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July 14, 2008
Clooney stars in thoughtful, complex noir mystery.
November 7, 2007
October 16, 2007
Lo más interesante de esta película es el rescate casi arqueológico que realiza el director Steven Soderbergh en claro homenaje al cine del Hollywood de los '40 (...)
September 28, 2007
Hollywood vi%u0161e nije u stanju praviti velike filmove
May 31, 2007
May 30, 2007
May 30, 2007
May 23, 2007 the time this one was over, Soderbergh had impressed me more his by his ability to mimic an old film than by his ability to tell a coherent story.
May 19, 2007
The tip-off that this is intended to be taken as a tongue-in-cheek homage comes as the closing credits roll, when a familiar tableau might cause you to confuse this flick with Casablanca. Except instead of Paris, it's 'We'll all always have Potsdam.'
May 16, 2007