Intruder in the Dust Reviews

October 30, 2019
Intruder in the Dust is a dynamic move, one of the most sincere ever to be mode in Hollywood.
August 2, 2013
Powerhouse mix of racial drama and mystery, vividly shot on location in Mississippi.
July 12, 2013
Paula Deen apologists, take note: This MGM adaptation of Faulkner's novel demonstrates that the N-word was recognized as ugly and hurtful even in 1949 -- even in Mississippi, where it certainly was heard with some frequency.
March 16, 2006
Denis' film -- which may be her most intricately constructed and intensely beautiful to date -- is one that transcends words and stories, a movie to be felt rather than rationalized.
June 14, 2005
February 5, 2005
A brilliantly accomplished "racial bias" cycle film of the 1940s.
November 14, 2003