Johnson Family Vacation Reviews

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January 1, 2011
This charmless movie not for children.
May 4, 2009
Mechanical performances by Vanessa Williams and Bow Wow, as Nate's musically inclined son, impair Cedric's earnest comedic efforts in this spasmodic comedy.
August 7, 2008
Several laugh-out-loud moments are scattered throughout this otherwise dumb-and-gets-even-dumber African-American road trip.
March 6, 2007
This is a real mess, with out-of-focus shots and continuity lapses that suggest a production in chaos.
March 6, 2007
Packing all the tired trappings of the raunchy road-trip genre, this loutish comedy plays out as a loosely threaded collection of shrill jokes and cliched sight gags.
April 2, 2005
February 5, 2005
I really wanted to like this movie, especially since I'm a fan of Cedric the Entertainer.
August 17, 2004
...Cedric the Entertainer simply cannot act.
August 8, 2004
Too many jokes fall flat and a number of promising set-ups ... wind up going nowhere.
August 3, 2004
We can only generously call it a pale imitation of National Lampoon's Vacation
May 5, 2004
Find one stereotype and stick to it. Don't confuse the audience by trying to be Wayne Brady and Bernie Mac in the same movie.
April 18, 2004
It really wasn't as funny as it could of been or should have been.
April 17, 2004
The direction on Johnson Family Vacation is numbingly slack; the synapses between the scenes don't spark effortlessly, as they should, and the whole enterprise feels dragged-down and belabored.
April 16, 2004
Eighties nostalgia has seeped so far into our pop-cultural landscape, it's starting to feel like VH1 took over the movie studios.
April 15, 2004
Family of Five in Search of a Script might be a better title, but this road picture gets better as it goes along, and the upbeat ending redeems it considerably.
April 14, 2004
A shambles like this just oozes contempt for both its performers and its audience -- something that's even more unfunny than the movie itself.
April 13, 2004
Plays out like the pilot episode for a sitcom that no network picked up.
April 12, 2004
Before the opening credits had ended, I was counting down the minutes until I could get back to scraping old tile adhesive off my kitchen floor.
April 12, 2004
Big disappointment.
April 12, 2004
The humor runs out of gas after about 30 minutes.
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