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Big on special effects but short on laughs, Evan Almighty underutilizes a star-studded cast that includes Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman.



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40-Year-Old Virgin star Steve Carell reprises his role as preening newscaster Evan Baxter in this heavenly sequel to the 2003 Jim Carrey comedy hit. Shortly after television anchorman-turned-U.S. congressman Evan Baxter (Carell) relocates his family from Buffalo to Northern Virginia, God (Morgan Freeman) reveals to him that a devastating flood is coming and the planet is about to be cleansed once again. Later, when Baxter accepts the responsibility of building a great ark and his rapidly changing physical appearance begins to draw media attention, his skeptical family attempts to discern if his actions are driven by delusion or divine intervention. John Goodman, Wanda Sykes, Jonah Hill, and Molly Shannon co-star in a divine comedy of truly epic proportions. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


Steve Carell
as Evan Baxter
Lauren Graham
as Joan Baxter
Graham Phillips
as Jordan Baxter
Johnny Simmons
as Dylan Baxter
Jimmy Bennett
as Ryan Baxter
Jonah Hill
as Eugene
Molly Shannon
as Eve Adams
John Goodman
as Congressman Long
Harve Presnell
as Congressman Burrows
P.J. Byrne
as Evan's Staffer
Ralph Harris
as Evan's Staffer
Arden Myrin
as Evan's Staffer
Brian Howe
as Builder
Ralph P. Martin
as Delivery Guy
Maile Flanagan
as Mail Person
Angela Martinez
as CNN Reporter
Ed Helms
as Ark Reporter Ed Carson
David Barrera
as Ark Reporter
Jeremiah Birkett
as Ark Reporter
Jesse Burch
as Ark Reporter
Rachael Harris
as Ark Reporter
Casey Strand
as Ark Reporter
Wayne Wilderson
as Ark Reporter
Dean Norris
as Officer Collins
Derick Alexander
as Capitol Policeman
Scott Rollins
as Capitol Policeman
Madison Mason
as Congressman Dodd
Bruce Gray
as Congressman Hughes
Paul Collins
as Congressman Stamp
Lisa Arch
as Staffer
Dylan Jones
as Staffer
Jay Lay
as Staffer
Matt Price
as Staffer
Irene Roseen
as Staffer
Jim Doughan
as Neighbor
Shelley Dowdy
as Neighbor
Meagen Fay
as Neighbor
Gregg Goulet
as Neighbor
Jan Hoag
as Neighbor
Shashawnee Hall
as Newsroom Camera Operator
Lucia Forte
as Court Stenographer
Deborah Carson
as Congressional Reporter
Lamont Thompson
as Officer M. Gilbert
Larry Dorf
as Officer B. McKenzie
Tom Beyer
as Newsroom Stage Manager
Topper Shutt
as Local Weatherman
Juan M. Fernandez
as Network Reporter
Bridget Ann White
as Network Reporter
Roxana Ortega
as Reporter in Evan's Office
Charlie Hartsock
as Fish 'n' Chips Patron
William Dennis Hunt
as Committee Member
Franklin Dennis Jones
as Committee Member
Lillian Lehman
as Committee Member
Catherine McGoohan
as Committee Member
Phil Reeves
as Committee Member
Edmund L. Shaff
as Committee Member
Tucker Smallwood
as Committee Member
David St. James
as Committee Member
Donzella Berry
as Congressperson
Brian Carpenter
as Congressperson
Thomas Crawford
as Congressperson
Gregg L. Daniel
as Congressperson
Bill Debrason
as Congressperson
Terry Menefee Gau
as Congressperson
Mario Griego
as Congressperson
Bonnie Johnson
as Congressperson
Ted Johnson
as Congressperson
Frances Mitchell
as Congressperson
James Newman
as Congressperson
Patrick Pankhurst
as Congressperson
Alan Sader
as Congressperson
James Shanklin
as Congressperson
Robert Shepherd
as Congressperson
Rick Warner
as Congressperson
Rachel Winfree
as Congressperson
Jon Stewart
as Himself
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  • Dec 02, 2011
    Evan Almight is a terrible comedy. The plot was boring and cliche and a movie a 4 year old could write after hearing the story of Noah. The cast wasn't funny and that rare from Steve Carell. The effects sucked and they didn't need a big budget for a comedy. Only thing that went right maybe was the respect they give to christianity. The movie is overall a failure, I did not like it.
    Bradley W Super Reviewer
  • Nov 29, 2011
    It's not particularly interesting, and far from original, but it's an enjoyable family flick with a good heart. Problem is that the heart just isn't quite in the right place. One thing I absolutely hated was the Wanda Sykes character. Or, really, just Wanda Sykes in general. God, she just has to be the most annoying person on Earth.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Nov 05, 2011
    Evan Almighty is the most expensive comedy film of all time. It's effects are superb but it's not worth the money that it cost to make it. The whole sequel was unnecessary in the first place and the jokes were over used and tired. Steve Carell tries to make the film better with an enthusiastic performance but even he cant save this film from the flop flood.
    Directors C Super Reviewer
  • Oct 06, 2011
    Evan Almighty is an awful sequel to an awful film. I hated this film, I hated the message it, and everything about it was horrible. The story was bad, the acting was bad the pacing was bad, and as a religious comedy it failed just like the first one. I felt that the entire religious theme didn't work whatsoever, and I felt it was very preachy in the way it was delivered on-screen. The jokes were poorly written, and Steve Carrell, who usually is funny, is wasted here. So is Morgan Freeman. The film is a poor sequel to a film that should never have had a sequel in the first place. Bruce Almighty was horrible; I don't even know why they followed it up with a boring, uninspired preachy sequel. The cast do what they can with such a poorly written script; unfortunately the film can't be saved. This is yet another stupid sequel to a stupid, idiotic first film I really didn't see the point of this film, the film is painful to watch and is so poorly made that you lose interest. You realize that this films premise is paper thin, and the gags are stale, and don'[t hold up well at all. This is a biblical disaster for believers and non believers alike. I was very bored watching, and by the time the credits finally rolled, I was thrilled it was over. A few months after this films release, I resorted to Atheism. A poorly made film and a pointless, unimpressive comedy that has no direction.
    Alex r Super Reviewer

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