Shin kidô senki Gundam W: Endless Waltz (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz )

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This feature-film-length release is a compilation created from the three episodes of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OVA, edited together and cut slightly for length. It serves as a sequel to the Gundam Wing TV series and takes place in the same After Colony Era universe, rather than the Universal Century of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. As it begins, the Organization of Zodiac has long been eradicated and Treize Khushrenada is dead. His daughter, however, eight-year-old Mariemaia, is leading a rebellion on a newly established colony, and her forces have kidnapped Relena Darlian, who has since become vice foreign minister for the Earth Sphere Unified Nation. The Gundam pilots now must investigate this girl, or the powers behind her, and prevent the colonies from being seized by sinister forces. Endless Waltz also serves as a prequel to the Gundam Wing series as it reveals stories about the past of the Gundams and their pilots not revealed in the original series. ~ Cammila Collar, Rovi


Critic Reviews for Shin kidô senki Gundam W: Endless Waltz (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz )

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Audience Reviews for Shin kidô senki Gundam W: Endless Waltz (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz )

  • Feb 22, 2011
    I still remember to this day the first time Endless Waltz premiered in the U.S. It was a Friday evening and I had eagerly awaited it for as long as I had heard it was coming. Needless to say my best friend and I sat and watched the film which I believe was in segments but all played back to back and we both were amazed at the quality of the film. Both the animation and story are top-notch and were a thing of beauty and emotion to behold.
    Chris B Super Reviewer
  • Jun 17, 2010
    Very entertaining, but not as good as the tv series. While the end message of the show (as of the last episode) was one of peace, it also showed that war is a necessary evil of mankind. Throughout this film, pacifism is clearly the message, which would be okay in another context, but here it just seems hypocritical for several reasons. First, the show is almost completely about the necessity of conflict, with the general idea being that in order for peace to exist, if even for a brief period of time, war must occur (which is basically true); the movie fights this concept on more than one level. Secondly, the show itself basically advocated against total pacifism, with the Sanc Kingdom's/Relena Peacecraft's failure prominently displayed for all to see (in fact, the Kingdom would've been completely wiped out if not for a privately-organized, Gundam-aided security force headed by Lucrecia Noin); the movie doesn't focus on this "minute" detail, which was a huge issue in the tv series. Third, while all of the characters believe that the Gundams should be destroyed, the movie's endgame is that people have to earn the right to live in peace and not expect it as a given thing; one must fight to earn this right, correct? That's the actual main message I received from this film. What I can't comprehend is why the characters want to destoy the Gundams in the first place. Yes, they are tools and moreover, symbols of warfare, but they are used for benevolent purposes. If nothing else, this series (movie included) seems to advocate the use of warfare to protect the defenseless...this is the main reason why the Gundam pilots fight--for those who can't. Yet, without the Gundams, everyone would've been screwed when Marimaya Kushrenada and her troops showed up--no one could've fought her off without the Gundams. So when the pilots choose to destroy the Gundams, it seems like they're just setting themselves up for a terrible tragedy sometime in the future, because there will always be one more battle left to fight, and without the Gundams, there is seemingly no hope of victory whatsoever. In reality, things would not have ended as optimistically as they did in the movie. Hypocrisy and stupidity aside, this is still a good film. The thing is, the television series completely blows this film out of the water. The series is one of the most well-written, suspenseful, and overall entertaining things I have ever watched. And while I'm certainly glad to see the return of Milliardo Peacecraft, it's unfortunate that Treize Kushrenada is truly dead, because he was an extremely complex individual, and personally, my favorite character in the series.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 15, 2008
    <b>Endless Waltz</b> is a near perfect ending to the most popular of the <i>Mobile Suit Gundam</i> franchise. The new Gundam designs were awesome, the soundtrack was great, and the plot proved to be an excellent end for the <b>Gundam Wing</b> series. This movie is quite possibly one of the best ending any series could ask for. The themes behind the characters give more feeling to their actions. This is a must see for Gundam and anime fans alike.
    Steven V Super Reviewer
  • Oct 24, 2007
    ridiculous how out of no where after the war is over some snot nosed brat comes back to start conflict... and then the zero has feathers... wow. but the action is sick and the animation is nice.
    Vincent T Super Reviewer

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