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July 9, 2019
The best way to describe the whole ordeal is cheap.
March 3, 2019
A hint at what you're in for: mustaches peeling off of faces & flying around, coffee mugs that shoot bullets that turn into flies...after all that happens, THEN it gets weird.
February 9, 2019
The stakes don't seem all that high, despite claims of world-ending consequences. If what you want is schlocky fun, then John Dies at the End should deliver. If you want something more, then you may want to look elsewhere afterwards.
December 14, 2018
This is a film for the young and the young at heart. And those who like their philosophy laden with a heavy dose of paranoia and oddity.
July 2, 2018
This is a great jumping-off point if you've never been exposed to Don Coscarelli, one of the less-seen indie horror filmmakers out there. If "JDATE" serves as the gateway for new fans, then the movie will be twice the success it already is.
April 12, 2018
Jump in, leave you sense of logic at the door, sit back and enjoy the trip.
August 24, 2015
Rare is the flick that wedges this many genres into one frame, and so well.
November 25, 2013
This is a gloriously gonzo trip packed with enough odd narrative tangents to fill half a dozen features. While not always successful, this energetic mash-up so genuinely wants to entertain that it's hard not to be won over by its barrage of absurdity.
June 28, 2013
The saving grace of John Dies at the End is undoubtedly its manic storytelling: the energy and pacing of scenes give the movie the impression of being told on the spot (which is of course what the framing device intends).
April 14, 2013
stands up to repeat viewings, and offers new insights each and every time
March 18, 2013
It is refreshing that Coscarelli is willing to offer viewers something that at least tries to take the rules of cinema into new directions.
March 17, 2013
Gonzo freakiness in such doses that cult status is practically ensured.
March 15, 2013
I stopped taking notes when the woman disintegrated into a ball of writhing snakes.
March 14, 2013
Despite its astronomical body count, John Dies at the End never takes itself too seriously, and neither should you.
March 13, 2013
Something so weird and off the beaten track that it's kind of wonderful.
March 9, 2013
I'm not saying this film will make more sense if you're high. But it will make more sense if you're high.
March 8, 2013
Director Don Coscarelli isn't especially smooth or coherent, and he leans on weird for weird's sake.
March 7, 2013
It's like a series of blackout sketches, some of which are entertaining. But mostly, it's a mess.
March 6, 2013
When is a phone call from your dead friend more than just bizarre? When it's made on a hot dog. It's a hopeless mess. But, at least, for its first half, a very entertaining mess.
February 22, 2013
A confusing plot to begin with, the adaptation of the novel is a certified mess, attempting to provide blow-by-blow illustrations of scenes from the source book, and lifting most of the narration and dialogue verbatim.
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