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December 1, 2018
By the end of ninety minutes you, along with most of the cast, wish that Halsey would move on with his life and put everyone out of his misery.
November 17, 2018
The film is not quite there somehow-like Punch Drunk Love-level Adam Sandler, Ferrell needs a scene in which he busts out his signature belligerent yelling, or some kind of outburst, but he's just flat and defeated, and not in the Oscar-winning way.
August 24, 2018
Everything Must Go is not a comedy as imagined by most Will Ferrell fans, it instead takes Ferrell out of his usually funny-man comfort zone and puts him in a role about life's lessons and understanding those around us.
June 30, 2013
A gratifying story with a quietly powerful performance from funnyman Will Ferrell.
June 22, 2013
Has a similar problem to its protagonist: It just sort of sits there.
March 13, 2013
Good performances by Ferrell and Wallace and fantastic cinematography make Everything Must Go an enjoyable watch.
January 11, 2013
The best movie Will Ferrell ever made
February 4, 2012
Gentle understatement that stealthily but surely gets under the skin and touches the heart.
January 2, 2012
Everything Must Go is a pleasantly engaging, entertaining human portrait - a journey that doesn't physically stray very far, but which treads a million metaphorical miles within its main character as he attempts to go from broken man to redeemed man.
October 21, 2011
For a film that preaches giving it all away, Everything Must Go could have done with being a little more bold.
October 16, 2011
Cue self pity, followed by despair, followed by resignation, hope and redemption...Screenwriter/director Dan Rush...opts for this standard redemption arc.
October 16, 2011
I found this a delicately observed, satisfying movie and greatly enjoyed it.
October 16, 2011
Ferrell is far more impressive in a straighter role ... as he controls his own brand of zaniness and channels it as bittersweet irony and humour into ordinary events.
October 14, 2011
The laughs are gentle, Nick is a pleasingly ambiguous character and the anti-materialism message is admirable.
October 14, 2011
A well-controlled film with a portrait at its centre that is astonishingly complete.
October 13, 2011
It may stray into a few redundant subplots along the way but Everything Must Go succeeds as a plaintive portrait of a man cast adrift from all the past certainties of his life.
October 13, 2011
Too insubstantial to be a full-length feature.
October 13, 2011
A pleasing, satisfying chamber-piece.
October 13, 2011
Like a bad date; it's attractive, clever, but lacks a sense of humour.
September 26, 2011
It can't escape the crippling clichs of similar films that have come before it, and there are far too many Cameron Crowe-ian platitudes littered throughout the screenplay to remind us that we are indeed watching a movie.
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