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      First Love Reviews

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      Jul 16, 2023

      Absolutely insane, weird, dark, gory and fast-paced. Loved it.

      Apr 4, 2023

      Lovely Japanese Actress

      Apr 4, 2023

      Boxer is the complicated role of the night life, he dedicated his life into the competition and have a brilliant girlfriend with him.

      Apr 4, 2023

      It's a great movie with my favourite actress.

      Mar 25, 2023

      Japanese movie is always extreme fight scene....and realistic

      Feb 21, 2023

      I got a real kick out of this one.

      Jan 6, 2023

      Miike in the style of a Tarantino crime film and it goes hard!

      Sep 15, 2022

      Lovely, nice people. Poorly told story. Direction and editing was amateur.

      Sep 2, 2022

      This is a really gritty, bloody Japanese thriller comedy film. There are some amusing situations and moments but its more a thriller than a comedy overall and suffice to say, the comedy is indeed very black in nature (don't let the film name persuade you its a lovely dovey film - I don't think it's a spoiler to say that isn't entirely the case). The choreography of the fight scenes is quite good and the performances are decent. The storyline is a bit ludicrous but otherwise its really quite a gripping and tense watch. It is very darkly lit though, I suppose, which could perhaps cause frustration for people who may have issues seeing darkly shot films - that aside, I'd recommend this film, yes.

      Mar 2, 2022

      A "yakuza film" with a love-story twist (and some Chinese gangsters), First Love is an entertaining, if not at times confusing, Tokyo-set crime thriller. The car chase scene is one of the better ones I've seen in a while — highlighted when Kase (Shota Sometani), my favorite character, is literally rubbing cocaine into his gunshot wound. Some of the set-up struggled to keep my attention, but the pressure cooker culmination of the lit fuses in the warehouse was a pretty good pay-off — don't worry, we get a sword fight (1/2 of which is a katana). At first, I found the ending to be strange, but ended up liking it. I found the special effects jarring, as they came out of nowhere, and probably would've suited the movie better had they been sprinkled a little more throughout the runtime. If you can keep the interlaced storylines organized, First Love is a solid (75) of a film I think you'll enjoy.

      Jun 21, 2021

      Exhilarating from start to finish! Miike comes through once again with another gritty yakuza-adjacent love story.

      Apr 17, 2021

      As usual for Takashi Miike (The Bird People in China, Gozu) it's violent, darkly funny and a lot of fun

      Jan 10, 2021

      The pacing of the movie, the acting, the cast, the storyline are awesome! Strongly recommended to Action packed lovers and also anime fans, yeah Trust me there, while watching it you'll think of my review. Enjoy!

      Nov 29, 2020

      Straightforward Yakuza yarn with some nice twists by Miike. interesting characters and some funny and original moments. Fans of Takashi Miike or the genre will enjoy it enough.

      Sep 1, 2020

      Pretty good entertaining movie. I've been pushing this movie off for 2 years now and the wait is over and man I'm glad I didn't want ten years to watch this movie because I would've been disappointed.

      Aug 20, 2020

      There are plenty of layers to 'First Love', a Takashi Miike film that is bonkers. While there are a couple mysterious choices this is a crime drama that has all the elements. It starts slowly and let me give you some advice since I haven't said this in a while: 'Don't watch the trailer!' I heard from people that the trailer includes a lot of scenes from the third act, which is why I never watch trailers. Miike is able to film scenes that are ordinary and make them extraordinary. This is a fantastic feature that isn't for the faint of heart but it's a genre-bending thriller that is terrific. Final Score: 8.3/10

      Jul 10, 2020

      The production is fine. It has that polished "look" despite a few camera angles that weren't ideal. But whatever, my real issue with this is just how mainstream and tame it is. It's a morally-correct, damsel-in-distress movie with a few "teehee" moments and maybe slightly higher violence than some other action movies. I didn't care about the characters. I didn't care about the plot. I didn't care about the ending. If you had a stressful day at work and want to ease your mind with a wholesome, modern story of justice and the occasional decapitation then maybe this is your movie. If you want something weird, stylish, controversial, thought-provoking, challenging, or interesting at all, then I can't recommend this.

      Jul 5, 2020

      First Love is the type of movie that I was rooting for 2019. I love the direction of Takashi Miike, the performances of Sakurako Konishi, Masataka Kubota, Shota Sometani and Nao Omori, the action sequences, the comedic tone, the story and the one animated scene near the end. I see nothing wrong with this movie because it brought me emotion, laughs and action. Overall, First Love brought home the goods right on time.

      Mar 31, 2020

      I really love this movie filled with entertainment from start to end every frame is beautiful even you don't the language you will enjoy it

      Mar 28, 2020

      Pretty good entertaining movie. I’ve been pushing this movie off for 2 years now and the wait is over and man I’m glad I didn’t want ten years to watch this movie because I would’ve been disappointed.

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