Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance (Shura-yuki-hime: Urami Renga)

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The bloody saga of Lady Snowblood draws to an exciting conclusion as the vengeful Yuki (Meiko Kaji) agrees to a dangerous mission in exchange for her life in director Toshiya Fujita's follow-up to his 1973 hit. Unexpectedly granted reprieve from the crimes she had committed by mysterious government agent Kikui (Shin Kishida), Yuki reluctantly agrees to assassinate anarchist Ransui (Juzo Itami) and recover an important government document from his possession on the grounds that if she completes the mission, she will avoid execution. When Yuki discovers that the document in question contains evidence of a grave injustice committed against Ransui, she quickly sides with the activist and vows to take revenge on Kikui and his army of assassins. First she fought for revenge, now she's fighting for justice, and there's sure to be hell to pay when Lady Snowblood unleashes her wrath and carves a path of destruction across the Japanese countryside.

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  • Jul 19, 2011
    Kill Bill was no doubt based on the first, But i stort of liked this more (And oh yes don't forget Sex and Fury another pink film made here). Though i stort of liked this one's narration more and the rate the story went. Still everything is perfect and a big thumbs up for the soundtrack!
    Keiko A Super Reviewer
  • May 12, 2011
    An ambitious plot that doesn't go very far. Kaji barely has something to do, or say, aside from dispatching the bad guys when the time demands it. The socio-political commentary is interesting at first, but everything boils down to the usual "kill the bad guys and everything will get fixed" angle. Not bad, but there's no rush to see this one.
    Tsubaki S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 21, 2009
    A decent sequal thats good, but nothing compaired to the first movie. Partly, this is due to the revenge being over on the first one and they decided to make a sequal for the hell of it. This is like Oceans Twelve coming after Oceans Eleven. In both sequals, the main characters are running away from what they did in the first movie and are trying not to get caught. However, Lady Snowblood 2 is still a fun movie, Oceans Twelve isn't. This sequal did lack a lot of the fun and story telling that the first one had, and also like I said earlier, the revenge is over, so it was guaranteed that this was going to be worse. Still defently worth a good watch, just don't expect it to be nearly as good as Lady Snowblood.
    ZACHO D Super Reviewer
  • Oct 13, 2008
    Shurayuki-Hime Yuki (Lady Snowblood), Samurai blood flows through her assassin veins. Love Song of Vengeance picks up where the first Lady Snowblood left off. Yuki is now wanted by the police after taking revenge on those who had murdered her family. Armed with a Tanto short-sword, Yuki cuts through a group of thugs who try to attack her. When the police surround her she throws her sword away and surrenders. While in prison she is offered a deal by the secret police. She must infiltrate the home of Urami Renga an anarchist revolutionary leader as she poses as his maid. She must secure an incriminating document from his possession and kill him to receive a pardon. Yuki refuses to kill him when she becomes sympathetic to his cause. The police surround them and capture Urami as she escapes with the document which she is to now give to Urami?s brother who is working as a doctor in one of Japan?s largest slums. In a final blackmail attempt Yuki takes the document to the police in exchange if the will help the people who live in the slums with food and medical aide. Only the police have other ideas that lead to a final bloody face off. Love Song of Vengeance is different than its predecessor as its focus is more on politics then revenge. This film contains the requisite amount of spurting blood, severed limbs, and eye-gouging are present only the violence in Love Song of Vengeance is more realistic then the comic book style violence in Lady Snowblood. To bad this series was cut short it would have been interesting to see how the character Lady Snowblood would have evolved film to film. As a sequel Love Song of Vengeance is a good enough film to stand on its own. Meiko Kaji returns as Lady Snowblood and she is as powerful as she was in the fist film. Love Song of Vengeance is the conclusion to the Lady Snowblood saga that takes place in the Meiji restoration, a period in the history of Japan that in many ways helped usher in ?modern? Japan. The end of Meiji restoration also brought the end of old Samurai class system. A good sequel. Well worth checking out
    David L Super Reviewer

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