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April 28, 2011
We're finally left holding a handful of air at the end.
September 23, 2010
Easily written off as an "Omen" retread at first glance, this unfairly passed-over piece of slow-burn terror disarmingly chipped away at ideas of parental readiness with mounting dread and gruesome humor. It burrows beneath the skin and stays there.
July 6, 2010
Anyone who's ever heard (or just imagined) troubling sounds coming from a fuzzy baby monitor or fretted while their fifth-grader traversed a big-city crosswalk will have their nerves seriously jangled by Joshua.
May 13, 2009
February 24, 2009
An absurd and unconvincing fright pic.
February 28, 2008
The film is the ultimate birth control. If you plan on one day having kids, don't see this film. If you already have children, you will never look at them the same way again.
January 9, 2008
Ratliff never acknowledges that his audience has likely seen this setup dozens of times before, making the film feel laborious and unsurprising.
January 8, 2008
...a bewildering extension rather than a retread of this played-out subgenre.
January 3, 2008
As horror flicks go this is both smart and suspenseful.
December 22, 2007
The stress that mounts throughout this strangely tame and quietly spooky horror thriller has a masterfully palpable asphyxiating mood to it that the director exploits for maximum audience discomfort and unrelieved dread.
October 22, 2007
Sinister sibling-rivalry drama is majorly creepy.
September 26, 2007
The movie's eerie vibe is genuinely disturbing and difficult to shake off. That's a good thing in this genre.
September 6, 2007
The creepy child genre hasn't had a movie this much fun in a long time.
August 31, 2007
Bad seed? The whole dang garden is rotten in 'Joshua,' a psychological horror film that demonstrates that the poison apple doesn't fall far from the toxic family tree.
August 30, 2007
Scenes that are meant to be scary end up generating laughs.
August 10, 2007
When the film falters, it's when it pulls its punches and gives us conventional horror that we can hold off at a safe distance, rather than uncomfortable insights that we can unsettlingly recognize from our own household experience.
August 3, 2007
The nerve-shattering ending will have you hugging your children when you get home - but only if there are witnesses present.
July 29, 2007
run-of-the-mill psychological thriller.
July 23, 2007
if you strip away all the meddling that Joshua does, it's clear to see the family is dysfunctionally psychopathic from the start
July 21, 2007
Father and mother no longer know best.
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