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March 20, 2017
Wonderfully warped comedy. Probably Gilliam's most easy to watch film.
½ March 9, 2017
Gave this a re-watch recently to get the big fat Criterion DVD off the To-Watch Pile.

This is definitely one of my favorite films from the '90s, something that I find I can pop in at any time, or God forbid I catch part of it on cable, because I'm gonna have to watch the rest of the film to its conclusion, regardless of what other plans I might've had.

Highly recommended.
February 17, 2017
One of my favorite movies
February 8, 2017
Interesting and trippy little film loosely based on Hunter S Thompson.
½ February 4, 2017
Great film, highly entertaining throughout. Sorry RT, it may not have ticked all the boxes for reputable critics such as yourselves, but I found it very entertaining.
January 17, 2017
Epic Odyssey into the mind substance enhanced writer
½ January 17, 2017
Just never got this. Had a bunch of friends who did. Did lol at parts.
January 13, 2017
I LOVE this movie. But I love drugs, and Hunter S Thompson.
January 7, 2017
The movie is entertaining of course and it's a great pleasure to watch such wonderful actors as Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro perform at the top level. But the movie is too indulgent in its depiction of whatever it tries to depict, and the roles they acted are too easy to act for such great actors as mentioned above.
December 28, 2016
We all know that commercial with the egg and the frying pan... This is your brain... This is your brain on drugs, any questions? Depp and Del Toro put on an excellent performance depicting how the brain CAN be effected by drugs... Ranging from mild paranoia to full blown brutal hallucinnations. Part hilarious, part scary what drugs are actually capable of, altogether makes a for an entertaining piece to say the least.
December 20, 2016
A Hilarious movie that is as genius as it is weird.
November 6, 2016
Surreal. Terry Gilliam style. Watching Johnny Depp on drugs during the entire length of the movie.
½ October 9, 2016
No real plot, just one long drug haze, but some memorable moments come out of it.
Super Reviewer
September 25, 2016
A retrospective of early 1970's drug culture in North America in the most stylish way possible.
September 18, 2016
Questo film ha molti difetti ma sicuramente non gli manca l'originalitÓ.
Tra i difetti principali noto una trama troppo appiattita sugli effetti delle droghe (ovviamente sono il fulcro del racconto, ma qualcosa in pi¨ si poteva mettere nel film oltre alle due frasi finali).
L'altro difetto Ŕ la regia, che prova a ridare l'effetto psichedelico ma che spesso cade nel comico e sembra che tutto il film sia una grande burla (anche qui si discosta la scena finale).
Un film comunque da vedere.
September 2, 2016
I've read the book, and it was good, but am I really the only one who just says "meh" at this movie
July 18, 2016
What fucking asshole would rate this movie anything lower then a 5 should be castrated fucking narcotics agent I knew it
July 5, 2016
Miedo y asco en Las Vegas [1998]
June 18, 2016
It is very well done in the way that they convey an acid trip to film. I feel it should have ended halfway through but all in all it is one of my favorites
May 6, 2016
While Terry Gilliam's visuals are as stupendous and enthralling as usual and Depp's performance is manicly hilarious, the film suffers from the same issue that plagued Thompson's book. The film is funny sporadically and actually insightful sometimes, but most of the time it's just too repetitive and pointless. I enjoyed being in its world for a short time, but eventually it grates on you. Good for viewing once when it's late at night and your mind is open to getting lost in the free-flowing absurdity of everything.
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