The Horror of Party Beach

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Stuffed with nearly all the essential ingredients for a '50s drive-in classic -- including rubber monsters, clean-cut biker gangs, countless inane rock & roll numbers, and twistin' teeny-boppers who appear to be about 35 -- this uproariously awful monster flick has secured a fond place in the hearts of bad-movie buffs. The horror of the title comes in the form of numerous scaly creatures whose fishy mouths are filled with a tube-like apparatus that makes them appear stuffed to overflowing with frankfurters. Spawned from both human remains and sea life (thanks to a healthy dose of ocean-dumped radioactive waste), the monsters emerge from the sea to dine on surfers and bikini-clad nymphs during a nearly constant teen beach party. Allen Laurel portrays a completely useless scientist who manages to find a solution to the monster menace only after his maid knocks over a vial of sodium on a specimen of one such creature. Armed with this knowledge, Laurel locates the flooded quarry that serves as the beasts' lair, allowing the military to give the critters what-for with a hail of sodium bombs. Director Del Tenney reportedly helmed several scenes from his sickbed while battling the flu... which probably explains quite a lot. The soundtrack features a plentitude of non-hits performed by surf-rockers The Del-Aires (named after the director?) including the toe-tapper "Zombie Stomp."


Alice Lyon
as Elaine Gavin
John Scott
as Hank Green
Allen Laurel
as Dr. Gavin
Eulabelle Moore
as Eulabelle
Damon Klebroyd
as Lt. Wells
Monroe Wade
as Television Announcer
Sharon Murphy
as Two Girl
Diane Prizio
as Two Girl
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  • Nov 16, 2010
    Goofy 60's white kids playing and dancing to beach rock music is slightly more bearable than the radioactive monster story. The rebel girl who goes dancing with the leader of a motorcycle gang to make her responsible ex-boyfriend jealous seems promising, but the creature makes her the first victim. All the blood here looks like chocolate syrup. It is all down hill after the ex-boyfriend fights the motorcycle gang leader.
    Byron B Super Reviewer
  • Sep 05, 2010
    Some crazy creature terrorizes teens on the beach, that's all, there's not much to this movie, and it's not really worth watching.
    Aj V Super Reviewer

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