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August 5, 2020
In the end (aided by a momentous parting shot), the human drama feels just as powerful as the morals.
July 30, 2020
Gentleman's Agreement is the sort of film that contains the usual drama for a Zanuck movie but the subject matter is what makes the film so groundbreaking.
January 24, 2020
Gentleman's Agreement still comes across as a smart, incisive, and engrossing drama, and although times have changed since 1947, the subject it so boldly tackles remains timely and relevant to this day.
January 23, 2020
The film's tone towards anti-Semitism is not the harsh note of intellectual indignation, but the polite murmur of argument. The film reduces a grave problem to dialogue.
January 23, 2020
It is brave in having something to say about a problem of living today and it is outspoken in the saying of it. It has been directed with rare understanding by Elia Kazan.
January 23, 2020
Much of the 'message' is lost in a welter of words. Sentiment, too, is spread as thickly as we would like our rationed butter.
January 23, 2020
The film is great stuff throughout, and Is well worth seeing.
January 23, 2020
Here is a great and moving film -- the best that has come from an American studio for several years.
November 28, 2015
Powerful film still makes one of the most insightful attacks on racism ever shot.
February 18, 2015
Can Gentleman's Agreement be a salient, good movie, and still be entirely too corny? Maybe it's just because I'm looking back at it from the modern day, but Gentleman's Agreement plays hokey and preachy a lot of the time.
February 17, 2015
The words ring out with clarity from the Mayfair screen and there is no mistaking their meaning. They are not lost on the wind, but hit you full in the face, making you sit up and take notice of the force behind them.
June 23, 2014
Diabolically dull and somber to the point that it's almost worth laughing at it, except that Gregory Peck's incredibly serious expressions have the tendency to make laughter dry out and die.
January 14, 2014
An eye-opener in its day, this exposure of high-society racial prejudice still has the power to compel.
February 19, 2013
Agreement was tame, cautious stuff even back then.
February 6, 2013
By dispassionate critical standards, Gentleman's Agreement is not a success. It is a tract rather than a play and it has the crusader's shortcomings.
August 17, 2010
The movie is as powerful today as when it captured the Best Picture Oscar a few years after Hitler's genocide ended in Europe.
February 18, 2009
Gentleman's Agreement is an important experiment, honestly approached and successfully brought off.
February 17, 2009
It looks pretty timorous now.
February 19, 2008
[A] brilliant and powerful film.
November 1, 2007
The style may have dated but the motives which drive the film still feel fresh and energetic.
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