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October 19, 2012
Kids too young for Lord Of The Rings may be distracted by this below average fantasy, but for everyone else this is derivative and silly.
February 9, 2011
November 20, 2008
August 7, 2008
March 4, 2008
Regardless of your feelings about the fantasy genre, there's one thing everyone can agree on: Elves should not be 5-foot-6.
September 2, 2007
As my companion dourly noted, "I just paid $30.00 to see Star Wars." (And yes, that's matinee pricing and all I had was a water.) But wow, great effects, seriously.
May 10, 2007
Tolkien lite.
March 20, 2007
The viewer is not transported to the magical, complex and elaborate kingdom of Alagaësia of the book, but rather is merely observing action scene followed by action scene.
January 16, 2007
Director Stefan Fangmeier would have been better off following the cliff-hanging, lucidly written action scenes by [Christopher] Paolini.
January 14, 2007
While it offers nothing new, it gets a passing grade because it does have some interesting characters, brought to life by some top-notch acting talent.
January 12, 2007
At a recent screening of 'Eragon,' a woman lamented, 'It's like a teenage guy wrote this.' She was right.
January 3, 2007
Give Eragon a few years: By then, it might be delightfully bad.
January 2, 2007
We can only hope the next instalment will have a little more fire in its belly.
December 30, 2006
John Malkovich finds his loopy, nostril-flaring form as the wicked tyrant and Jeremy Irons, playing the boy's wise mentor, is visibly thinking about his fee.
December 30, 2006
December 30, 2006
A painful reminder of what fantasy cinema was like before the Lord of the Rings trilogy re-wrote the rules.
December 30, 2006
December 30, 2006
The title of Hollywood's latest fantasy epic is simply the word 'dragon' with one letter changed, and unfortunately, that's about the level of creativity you can expect from Eragon.
December 30, 2006
December 30, 2006
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