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½ November 19, 2016
A fun, super-cool portrait of the legendary Lemmy Kilmister. A collection of some great scenes & great stories.
½ October 10, 2016
Excellent documentary exploring Lemmy's life and times. The man who first merged Punk and Metal, the man who changed his bass from background noise to the headlining sound, the man whom female Metal artists owe a lot of their current opportunities to for his pioneering role in incorporating women into the medium. The documentary explores these things and a lot more as it details his life up to 2010. Feels very poignant given his death at the very end of 2015. It was also very humanizing to see Lemmy discuss his family life with his son; obviously, Lemmy being Lemmy, it was more like a broken family life with him on the road nonstop and Lemmy only finding out he even had a son after his baby's mother sought him out in a drug den. I recommend watching the extras to see some great stories about probably the nicest guy to ever pick up a guitar. He also briefly discusses why he got into music in the first place (it involved the ladies).
½ August 13, 2016
A must-see for all Lemmy fans, it balances between interviews, backstage footage, live clips, musical and personal discussions and pure fun to present the portrait of a very interesting man and legendary musician. It does leave things to be desired by anyone looking for a more complete, linear retelling of his career or for more talking heads (obvious omissions include the dudes from Saxon and the Metal Queen Doro Pesch), yet remains informative and enjoyable. Some of the clips are pure gold.
July 5, 2016
If you think this is going to be one of those really good music documentaries like ones about Janis Joplin, James Booker, Ginger Baker, Bob Weir, Keith Richards, etc., beware! This movie is mostly interviews of people talking about Lemmy - how cool his clothes are, how he loves to play slot machines, how he met Little Richard, etc. There's also footage of him jamming with Dave Grohl, smoking with Billie Bob Thornton, showing all the shit in his cluttered apartment, but none of it goes together. There's no history, no insight into Motorhead or its music. Got to be a serious Lemmy fan to like this one (or at least the first hour, because we gave up after that).
May 2, 2016
Fuckin' Lemmy Kilmister!
January 23, 2016
And the second movie for tonight :)
January 12, 2016
It'll show you a side of Lemmy you might not have known, but I wish there had been more archival stuff. That said, it's a great look at the man and the music.
½ January 3, 2016
Avasin telkkarin kun sattumalta alkoi tämä dokkari Lemmystä. Aika huikeeta. En vaan voinut lopettaa katsomista, vaikken koskaan olekaan ollut mikään Lemmy/Motörhead fani. R.I.P Lemmy.
January 1, 2016
Brilliant documentary about a great man \m/
September 13, 2015
Finally got round to watching this abd it's excellent. What a genuinely awesome and nice guy Lemmy is.
September 13, 2015
one of the best rockumentaries I've seen. Makes ya feel like ya know the guy really well now.
September 13, 2015
Not any great film, but interesting info on Lemmy, and a few cool stage shots, He has some smart things to say
September 13, 2015
A very interesting music documentary about Lemmy. This was warts and all and he came a across really nice and really well. The scenes with his son played well. A must for all documentary watchers
September 13, 2015
"I'm to old to find religion." - Lemmy Kilmister
½ September 13, 2015
Rock n' roll. Metal!
½ September 13, 2015
This long awaited biodoc on Motorhead/Hawkwind frontman, Lemmy Kilmister is heavy on the lore, so so on the live music seen in the film and way too fan created throughout. Honestly, "Lemmy" may go down as having the most slow motion walking towards the camera shots in any film ever made. We get it, Lemmy Kilmister is cool personified but there should be no need for window dressing as the best scenes in the film are the times when Lemmy just talks to the camera or to his son. The way he speaks, thinks or even the small moments where he lights up while handling the odd WW2 combat knife are the real gems of this film. The live footage is there though more could've been better, especially during the segments when they discuss his earlier and much less appreciated band, Hawkwind. As that would've served you in understanding his development as the Lemmy we all know now. A good film but one that should've been a been more objectively done.
September 13, 2015
Lemmy is Metal! Metal is Lemmy! This doc was very interesting and make me love the man even more!
½ July 4, 2015
A full-length documentary following the metal icon around LA: in bars, through all the goodies in his apartment, recording studios, and the stage. Tons of interviews (Billy Bob Thorton, Dave Grohl, Slash, Alice Cooper, Dee Snider, Ozzy, David Ellefson, Mikkey Dee, Kat Von D, Nikki Sixx, Scott Ian, etc) fill this interesting movie. Also included are interviews with people from his childhood and old-timey photos. A lot of cool info (wish there was more about his boots!) about this man (even though he is so hard to understand!).
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