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September 6, 2017
It's seems the filmmakers know what they're working with now. But all the (keyword) seriousness that remains of the much superior original film, is sorely missing..
March 7, 2017
In this very low budget goofy gory sequel, the mad snowman travels to the tropics in order to harass his nemesis at a resort. At first the guests find the snow surprising and fun, but soon they relaize what's happening and try to fight back. Very funny and even better than the first one. The snowman drinks Asahi.
July 18, 2016
When it comes to a film where the snowman is the killer, you can't take it seriously whatsoever. This sequel is just as satisfying as the original with even more tongue in cheek moments to be had on screen. This film is a lot of fun, and has the B movie flav0or that cult horror fans want. Sure the film is uneven, often with flaws, but this wasn't meant to be a film that would go on to win Oscars, now is it? This is simply meant to be a fun horror comedy, and it definitely delivers. The film is of course not excellent, but for a B movie, it's pretty good. I enjoyed this sequel as much as the first. This sequel is very much like the first, it's silly, good fun and it's not meant to be taken seriously. I like both Jack Frost films because I think the idea of a killer snowman is simply an amusing idea, and it makes a fun little comedy horror film. The film has its flaws, but manages to still be entertaining due to its interesting ideas that have been explored in the first film. For a B movie sequel, I was surprised I enjoyed this film as much as the first one. I guess the idea behind the plot is what makes this film worth seeing. If you love these types of films, then this sequel along with the first film, are must see films. The films may not be anything great, but they do bring on a few good laughs and are some of the most original Horror comedies to come along in a while.
July 15, 2016
Just cheesy dumb fun like the original. Great to watch around Christmas time.
February 3, 2016
Again, it was a complete mistake watching this seeing how I hated the first film. However, the reason why I gave it a shot is because it was so laughably retarded on how the snowman got killed...out of all things...because of bananas...
December 20, 2015
Fun but dopey low budget trash that lacks the punch of the original.
½ December 15, 2015
This is terribly written, poorly made, and abysmally performed. Somehow this is worse than the first one.
½ October 2, 2015
Not as good but still funny
April 11, 2015
The enjoyable over-the-too comedy is still here. The merits include some more awesome deaths scenes and a number of very funny performances (the best from the late Chris Allport). The main problems are the decline in quality throughout the film, and the bad FX. The FX quality is understandable to some extent, but i think they could have made the creature props look much more real with a little more creativity. In all you should check it out if you like the first one- just don't expect anything really great. 43/100
December 22, 2014
All I can say is wow, this film is even nuttier and more ridiculous than the original.
October 28, 2014
I didn't like this film one bit and I actually liked the first one. This feels more like a very lame spoof.
May 11, 2014
Ok, he de admitir que a pesar lo mala que fue la primera, me llegó a entretener -un poco-, y tenía un poco más de coherencia, y pasaba de volada, sin embargo, ésta continuación no conoce ni un tantito el significado de coherencia, ni sabe que lo mejor es hacer una película más fluida ¿por qué? Bueno, todo comienza 'normal' -normal rango Jack Frost, sin embargo todo se va al diablo con la escena de los cubos de hielo -dafac?- y luego tenemos éstos "hijos" de Jack Frost que resultan ser un verdadero peligro para los turistas, ah y el gran ha ¡¡¡¿cómo diablos un muñeco de nieve puede sobrevivir en un MALDITO AMBIENTE TROPICAL?!!! Y para empeorar las cosas, meten a personajes que poca -o mejor dicho nula- relevancia tienen en la trama, algunas muertes son realmente estúpidas -¿zafar el brazo de un tipo con una bola de nieve? ¿En serio?- Y la duración, a pesar de ser algo corta, se siente realmente eterna ¡y no le ves fin! Sé que puedo estar sonando muy exigente, pero vamos ¡hay mejores películas absurdas! Si lo que deseas es ver Jack Frost, sólo observa la primera cinta y deja pasar ésta continuación, como si nunca hubiera existido.
½ November 3, 2013
Completely horrible. Don't waste your time. The first movie was watchable. This movie will make you ill.
½ October 4, 2013
there is nothing remotely entertaining about this film.
September 4, 2013
what a classic that will last the tests of time
½ June 25, 2013
This is either a Joke on the viewer or a drug induced failure.
½ June 14, 2013
This movie was so bad! I laughed at the bad effects. I laughed at the bad acting. I LAUGHED at the badly written script! Seriously? BANANAS? I cannot fricking believe this! If you want a GOOD Jack Frost I suggest Rise of the Guardians because its a good film and doesn't involve bananas.
½ April 24, 2013
ohh my what a stuuupid stuuupid dumb movie!
March 13, 2013
Not even bad enough to laugh at.
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