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Richard Stanley's cyberpunk thriller stars Dylan McDermott as Mo, a survivor of a post-apocalyptic future world who makes a living selling salvaged machinery. When some robot parts he's collected rebuild themselves, the reborn creature sets out on a murder spree.

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Dylan McDermott
as Moses Baxter
William Hootkins
as Lincoln Wineberg Jr.
Iggy Pop
as Angry Bob
Mac MacDonald
as Newscaster
Carl McCoy
as Zone Tripper
Chris McHallem
as Premier Boelgaxof
Barbara Yu Ling
as Chinese Mother
as Taxi driver
Arnold Lee
as Chinese Family Member
Susie Ng
as Chinese Family Member
Fred Leeown
as Chinese Family Member
Mimi Chinn
as Chinese Family Member
Sebastian Chee
as Chinese Family Member
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Critic Reviews for Hardware

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One of those lovingly crafted movies where ingenuity and enthusiasm overcome the budgetary limitations.

Oct 19, 2010 | Full Review…

Stanley's attempts at visual stylishness are so relentless they preclude the simple act of telling a good tale.

Jul 7, 2010 | Rating: 2.5/5 | Full Review…

Shut up. Try to pay attention.

Jan 19, 2010 | Rating: 1.5/4 | Full Review…

Nearly two decades later, Hardware retains its merciless poise, and while the filmmaker has slipped into obscurity, his finest work still lunges for the throat.

Oct 26, 2009 | Rating: A- | Full Review…

They say all you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun. But if you've got a girl and a killer robot, then you're really onto something.

Oct 14, 2009 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…

Stanley is nothing if not a master of efficient filmmaking.

Aug 16, 2006 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Hardware

A scavenger in a post-apocalyptic wasteland uncovers the remains of a robotic assassin which rebuilds itself and runs amok in a civilian apartment building. Richard Stanley's heritage as a music video director is obvious in this highly derivative sci-fi B movie that owes huges debts to The Terminator, Alien and Blade Runner. Stanley's eye actually manages to capture the Mad Max dystopian future aesthetic quite well and despite the lack of star names the cast acquit themselves quite well; the leads are solid and the supporting characters add some much needed colour to the generic sci-fi-ness of it all. The film is very much of its time, trying desperately for "cult" credibility as it is by casting Lemmy, Iggy Pop and that bloke from Fields Of The Nephilim in cameo roles; it also sports a soundtrack by Goth-punk rockers The Ministry and contains the inevitable fractal imagery and pretentions towards artiness that were peculiar to post 80s popular culture. But strip away all of the window dressing and it's really just another stalker movie with a robot. Unfortunately the robot itself is the biggest drawback as it looks like it was constructed out of Meccano and old vacuum cleaner parts and doesn't look in the least bit menacing. Still, it definitely has some good moments stylistically at least and has stood up rather better than a lot of films with much higher budgets.

xGary Xx
xGary Xx

Super Reviewer


Post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk horror based on a short comic book story called "Shok" about a self-repairing combat cyborg that terrorizes a lady in an apartment block. Pretty good I thought. I liked its interpretation of a post nuclear holocaust world. Pretty cool soundtrack too with cameos from rock legends Iggy Pop and Lemmy from Motorhead. Takes a while for the action to get going but there are a couple of awesomely bloody deaths. As for the cyborg itself I didn't find it too menacing really and it moved quite awkwardly too, the low-budget obviously played its part in the special-effects department. But the "M.A.R.K. 13" does have enough character to make it as memorable as other villainous robots like "ED-209" from the Robocop films. Good film overall, but not great. It's earned its cult status though.

Lee ?
Lee ?

Super Reviewer

Crtics have hailed Hardware as a misunderstood post apocalyptic masterpiece in the tradition of Mad Max. Having watched it, I initially had mixed feelings about this film. It's raw, gritty and it's low budget only adds to the films energy. The biggest problem I had with the film is the characters, I felt they were not well developed and not likeable. The acting is standard B movie shit and you really don't care for the characters in the end. The movie itself is awesome for it's violence, and when it starts, boy does it start. This film lacks character, and plot developpement but really delivers in the violence department. This is a picture that needs multiple viewings to really like it, but in the end; this film is in the you either love it or hate it category. The plot is very simple, and effective. A soldier finds parts of a robot in the desert and brings it to his sculptor girlfriend. The Robot turns out to be a Mark 13 robot, a killer bot designed to control the human growth population. The only thing now is that the droid goes on a killing rampage and kills everything in his path. The gore factor for the film is high, and the film will definitely make you bit your nails. But Hardware isn't a film that has a great story, the film relies more on the on screen violence to create the Horror. Theres plenty of destruction going on here, as the Mark 13 droid kills everything in his path. Even though the film feels low budget, this still a fairly well done Sci Fi horror flick, though lacking in plot, it makes up for it in thrills. Hardware is a violence driven film, and in some case it works, which is the case with this film. A wicked post apocalyptic style film set in a dystopian society. Alkso worth mentioning is a cool cameo by Lemmy from Motorhead.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer


This begins with a tight dystopic aesthetic but it loses its way when it confines itself to the one set - a main character's apartment - for the majority of the film. I wanted there to be more to this film because more was promised in the first act. Once it gets rolling, there are a few very cool gore installations but the film didn't keep me engaged in the suspense once it confines itself to the one location because then it becomes just a series of "we killed it! oh no, we didn't kill it!" and then rinses and repeats too many times to remain interesting.

_kelly .King
_kelly .King

Super Reviewer

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