Forks Over Knives Reviews

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July 1, 2014
Engaging docu promotes a vegan diet in nonjudgmental way.
August 19, 2011
...irritation at the film's artless repetition shades into worry over its cult-like monomania.
August 17, 2011
I'm guessing that after every screening of "Forks Over Knives," the theater is littered with half-empty popcorn boxes and unfinished containers of soda.
August 15, 2011
Enthusiastic but scattered documentary advocates a plant-based diet to prevent and reverse chronic disease. Sure to inspire lots of post-movie chatter.
June 9, 2011
"Forks Over Knives" works really hard to bring you around to its way of thinking, but it's really preaching to the faithful.
June 7, 2011
May 31, 2011
There's nothing that a person could learn from watching this that they couldn't learn from a magazine article.
May 26, 2011
A vegetarian infomercial in the guise of a feature documentary.
May 20, 2011
...a compelling argument housed in a deathly dull package; the kind of flavorless cooking that makes some folks run screaming in terror from a plate of steamed broccoli.
May 20, 2011
Could a movie save your life? Forks Over Knives is a documentary willing to try as it examines diet and degenerative disease.
May 20, 2011
Forks Over Knives is a middling documentary but a magnificent indictment.
May 20, 2011
Forks over Knives is tasty but somewhat undercooked.
May 20, 2011
"Forks Over Knives" feels like an important, balancing piece of nutrition information.
May 20, 2011
Call me a contrarian, but I came out of Forks Over Knives -- a documentary advocating the benefits of vegetarianism -- ready to eat a pony out of spite.
May 19, 2011
Movies are like food. There are popcorn pictures that entertain you and the spinach movies that are good for you. In more ways than one, Forks Over Knives is a spinach flick.
May 14, 2011
Much of this information, about meat being bad, plants being good, has been covered before, but Fulkerson brings a precision and a clarity to his presentation that hits hard as it explodes myths while also introducing startling facts, comforting and not
May 13, 2011
[A] tightly constructed, thoroughly convincing, and dull-as-dirt documentary.
May 13, 2011
As it stands, "Forks" is an interesting and informative health lecture that's sandwiched into a dry, repetitive documentary.
May 13, 2011
The radical notion at the heart of the acclaimed doc "Forks Over Knives" is that eating animals and animal-produced foods has costs -- on our economy, our health-care system and on ourselves.
May 12, 2011
A must-see movie that could have used a sharper edge.
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