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Despite an abundance of eyecandy, the film doesn't amount to much.



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Based on the popular cartoon character of the same name, Inspector Gadget is an adventure comedy about a somewhat naive and inept security guard, John Brown, whose big heart is equal to his far-fetched dreams of becoming the world's greatest police officer. However, nothing is impossible. Suddenly unexpected circumstances make him the ideal candidate for a top secret law enforecment project, and pretty scientist Dr. Brenda Bradford applies her expertise in robotics to build him into a man of many talents--and accessories. Using a vast array of grafted-on gizmos and doohickies to bust bad guys, the often clueless Inspector Gadget must also employ his common sense to crack an especially complicated case. As he penetrates Riverton City's darkest underworld, Inspector Gadget must save not only his good name and reputation, but also rescue the world from the nefarious Claw.

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Matthew Broderick
as Inspector Gadget
Rupert Everett
as Scolex/Claw
Cheri Oteri
as Mayor Wilson
Andy Dick
as Kramer
Dabney Coleman
as Chief Quimby
D.L. Hughley
as Gadgetmobile
Rene Auberjonois
as Artemus Bradford
Cliff Emmich
as Bus Driver
Brian Tibbetts
as Boy on Bike
Bob Gaynor
as Robotic Foot Dancer
J.P. Manoux
as Mayor's Assistant
Sam Brown
as Officer McMurphy
Brad Blaisdel
as Officer Johnson
Sonya Eddy
as Hospital Secretary
Don Adams
as Brain
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  • Jul 12, 2012
    An OK film for kids really, for adults then no. Matthew Broderick was great so was Rupert Everett. Michelle..... I was disappointed. I would hate to see this film on TV again, Disney went downhill ever since this film if I remembered correctly.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Dec 02, 2011
    Inspector Gadget is a pathetic movie, but kids might like it, but im not a kid.
    Bradley W Super Reviewer
  • Sep 18, 2011
    Being a fan of the cartoon growing up, I was interested in seeing this. I saw it when it was released, and boy did it suck. This film really scraps the bottom of the barrel. The film has a paper thin plot, a pretty bad cast and above all, bad directing. The film is plainly stupid, and doesn't do anything to thrill the audience. This film is another poor attempt at making a film based on a TV show. Unfortunately the result is a film that is purely stupid. Upon watching this, all I wanted was my hour and twenty minutes back. The plot was bad, and the acting was plainly terrible. Inspector has no redeeming qualities, and you wonder how this crap got made. Aside from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Matthew Broderick hasn't done anything good since, and with this film, his career has sunk to a new low. Inspector Gadget is a terrible film that along with a few other family films such as Thunderbirds should be avoided. This film insults the intelligence, and I found it painful to watch. Inspector Gadget was something neat to watch when I was younger, but as a full fledged live action film, it fails to deliver anything good on-screen. This is one of the worst family oriented films that I have seen, and everything about it is terrible. The acting is awful, and it's understandable with a cast like this. Inspector Gadget doesn't entertain, it frustrates.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Aug 25, 2011
    You know, I never saw the "Inspector Gadget" cartoon. I am 14, so it was WAY before my time. Maybe it was amazing, maybe it was gruesomly unfunny, I have no idea. What I do know was that the movie was down right awful. Not at all funny, horrible acting, completely unmenacing villain. It makes Matthew Broderick look even WORSE! First of all, this is one of the most insanely unfunny movies I've ever seen. It's mostly bad slapstick and even WORSE 4th wall jokes. Seriously, these are some of the most godawful 4th wall jokes you will ever hear. Matthew Broderick's acting in this movie has got to go down as some of the worst I've ever seen ever. He overacts and underacts, and his character comes across as incredibly annoying and uninteresting, especially when he tries to be heroic. Rupert Evrett was sadly disappointing as Dr. Claw, especially because he's usually a good actor. If you don;t believe me, go see Shrek 2 and Chronicles of Narnia. However, in "Inspector Gadget" his performance is completely overacted and out of control. Remember when I said Broderick's character is annoying? He's not the only one. "Inspector Gadget" is chock full of incredibly annoying characters including a girl named Penny, Mayor Wilson, Claw's henchman Sikes and Kramer and worst of all...The Gadget Mobile. God, just saying it's name gives me shivers. This movie also has pretty much no logic. For example, in one scene, the evil Dr Claw kidnaps Inspector Gadget, kills him, and throws him in a junkyard. 2 hours later, he is completely repaired and alive! And that's not NEARLY the end of it! Few movies out there want to make me avoid a TV series as much as "Inspector Gadget". It is completely unredeemable, unlikeable and unfathomably idiotic. You'd be much better off watching the Nostalgia Critic's review.
    Marc L Super Reviewer

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