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The Flying Scotsman

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The Flying Scotsman's too-brisk pacing reduces the scale of cyclist Graham Obree's accomplishments while not uncovering what makes him tick.



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"The Flying Scotsman" is the true story of celebrated Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree, a former world champion, who broke the world one-hour record on a bike of his own design, made partly out of sections of a washing machine. The film follows his life's victories as well as his battles with mental health problems.

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Jonny Lee Miller
as Graeme Obree
Billy Boyd
as Malky McGovern
Brian Cox
as Douglas Baxter
Laura Fraser
as Anne Obree
Steven Berkoff
as Ernst Hagemann
Sean Brown
as Young Graeme Obree
Crawford McInally-Keir
as First Child Bully
Jan Plazalski
as Second Child Bully
Niall Macgregor
as Graeme's Father
Julie Austin
as Graeme's Mother
Morag Calder
as First Office Receptionist
Pauline Lynch
as Second Office Receptionist
Jean Marie Coffey
as Woman at Finish Line
George Drennen
as Father on Bike
Brennan Caitlin
as Daughter on Bike
Nathan McGrath
as Toddler Ewan
Adrian Smith
as Chris Boardman
Dennis Matsuki
as First Cycling Official
Niall Greig Fulton
as Adult Gang Leader
Gudrun Mangel
as Mayor's Wife
Grant Aylward
as Mayor's Assistant
Daniel Andre Pageon
as French Mayor
Philip Wright
as Francesco Moser
Tilo Dellenberger
as Velodrome Cyclist
Andy Oberschmidt
as Velodrome Cyclist
David Monteath
as Race Commentator
David Duffiled
as Race Commentator
Mark Curry
as Race Commentator
Gary Hollywood
as Cycle Courier
David Hounslow
as `Specialized' Representative
Peter Majer
as Third Cycling Official
Erich Redman
as Second Cycling Official
Stuart Glen
as Second Kid in Street
Kieran Tennant
as First Kid in Street
Moray Hunter
as Armstrong
Joseph Carney
as Child Gang Leader
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  • Apr 04, 2013
    Nothing special. And, as an American, my hand was constantly on the rewind button so I could understand all the Scotish accents. Noot m'eh fehvrut moovie, bu' it wus a gud sturie.
    Christian C Super Reviewer
  • Sep 11, 2010
    As mellowed avid cyclist, its nice to peak into the world of two time world champion and dual world record holder Graham Oberee rising to these challenges using a bike built by his own hands on a shoestring budget in Scotland well outside the cycling mainstream. Even by the early nineties the development of high tech materials and aerodynamic aids where so prevalent in the sport of cycling that there was air that without the most expensive computer designed bikes cyclist had no chance of competing with the elite professionals. Along comes Graham Obree a promising amateur with a failed bicycle shop forced to work as a messenger to support his family. Obree’s finshed cycle and position defy standard expectations of what should work. My only positive comment on johny lee miller is that he emulated it correctly without killing himself. The news that his old cycling rival and now national champion is going to challenge the world 1 hour record, spurs Obree to make his own attempt 1 month earlier 8 weeks to put it together. With the sponsorship of a local placement agency they manage to scrape-up enough money to get a certified velodrome in Norway. Even after his success, Obree must battle is demons of depression. Brian Baxter (Red 2007) has the only acting role of positive note as the Obree friend who unbeknownst to Obree agnostic world view is a minister. After Obree suicide attempt Baxter successfully convinces him to seek help My interest in cycling and specifically the physics of cycling probably the only chance to experience the history of Graham Obree bias my review, for someone only casually interested in cycling this movie would have a hard time rating a 60. The plot developments are merely par for a sports movie.
    Bill C Super Reviewer
  • Jul 13, 2009
    Saw this on HBO this morning, never heard of this movie before, dunno why though since it's based upon true facts and has a very good solid story, with strong characters. Personally i felt like watching a movie like this, you get bored of all that fucking shooting eventually and this felt like a nice change in pace. It takes a lot of sweat to reach to the top and this movie proves it, literally. An incredible adventure/drama with good quality acting. Enjoy!
    Ovi G Super Reviewer
  • May 16, 2009
    [font=Century Gothic]In "The Flying Scotsman," Graeme Obree(Jonny Lee Miller) wants to break the one hour bicycling record that has stood for more than nine years and which Chris Boardman is about to try and break. But he has other more mundane things to worry about like his bike shop being forced to close and having to work as a bike messenger in Glasgow while his long-suffering wife Anne(Laura Fraser) works as a nurse to make ends meet. On the job, he makes the acquaintance of Malky(Billy Boyd) who he recruits into being his new manager once he comes up with a revolutionary new design that he builds with the help of Douglas Baxter(Brian Cox) and the cannibalizing of parts from his washing machine. Sponsorship makes it possible for them to go to Norway to give it a shot...[/font] [font=Century Gothic]"The Flying Scotsman" is an engaging biopic that is helped by a very good cast but the direction is so obvious that it cannot but point out that something momentous is about to happen in big bold letters on at least three occasions. The point of view shots during the races make them especially thrilling to watch. So, then why does there have to be a villain? I get that being bullied as a youth drives Graeme to push himself to succeed as an adult(even if it is too easy an explanation). At the same time, I was far more interested in exploring the topic of depression since it not only gives the movie more dramatic depth but also is a subject that is not touched on as often as it should be.[/font]
    Walter M Super Reviewer

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