Thompson 1962
No Score Yet Madison Avenue Actor 1962
No Score Yet The Young Doctors Dr. Charles Dornberger 1961
No Score Yet Beloved Infidel Bob Carter 1959
No Score Yet Orders to Kill Maj. MacMahon 1958
No Score Yet The Roots of Heaven Abe Fields 1958
No Score Yet The Gun Runners Hanagan 1958
No Score Yet The Sun Also Rises Bill Gorton 1957
No Score Yet The Joker Is Wild Austin Mack 1957
100% Attack Capt. Erskine Cooney 1956
No Score Yet Bell Science - Our Mr. Sun Actor 1956
No Score Yet I'll Cry Tomorrow Burt McGuire 1955
88% Oklahoma! Ali Hakim 1955
98% Roman Holiday Irving Radovich 1953
80% Carrie Charles Drouet 1952
No Score Yet Actors and Sin Orlando Higgens 1952
No Score Yet Meet Me After the Show Christopher Leeds 1951
100% You're in the Navy Now Lt. Bill Barron 1951
No Score Yet The Fuller Brush Girl Humphrey Briggs 1950
No Score Yet Every Girl Should Be Married Harry Proctor/'Old' Joe 1949
No Score Yet You Gotta Stay Happy Bullets Baker 1948
No Score Yet The Dude Goes West Daniel Bone 1948
80% Unconquered Mermaid barker 1947
No Score Yet Time Out Of Mind Jake Bullard 1947
No Score Yet Smash Up: The Story of a Woman Steve Nelson 1947
No Score Yet Rendezvous with Annie Cpl. Jeffrey Dolan 1946
No Score Yet The Perfect Marriage Gil Cummins 1946
No Score Yet Bombardier Tom Hughes 1943
No Score Yet Ladies' Day Wacky Waters 1943
No Score Yet Out of the Fog George Watkins 1941
No Score Yet The Wagons Roll At Night Matt Varney 1941
No Score Yet Four Mothers Clint Forrest 1941
No Score Yet My Love Came Back Dusty Rhodes 1940
No Score Yet An Angel From Texas Peter 'Tex' Coleman 1940
No Score Yet Brother Rat and a Baby (Baby Be Good) 'Bing' Edwards 1940
No Score Yet Four Wives Dr. Clinton Forrest Jr. 1939
No Score Yet On Your Toes Phil Dolan Jr. 1939
No Score Yet Brother Rat "Bing" Edwards 1938


No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Jackson Lane 1988
No Score Yet The Twilight Zone
No Score Yet Beauty and the Beast
No Score Yet Highway to Heaven
Corky McCorkindale 1986
No Score Yet Kung Fu
Baxter 1974
No Score Yet Columbo
General 1971
No Score Yet Green Acres
Oliver Douglas Oliver/Charlie Oliver Wendell Douglas 1971
No Score Yet The Beverly Hillbillies
Oliver 1968
100% The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Brother Love 1965
No Score Yet Rawhide
Taylor Dickson 1964
No Score Yet War and Remembrance
Breckenridge Long


Irving Radovich says: Joe, we can't go running around town with a hot princess!

Joe Bradley says: Irving! Am I glad to see you!

Irving Radovich says: Why? Did you forget your wallet?

Helmes says: DIS-CO-NECT!