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April 18, 2017
Eat Pray Love is about Julia Robert's character trying to find herself but the film does remain interesting throughout its 2+ hour run time to care about her.
½ March 26, 2017
When we see the world and people to be open to perspectives other then our own. When what we see we take to heart when it takes us to oaths we have not yet travelled to. When what we see is how we got here to know people normally see life a different way then we do. When we see from the other side of the lens we see why they see it thst way. When we see that somethings we prefer seeing then others when we haven't arrived to such perspective in life yet. When we see that there is alot to see but have to take only one path to follow, we ask people whom we can't see but know is there for guidance. When we see what we must do when we are presented with what is in front of us and we don't like what we see. When we see we must leave and explorer what we don't see. When we see somethings that others dont see to appreciate whom is in front of the spotlight. When we don't see somethings but others do, to know we see are not seeing somethings through their perspectives. When somethings we don't wish to see when they want to continue seeing we don't see their point of view. When we see that we could have done things differently, but deep down we don't see ourselves with some people when our eyes are wide open and we see the vary thing why we hate seeing somethings when they remind us of the vary thing we don't want to see and left. When we see that we won't be with some people anymore to see this won't end well for some. When we see some people but don't like some of the things they like seeing. When we see somethings come to an end when we are on two different paths to see that this is not for me and leave. When we see that we want out, and see our old life back. When we see that we rather see some people then some people for advise. When somethings we see we don't like, don't know where to go, can't get what we want in a hurry. When somethings we see amuses us, when it explodes our senses. When we naturally see what we like, to want more of and surround ourselves in. When what we see we get a quick lesson in somethings we don't see at home that we see now when we see a different perspective√,¬† of home. When we see authencity means following everything that is small yo it's entirety. When somethings we see we know is good but don't have too much of when we see we could get fat headed and gluttonous. When somethings we don't see too often we we see we enjoy. When we see somethings are meant to be enjoyed and not let our judgments impair our sense of taste and wonder. When we see that somethings we came for was for our inner self not outside. When we see that we don't feel beautiful on the outside anymore. When somethings we see remind us of somethings we should stay away from. When somethings we see we need to take control of. When some mistakes we see we keep and build around when they are a reminder of a beautiful thing we can't let go. When we see we sre missing home to get the next best thing. When we see & hold strong on tradition in what people must do to see some people are showing signs that they are on the path to other things we see. When we see its a matter of perspective when perspective is a matter of age, sex, time, and tastes.

When somethings we see we don't like when they are fast, out of control. When somethings we see others dont see when being in some places long enough we see that they don't have that look yet. When what we see we like when we prefer the feel and look of. When we see that we must begin some places to accept and open our minds to somethings but not everything we meet. When we see that we are not wanted in some places when we are not authentic, and see we came here for the wrong reasons. When we see we prefer somethings, that we can't get lost in and focus when our mind is on other things we see. When seeing is not everything when we need to see using not our eyes but mind to focus on what we don't see. When we see we came from high places to not see the importance of low places to see that we need to be in some places more then others. When we see that we can't let go of what we left behind.

When we see life's challenges are similar at any age in life. When we see that we all crave some spotlights more than others. When we see that others were in our shoes one time or another to see what they are going through deep down. When we see life not forward but backward to know we still hold on to regrets that slow us down when moving forward. When we see we must make peace with our past. When we see somethings work better for us then others to see somethings are not for us and other things are. When we see that we are ready to see some things when we see we are beginning to see. When we see some people spend too much time not seeing and thinking to remember who we are. When we dont see wherevwe sre going to cross psths with life ordeath along√,¬† the wsy. When we see thst there are many people like us out there searching to know who we are. When we rather see somethings but not ourselves when we let ourselves go. When we see why some people see us when we look good or want somethings else like sex or sexier. When looking is a matter of perspective when some people see on a superficial level or whats deep down. When we see we are not liked for who we are, to try harder. When we can't believe whom we see when we see them again when our door is open. When we see that some people are sweet when we get to know them. When we see we have trouble seeing when are too busy putting intoxicants in us. When we see that we are uncertsin about some people until we spend some time with them and see the world as they see it, that we enjoy. When we see that some people enjoy seeing things as much as we do to copy. When we see more and more somethings we see that some people are really sweet. When we start to see that we like people whom we can keep up with when we like taking things slowly on somethings. When somethings we see we need to help, when they are not as blessed as we are. When what we see we need to thank those in bringing us here, to take back a souvenir back home.

When we don't see that we submerge ourselves in places and people whom are like us trying to see what life's paths will take them. When we don't see ourselves in other people's shoes we see that we must settle to what we regretted. When what we see is we ran away from our past life, and people like us that we couldn't see, going through the same problems in their life to know we have another chance in another place with other people. When we see life catapults us when we take the plunge into what we are afraid of and takes us to different paths in our life that takes us to the next path after.

When seeing we are wrong to knowing some trips & decisions were a mistake to know there is no message which defeats the journey.

why focusing on building a relationship is important than fixing anything else that startles our mind. So much misery, we focus solely on the relationship, capsulizing it's beginning to end to be perfect, transferable to the next and something we can return to that reminds us of that special moment. Taking the first step to be seen from the other person's perspective. Not seeing what others see. not doing what others do. Some misery we create, must destroy then rebuild for our selfish needs to correct our mistake.
In the end we take what we say we like, but can do without and move on. Building on the marvels, having family that holds the structure, cleaning what is important.
We see why we adore the cultural ways, we get our juices going and we get the hang of it, just jumping in the arms of it.
sweetness of doing nothing, pleasures, the right way of doing things.
searching for a word.... we take the good and bad.
what we lack we find elsewhere in selfless work. from what we enjoy and used to, we must get rid of. empowering our mind. removing obstacles. some obstacles we can get rid of and live with good or bad.
March 4, 2017
I'm in love with this movie, included the failures, and the fact that it's tiny depressin'
January 23, 2017
By Jonathan Decker (Family therapist, film critic)

A woman seeks to find herself through a year of traveling, meditation, and dining. Based on the novel of the same name.

Before Facebook, you may recall, one might sit through literal slide-shows (projected onto a sheet, for example) in order to experience a friend's vacation. This film feels like sitting through such an evening, if your friend were self-indulgent and a bit narcissistic, kept bringing up her broken marriage and her justifications for a fling during the slideshow, gabbed on and on about the wonderful people she met as if you knew them, and took way too long to show her admittedly scenic slides.

As someone who enjoys glimpses into world cultures/religions, good actors, and romance in general, I'll admit that there were a few moments that charmed, enlightened, and moved me. But this sluggishly-paced movie feels a good 45 minutes longer than its 2 hour and 15 minute running time. This is to say nothing of its repetitive narrative structure, general predictability, and disturbing core message: You can find peace through avoidance of accountability and by literally coming to see yourself as your own god. It's all about "love yourself" and "forgive yourself," which is fine, but the protagonist takes no responsibility for what she does to hurt other people early on. Julia Roberts is likable, but her character here mostly is not. This is not a film I'd revisit.

Eat Pray Love is rated PG-13. It has a fair amount of foul language (including one use of the phrase "mother--," which I thought was only allowed in R-rated films), sexual innuendo, male rear nudity, and implications of adultery and other sex outside of marriage.

It is not enough to life for self-fulfillment; one must live to benefit others. Take time to enjoy and savor life.
January 11, 2017
A fun movie of self discovery and healing. More fun than philosophical. Julia Roberts is good as always. Could've been better if it wasn't as spite of the length seems disjointed at times
December 22, 2016
Oh my God!
In Europe we've heard about this movie and the respective "book-diary" now, in 2016. That says a lot. Elizabeth Gilbert is such a phony that I felt nauseated while trying to read her pages. I've never read something so low (because I reject the USA trash genre "eat pray love"). Well, in a few words: Liz Gilbert preaches about silence, humbleness, searching and finding God, blah, blah, while she makes a fortune out of her lies. She saw blue lights, she met God, she lost God, she suffered, tormented, she "found her word" (OMG!). I could have given her a word to describe her (something similar to what she gave to Rome!): shite. Page by page of shite. But, Gilbert is rich and famous, men cried over her legs, women over her words, so what a hell? She is a smart American woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. God is another story, elsewhere, waiting for when time will come, simply to have a "word". In behalf of Lizabeth Gilbert, I apologies to India, to Mahabharata and Ramayana, Upanishads,to the true believers, who silently pray for the Earth, thinking: "forgive her, Lord, for she does not know what she does".
Super Reviewer
½ November 26, 2016
Even if Julia Roberts is adorable and the stunning scenery will probably make you want to go backpacking around the world, this weak movie feels a bit bloated and too long for a romantic drama, and it doesn't have what it takes to keep our interest for all that running time.
September 25, 2016
A Person Of Privilege Visits The Less Than Privileged With Her Monetary Wealth To Find Happiness From Within, Learning From Those With Nothing. Some People Climb Mountains, Others Island-Hop Around Tropical Paradises..It's Not An Unfamiliar Story, What Is Most Annoying Is The Way Julia Narrates Her Sentimental Thoughts Like Bashing You Over The Head With Her Reasons For Change, Like This Hasn't Been Done Before?? We All Go On Some Form Of Life-Enriching Journey In Our Time On This Planet, And If You Don't, Well..You're Wasting An Opportunity For Growth. Unfortunately This Rattles The Changes Off Like Some Sort Of "To-Do" List As If The Mills-&-Boon Idealism Will Set You Free. What Does Set You Free Is Letting Go Of A Need To Change & Just Being Whom You Are In That Moment. Age, Stage & Development, At Whatever Pace It Comes. So Be It. The Moral Of This Story A Little Missing In Among All The Picturesque Camera Work & Musical Montages. It'll Give You A Fuzzy Feeling, So Tick That Box I Guess.
August 10, 2016
This movie is horrible. It's not even worth describing how it's sp bad.
May 30, 2016
Boring long drawn out jibberish.
½ May 25, 2016
Julia Roberts is relatable and likeable in this movie, but every other character -including those played by James Franco and Javier Bardem- are one-dimensional and underdeveloped. There were moments that I found genuinely moving, but the ending left me cold (*spoilers)- the answer to the protagonist's long journey to find and accept herself is simply that she must learn to love a man again. The speech that Bardem's character makes to her is condescending to the point of being creepy - he belittles her newfound love of meditation and her closeness with a local medicine man, and tells her that if she walks away from him then she is running from "all the good possibilities in her life". The film ends on the message that he was right, so she goes back to him to enjoy those possibilities together. A strangely clichéd, misogynistic conclusion to the story.
½ May 12, 2016
I don't know why the hell I watched this. No excuse, really. Staggeringly condescending, and, simply, just annoying all round. I felt so sorry for Julia Roberts - I loved her as the happy-go-lucky hooker in Pretty Woman, but absolutely loathed her as the successful modern woman in this. Talk about #firstworldproblems
½ April 14, 2016
According to this very modest movie, people in Italy spend all their time eating, and sucking their teeth just after that ...
I have no idea of what happens next, because I left the vision for something more appealing.
Unpleasant and irritating.
½ March 15, 2016
Based on the trailer and general plot.
½ March 14, 2016
The Italian bit was so far from reality that gave me the creeps. What you see is the idea Americans have of the Italian lifestyle (and possible of the Indian's too).
February 27, 2016
A good, really enjoyable film that I've wanted to see for a while. My favourite part of the film, was the Italian section; it left me craving a pasta based dinner!! Would definitely recommend this film to friends
½ February 7, 2016
This movie felt a little long, but overall it wasn't too bad. Sometimes it felt boring, but I did like Liz's character and to watch her journey. I thought it had a good ending too.
January 31, 2016
Something of an epic in the 'rediscovering oneself' genre. The locations are good, but it's far too long for this often self-indulgent drama.
Super Reviewer
January 27, 2016
Either Elizabeth Gilbert didn't actually go to Italy/Bali/India or she's been a little 'creative' with the truth. It's fair to say she's not exactly your archetype backpacker. She probably did go to these countries but had a crap time so made up the rest, she obviously as rich as she is vacuous, egotistical and thoroughly unlikable - Julia Roberts being well cast then! Boring, stupid, horrible. Who is this crap for, bored housewives? Do me a favour, intelligent thinking my arse!
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