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You know who Godzilla is. Megalon is a huge cockroach-like beast. Godzilla has been a good guy since 1961, so Megalon is consigned to the villain's role. Godzilla is evidently in seclusion, so the people of Tokyo build a robot to seek out the big lizard (wouldn't a phone call have sufficed?) Don't miss the Gigan, the creature with a buzzsaw in its abdomen.

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Katsuhiko Sasaki
as Inventor Goro Ibuki
Hiroyuki Kawase
as Rokuro 'Roku-chan' Ibuki
Yutaka Hayashi
as Hiroshi Jinkawa
Mori Mikita
as Japan Special Defense Forces Chief
Robert Dunham
as Emperor of Seatopia
Wolf Otsuki
as Seatopian Agent
Shinji Takagi
as Godzilla
Kotaro Tomita
as Lead Seatopian Agent
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  • Aug 22, 2015
    Gosh this was silly, especially with the dubbing. Godzilla vs. Megalon is an unnecessary entry to yet another Godzilla film. MST3K made it somewhat bearable but that's the extent of it's watchability.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Mar 15, 2013
    So far, this has got to be the worst film in the series since Son of Godzilla. I've said it before in my previous reviews of Godzilla films, the filmmakers are not even trying anymore. With everything that they've done in the past few entries, they clearly just want to make the series appeal to a younger crowd and in doing so; they cheapen everything else in the process. The is a dull and boring and will definitely make you wonder why they kept making uninspired films. Instead of forcing themselves to write something that is truly engaging, they simply give it minimal effort, thus it becomes a tiresome effort that just doesn't cut it. I absolutely hated the film and I thought that the filmmakers really didn't care about how it turned out. I thought it was a pointless effort that just failed to live up to others in the franchise. The film lacks in terms of plot, special effects, which by now look pretty bad even by Godzilla standards. Overall I've enjoyed most of the films in the series, but it is clear that the filmmakers really don't care about creating something that will quite fun and entertaining for monsters film fans. This film simply looks cheap, feel cheap and overall it feels rushed with no effort into trying to create something memorable and amusing for genre fans. I really was let down by this film, and I didn't expect the series to get any better and thus it just ends up being a pointless entry in a once great series.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Nov 27, 2012
    this is by all means, not the best out of the godzilla series, but it is the most laughably enjoyment entree in the series. let me state whats bad about it, acting, bad in dubbing standards can go, its too entoxicated by stock footage from godzilla vs gigan, yeah i saw gigans arm smashing them planes, and that this film had the weakest script. now for the good. its the most entertaining out of the series due to it being way too over-the-top for godzilla standards and the fights are still enjoyable. megalon is an interesting fellow, eve though the people who sent him out to wreck havock havent even thought of a negotiation, but he is quite interesting. but the best moment of all was the scene when godzilla did the tail slide! that scene was that one huge thing that made this movie worth getting. that was of all the best scene ive ever scene! overall, its not the worst godzilla film, its quite actually good if you ignore the stock footage coke they stuffed in, and that scene man, thats what im talking about! B
    Juan C Super Reviewer
  • Oct 24, 2012
    Boring + lame = Godzilla Vs. Megalon.
    Bryan D Super Reviewer

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