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Part of a pointless string of sequels ostensibly based on the werewolf novels by Gary Brandner, this entry deserves credit for taking the creatively dead series in an interesting new direction. Set in the barren rural town of Canton Bluff, the story centers on the enigmatic figure of Ian (Brendan Hughes), a likable but severely solitary drifter who takes a job making repairs to the local church. Eschewing human contact, Ian seems unnaturally leery of the impending full moon, a fear shared by a man named Harker (Bruce Payne), the owner of a sleazy traveling carnival. Aware that Ian is a genuine werewolf, Harker is able to blackmail the young man into working for his carnival, where he is put on display with other human oddities. To further complicate matters, Harker is revealed to have a monstrous secret of his own -- he's a vampire, who sees Ian's condition as a cover for preying on the blood of local folk. In a nod to Tod Browning's Freaks, Ian joins forces with the other carnival freaks to destroy their evil master. Director Hope Perello's taut, suspenseful debut makes clever references to classic horror films without lapsing into parody or imitation, and the production has a classy look and feel, helping to shrug off the unpleasant stigma normally associated with the otherwise mediocre Howling franchise.
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Michele Matheson
as Elizabeth
Bruce Payne
as Harker
Antonio Fargas
as Bellamey
Carol Lynley
as Miss Eddington
Jered Barclay
as Dewey, Preacher
Carlos Cervantes
as Sheriff Fuller
Deep Roy
as Toones
Christopher Morley
as Carl/Carlotta
Elisabeth She
as Mary Lou
Randy Pelish
as Pruitt
Ben Kronen
as Hank
John A. Neris
as Earl Bartlett
Al White
as Carny Worker
Jeremy West
as Lester
William Marquez
as Towny No. 1
Gerry Black
as Towny No. 2
Elizabeth She
as Mary Lou
Teri Hoyos
as Towny No. 3
Elena Bertagnolli
as Midget No. 1
Joe Gieb
as Midget No. 2
Steven M. Lane
as Carny Freak
Vincent Fazzari
as Carny Woman
Robert Reynolds
as Carny Barker
Shaunery Stevens
as Sword Swallower
Kathleen Perryman
as Snake Charmer
James E. Webb C
as Ugly Man
Loarn Michels
as Fire Eater
Sandra Strong
as Ms. Electra
Michelle Welch
as Bearded Mermaid
Courtney Pakis
as Contortionist
Sheila Lane
as No Middle Myrtle
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A middling gimmicky sequel...

Full Review… | October 27, 2013
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This is probably the most fun entry since the second film minus the ineptitude. It's surprisingly charming in its characters and delivers its monsters with horrific glee. Possibly the best sequel in the series.

jesse moore
jesse moore

The world is full of freaks and you're not one of them. A drifter moves into a small town and settles down, starts making friends, and becomes kind of a source of positive energy for the community. A strange circus arrives in town that specializes in its freak show. The freak show is led by an eccentric man and the people in the freak show are interesting. When the freak show meets the drifter, they quickly want him for the show. Can the drifter expose the freaks and their misdeeds? "Don't move or I'll shoot your dick into the next county." "Then I certainly won't move." Hope Perellp, director of Pet Shop and St. Patrick's Day, delivers Howling VI: The Freaks in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is actually kind of interesting and I loved the insertion of the freaks into the plot. The werewolves pieces were actual not overly done and I actually enjoyed this picture. The cast delivered average performances and includes Brendan Hughes, Michele Matheson, Sean Sullivan, and Deep Roy. "People will bow down to you out of respect." I started watching these films again off Netflix and I can say the last couple are my favorites. This is only an average horror picture, but the settings of the last two pictures were well selected as were the horror elements. I would watch this if you're a fan of the horror genre. "You see the devil, you shoot him. Any questions?" Grade: C

Kevin Robbins
Kevin Robbins

Howling VI: The Freaks is yet another garbage sequel that continues the trend of making inept, unimpressive and poorly constructed "entertaining" sequels, which in the case of this sixth entry, is not. This is a mediocre sixth entry, and like every sequel in this franchise is really a pointless effort. This film had an interesting idea, unfortunately the execution is sloppy, and the end result is a sequel like all the other films in the series. The idea was interesting, and if the screenwriters actually would have taken their time to create a good script, maybe this film would have been pretty good. Unfortunately this franchise is plagued with awful, pointless sequel designed to purely cash in on the success of the first film. The sequels of this franchise are all bad, and none are really entertaining. Some have decent ideas for plots, but none are good horror films that actually thrill and scare the viewer. This is really the case with this sixth film, good idea for a film, poorly crafted, directed and acted make this a dud of a film. This film scraps the bottom of the barrel of bad ideas, and though this phrase has come up quite often for my reviews of this franchise, it's quite true too. I shouldn't say this is really a bad idea for a film, just maybe a poorly constructed sequel that is dull and boring. This film looks cheap and feels cheap. Once the credits roll, you are relieved it's over. The potential of this entry is wasted because the screenwriters don't know how to effectively build a good story. Yet another awful Howling sequel.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

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