Face/Off Reviews

February 27, 2009
May 19, 2008
The action sequences are among the most intense and exhilarating you'll see in any film.
November 2, 2007
Face/Off was one of my favorite action films of the late 1990s, and it's great that it finally got the in-depth home video treatment it deserved, and is an easy must-have for any action movie fan.
September 28, 2007
September 20, 2007
... this operatic 1997 action thriller remains John Woo's most satisfying and exhilarating film since leaving Hong Kong for Hollywood.
September 18, 2007
The DVD extras start with two full-length audio commentaries, one by director John Woo, and a second by writers Mike Web and Michael Colleary.
September 15, 2007
the over-the-top action is underlined with characterization and emotion, albeit in an often heightened form that is more familiar to Asian audiences
September 12, 2007
September 8, 2007
August 30, 2007
July 21, 2005
January 1, 2000