The Fool (Durak) Reviews

June 6, 2019
Bykov's script and direction are flawless in this sequence, as with each passing moment the severity of the situation ramps up the intensity.
May 20, 2016
Director Bykov's long dark night of soul is completely engrossing and profoundly alarming.
February 22, 2016
The Fool unfolds with a powerful, if appalling, logic.
September 18, 2015
The Fool (Durak) feels like a realist counterpart to Andrei Zvyagintsev's Leviathan, more accessible as mainstream drama, and more pragmatically critical of a tainted system.
September 17, 2015
The voice of the underdog finally finds a cinematic voice in corrupt, class-divided Russia.
September 17, 2015
The dialogue is broadly generalized, urgently on point, and bracing in its undisguised diagnostic fury. If you can accept its unabashed didacticism, The Fool plays crisply.
September 16, 2015
He may be saddled with an overly ironic title role, but Bystrov is terrific. His cowboy squint and dogged intelligence are enough to give you hope for Russia, although the movie certainly won't.
September 15, 2015
"The Fool" wraps its Hobbesian vision of squalor around a fable worthy of Frank Capra, but twisted to suggest a cruel inversion of Capra's inspirational allegories of humble Everymen crusading for justice and democratic ideals.
September 15, 2015
An expose' that rises above finger pointing to create a masterpiece of tension and suspense.
September 13, 2015
It takes place entirely at night, and the dingy color palette, washed-out and intentionally drab, presents Russia as an almost alien landscape.
February 3, 2015
Drably shot and sometimes laughably on-the-nose.
February 3, 2015
A wonderfully constructed film that takes a subtle-yet-angry swipe at the state of modern Russia.
February 3, 2015
A distressing moral drama, gripping thriller and scathing sociopolitical portrait of Russia rolled into one.
February 3, 2015
Frank Capra would have approved of The Fool, a forceful Russian drama in which a lone plumber stands up to a corrupt system on behalf of the people living in a squalid apartment building.