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"Gotcha!" is a puerile but popular campus game at UCLA in which students stalk one another armed with paint-spewing pellet guns. Veterinary student Anthony Edwards may not be any great shakes in the classroom, but he's a whiz at Gotcha. His skills come in handy when Edwards, on vacation in Paris, becomes acquainted with the mysterious Linda Fiorentino. She gets him mixed up in international espionage; fortunately, the well-armed spies aren't quite as adept at "Gotcha" as Edwards is. Most of the film was lensed in Paris and Berlin.


Marie Dubrule
as Paris Blonde
Nick Corri
as Manolo
Marla Adams
as Maria, Jonathan's Mother
Klaus Lowitsch
as Vlad, a Russian Agent
Christie Claridge
as Girl Student
David Wohl
as Professor
Bernard Spiegel
as Taxi Driver
Muriel Dubrule
as Paris Blonde
Marie Carlman
as Hotel Girl
Chris Rydell
as Bob Jensen
Ayshea Leigh
as Cabaret Singer
Danny Tolkan
as Maitre d'
Maximilian Ruethlein
as WB Hotel Clerk
Roland Nitschke
as EB Customs Guard
Erich Schwarz
as EB Customs Guard
Christel Merian
as EB Customs Guard
Dan van Husen
as Man in Shadow
Traudl Haas
as Kiosk Woman
Manfred Tummler
as EB Policeman
Georg Tryphon
as Customs Officer
Dirk Vogeley
as WB Policeman
Karl Spanner
as KGB Goon
Berno Kurten
as Punk Driver
Elke Knittel
as Female Punker
Kristina Vasari
as Airport Hostess
Dante di Loreto
as Boy with Football
Erik Holland
as Bronski
Aileen Fitzpatrick
as CIA Operator
J.P. Bumstead
as Duty Officer
Steve Eastin
as CIA Agent
Robin Cooke
as CIA Agent
Tim Werner
as CIA Agent
Peter Pan
as Chinese Man
Greg Karas
as Homeboy
Jesús Franco
as Homeboy No. 4
Gene Lebell
as KGB Agent
Bob Yerkes
as KGB Agent
George Fisher
as KGB Agent
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  • Sep 06, 2010
    I caught this movie on TV a while ago, I remember it being exciting and kinda funny too. I really enjoyed it, and I'd like to see it again.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Nov 10, 2008
    The teen movie is funny, mystery and excitement - it's like James Bond in college. Anthony Edwards is well-cast as the young man being whirled into the wicked world of espionage behind the Iron Curtain, and Linda Fiorentino is so seductive and sexy in a strange mysterious way.
    Dean M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 17, 2008
    Here's a movie that, for many reasons, could never be made today. In its opening sequence, college students run all over campus with black paint guns, shooting at each other. The mere sight of something like that today would send people running a panic, and lead to endless highlights on CNN. The students are playing "Gotcha!", a game where they compete against others in an assassination-type game involving red paint pellets. One of the best players is Jonathan (Anthony Edwards), and it's about the only thing he's good at. When he and his lothario roomate take off on a European trip, he meets the seductive Sasha (Linda Fiorentino), that is all too willing to show him the ways of the world. What Jonathan doesn't know is that Sasha is a spy. Here's the other area where the movie couldn't be made today. Firmly cemented in 1985, the movie was made when the Berlin Wall, and communism split Germany in half. The plot simply wouldn't fly today. Sasha lures Jonathan to East Berlin, and ends up dragging him into a cat and mouse game with Germans, Russians, and any number of people that would just as soon kill you as look at you. Edwards is a likeable doofus, and comes across as a believable character who finds he has more wits and cunning that he gave himself credit for. The husky voice Fiorentino does two things in this movie very well...smoke, and get naked. The latter of which is surprising given the movies PG-13 rating. Director Jeff "Revenge Of The Nerds" Kanew makes excellent use of the Eurpoean surroundings. From tourist attractions to back alleys, the movie has a real feel that sells it far more than if they had gone the cheap route and shot it on a backlot. The movie does take a little while to get moving, and occasionally falls a little too deeply into slapstick when it comes to its humor. But it is a fun revisit to the 80's, and showcases when times were both safer and more dangerous at the same time.
    RJ M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 25, 2008
    Another old one from Goose with hair! This must be when my Dad got the illegal device to get HBO...good stuff.
    Chad R Super Reviewer

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