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½ April 17, 2017
I mean, we've all seen something like this before, right? Funny thing is, it's even less fun compared to films they've borrowed from. I just couldn't bear watching the same thing over and over again. But, honestly though, I think it could have been fun if it wasn't that predictable.
December 13, 2016
I really want to seeeeeeeee please please amazing but can find it anywhere but hereeee
½ September 19, 2016
I have a strange affinity for these high school rom-coms, so I kind of expected I would like John Tucker Must Die more than most people. I think that connection I have with the genre helped me to get some enjoyment out of what is largely a bad movie. The story will be familiar to everyone, because it's not original. It centers around the star of the basketball team who is dating at least 3 girls at the same time, and they all find out about it. Despite what the title implies this just leads them to seek revenge, not through physical violence, but in the form of humiliation and perhaps giving him a taste of his own medicine. I kind of liked the cast, because they all seemed content to fall into their individual stereotypes, which fit the movie well. The biggest flaw in the casting is simply the fact that Brittany Snow is too likable and attractive to be this outcast wallflower that they expect her to be. At the very least put her in thick glasses and give her an ugly outfit, so you get that typical Cinderella transformation when they doll her up in order to attract John Tucker. Aside from that strange choice, most of this movie is paint-by-numbers out of the teen rom-com playbook. I do have to mention one particular scene, where John Tucker is given estrogen. This scene started out hilarious, but then devolved into a horrible parody of femininity. I found myself squirming in my chair thinking "Good grief, this is what the screenwriter thinks women are like?" The finale worked alright, because everyone ends up where you want them to, although I found it odd that they never give any resolution for the 3 ex-girlfriends. John Tucker Must Die is a substandard representation of the genre, so I doubt I'd ever recommend it.
May 21, 2016
Fluffy, unfocused and populated with shallow characters, John Tucker Must Die plays it way too safely with a brainlessly written script that doesn't even have the conviction to take its own spicy storyline seriously.
May 7, 2016
I wished they continued the story farther
½ January 17, 2016
Completely miserable.
½ August 31, 2015
No se deje engañar por el póster y por el nombre: "John Tucker Must Die" no es una película sobre sexo ni sobre un asesinato. Esta es una comedia para preadolescentes acerca de tres chicas que han sido engañadas por John Tucker, el galán de la escuela (interpretado con carisma por Jesse Metcalfe) y quienes convencen a Kate, una estudiante inocente (interpretada con carisma por Brittany Snow) para que las ayude a cobrar venganza. "John Tucker Must Die" es totalmente predecible, con personajes estereotipados, tan inocente como su protagonista y con un aire apestoso a comedia tonta de los 80.
July 20, 2015
John tucker must die is a mediocre while the characters have chemistry the problem is that the film is filled to the brim with cliches and most of the gags are bad.
July 6, 2015
Although I commend the main female characters for joining forces to bring down the man who wronged them instead of fighting amongst themselves, I feel like they may have brought feminism down a notch. Why does your typical male jock stereotype deserve to have even more attention brought upon him because you were wronged? Better to just ignore him girls.
June 25, 2015
John Tucker Must Die is a harmless, sitcomish teen comedy that's just too silly to recommend.
½ May 3, 2015
5/3/2015: An ok movie. It had a few funny moments.
April 17, 2015
It's not enough that players like John Tucker be aware of how hurtful their games are, but it's important that they don't encourage it from happening. The ending of this movie had a chance to address that, but it squandered it with a very poor tacked-on ending. Jesse Metcalf plays a fantastic John Tucker, and it's a shame we haven't seen more of him in other projects.
April 5, 2015
An immature teen movie, but I've seen much worse. It was moderately entertaining. (First and only full viewing - 2/19/2015)
½ March 30, 2015
It turned around near the end (polygamy! The Other Tucker!), but even its catchy, familiar soundtrack could not save this (admittedly very attractive) mess.
March 26, 2015
A gaggle of hot girls all fall for BMOC John Tucker, thinking they are his one and only. When another hot new girls arrives and open their eyes to his cheating ways, the game is on to bring Tucker to his knees. Not original, but well played. Bush, Ashanti, Kebbel and Snow are all capable actresses and Betty Thomas brings out the beast, er best, in them. Enjoyed more that I figured I would, and probably more than I should have.
½ March 10, 2015
Good teen comedy with some interesting insights about dating coming out of a revenge story about some girls who want to get back at a boy who simultaneously dates them all, setting him up with another girl whose goal is to break his heart.
March 9, 2015
great movie I love brittany she is my idol it is her birthday today march 9 2015 happy birthday Brittany
½ March 4, 2015
Funny. A little dragging at times.
½ March 1, 2015
pretty cute teen movie .. not as dirty as the pic portrays
½ February 18, 2015
Brittany snow gets 3 stars
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