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This derivitive teen comedy tries to go for cute when it could use more bite.



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Three teenagers two-timed by a local lothario decide to turn the tables on him in this romantic comedy. John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) is the big man on campus at his high school -- he's the captain and star player of the basketball team, he's got money, he's good-looking and charming, and he can have any girl he wants. However, the latter attribute is about to get him in serious trouble when three different girls at his school -- Heather (Ashanti), Beth (Sophia Bush) and Carrie (Arielle Kebbel) -- discover they've all been dating John at the same time. Determined to bring down the campus ladykiller, the girls devise a plan -- they pick a cute but socially clumsy girl who is new at school, Kate (Brittany Snow), and give her a crash course in stealing John's heart. Once Kate has John wrapped around her little finger, she's supposed to drop him like a bad habit and give him a taste of what heartbreak is really like. However, it seems that the early stages of the plan work a little too well, and John and Kate end up falling for each other for real. John Tucker Must Die also stars Jenny McCarthy, Penn Badgley, and Dan Payne.

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Jesse Metcalfe
as John Tucker
as Heather
Penn Badgley
as Scott Tucker
Kevin McNulty
as Basketball Coach
Patricia Drake
as Coach Williams
Amanda Li
as Spelling Bee Girl
Jeff Ballard
as Cute Boy
Steve Bacic
as Skip No. 1
Dean Wray
as Skip No. 2
Jon Cuthbert
as Skip No. 3
Aaron Dudley
as Skip No. 4
Marc Menard
as Skip No. 5
Dan Payne
as Skip No. 6
Brendan Penny
as Teammate No. 1
Taurean Mills
as Teammate No. 2
Chelan Simmons
as Crying Waitress
Nancy J. Lilley
as Coach Claypoole
Devon Weigel
as Volleyball Girl
Yalda Etessam
as Goth Girl
Alf Humphreys
as Detention Teacher
Diana Ha
as Chinese Woman In Theatre
Donald Fong
as Chinese Man In Theatre
Fulvio Cecere
as Chemistry Teacher
Lucas McCann
as Game 2 Opponent
Barbara Kottmeier
as Beautiful Girl No. 1
Karlie Locke
as Sign Language Girl
Nicki Clyne
as Beautiful Girl No. 2
Stephanie A. Locke
as Sign Language Girl
Katya Virshilas
as Beautiful Girl No. 3
Stuart Cowan
as Freshman Flower Boy
Bruce Morrison
as Referee #2
Connor Widdows
as Freshman At Beach
Jessica Harmon
as Girl at Party
Chelsea Florko
as Freshman Girl No. 1
Maggie Ma
as Freshman Girl No. 2
Heather McEwen
as Freshman Girl No. 3
Amanda Crew
as Hallway Girl No. 1
Emily Tennant
as Hallway Girl No. 2
People In Planes
as Indie Rock Band
Amber Borycki
as Jennifer
Gareth Jones
as Lead Vocals
Alan Shearman
as Teacher in Thong No. 1
Archie Hahn III
as Teacher in Thong No. 2
Ian Russell
as Keyboards
Victor Isaac
as Guy At Party #1
Branden Williams
as Guy At Party #2
Kyle Coleman C.
as Guy At Party #3
Greg Cipes
as Guy At Party #4
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  • Dec 02, 2011
    John Tucker Must Die is a worthless and pathetic comedy pointed directly at teenaged girls. I mean I would lie if I said the sheer stupidity didn't give me a few chuckles, but I am a sucker for some stuff like that. The actresses were just girls reading a script and nothing else. I hated this film and it has nothing to call itself besides a teen comedy.
    Bradley W Super Reviewer
  • Nov 29, 2011
    Another predictable teen comedy.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Oct 22, 2011
    I saw this today on Set Max as nothing else was coming on Television. A high-school chick-flick where 3 kids rope a "Cute" girl who hasn't been there when it comes to relationships to teach a serial dater a lesson on heartbreak on his birthday. I found "Jenny McCarthy" who plays "kate's" mom much hotter than all the 4 combined. Oh, the girls use a Mac while John Tucker uses Windows, don't know why! In the end, the female protagnoist takes pride in the fact that she has changed John Tucker's habit of lying and she is a self-proclaimed 'legend'.
    Mohet N Super Reviewer
  • Oct 10, 2011
    John Tucker Must Die was a terrible attempt at a comedy. The film has a bad cast, bad story and is simply awful. I thought the film was bad because it relied on clichés that we've seen from other films and the film simply fails to have any real laughs. The cast is comprised of your typical teen comedy film cast. As a whole, John Tucker Must Die fails to be entertaining and is actually quite boring. The film at times does make you chuckle a bit, but for the most part, there's never any real laugh out loud moments. The way the comedy is used is poorly done, and the film is not a memorable comedy and it just is a flawed film that is poorly done, and is a forgettable film once you've seen. The film could have been good, but the people who wrote the film don't know how to write witty, effective humor. John Tucker Must Die is simply a pointless, unfunny film that relies too much on clichés to create the humor, and it doesn't work. This film is a forgettable comedy, not worth watching. The jokes are bad, and this is the type of film that has been done many times before. Not to mention it's very predictable in its execution. A film that never does make you laugh or be entertained, John Tucker Must Die is simply a poorly conceived comedy with poorly thought out gags.
    Alex r Super Reviewer

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