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February 4, 2019
Madeline‚(TM)s Madeline follows Madeline, a young biracial teenager whose mental illness and troubled personal life increasingly becomes the central focus of her participation in an experimental improv theater group. While this might seem like a recipe for a simple coming-of-age drama, it is a fervently experimental project. A seemingly more realistic rendering of Black Swan or Birdman's blurred lines between reality and performance, Madeline‚(TM)s Madeline confines its more surrealist approaches to its narrative, editing and cinematography as a way of depicting Madeline's discordant emotional state.

The odd art-world theatrics and jarring cinematic approach of Madeline‚(TM)s Madeline recall the distinctive character of Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich) and Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) along with the indie eccentricities of Lenny Abrahamson's Frank and Leos Carax's Holy Motors. As such, the unconventional conceptual tact in which Josephine Decker handles Madeline‚(TM)s Madeline strongly encapsulates its character's disorientation. While not initially apparent due to its seeming lack of focus, it slowly sharpens its gaze into a satisfying view of Madeline's personal limbo.
½ February 3, 2019
Came across to me a an arthouse experimental movie that should have a warning label as to what the viewer is getting into. Rather stunned by some rave reviews, which again proves the point of to each their own.
½ January 11, 2019
Despite its flaws, it it nice to see that films can still be made that challenges us. "Madeline's Madeline" is a movie like that. Wonderful performances from Helena Howard, Miranda July, and Molly Parker lift it above the strangeness. It is an experimental film that might not be for everyone, but that's also kind of the point.
January 3, 2019
It presents a unique and rather uncomfortable tale, with provoking, psychological aspects along with terrific performances -- however failing to keep one's attention at times.
Super Reviewer
December 10, 2018
It's not difficult to see and appreciate the intent of director Josephine Decker's Madeline's Madeline, an artsy, indie movie about artsy, indie people, but it is difficult to become immersed in their world when the message about the process and the craft-no matter how vital the performances or justified the feelings-fails to be intriguing to anyone beyond this realm.

I love to write, I love the creative process, and while acting terrifies me I find a person's ability to give themselves over to the confidence it takes to embody something other than who they're already trying to work up the confidence to embody completely admirable. And yet, Helena Howard's titular Madeline never comes off as a performer authentic in her love of the craft, but more a young and impressionable soul struck by the mystic intangibility of what being an actor means.

Madeline's Madeline tries its damnedest to sidestep ones expectations of any kind of formula within its filmmaking, but in the process of avoiding such trademarks it forgets to create one of its own that both demystifies and enlightens the audience as to why they should care as much about the method as they should the final, prepared version presented on screen. In other words, I just didn't get it.
½ November 29, 2018
While there's sure to be people who will love it, I found the aimless "Madeline's Madeline" to be by far and away the most unbearably pretentious movie I've seen all year.
November 27, 2018
Whoa, this is startling difficult to watch at times, worse than any horror movie. A teenager who has emotional instability and acting gifts, and weaponizes them against her mother, who has her own share of problems, because raising such a girl would be a fucking nightmare. Her acting circle sees the underlying problems, But her teacher, the pregnant Madeline, is so caught up in Madeline's gifts that she alienates the rest of the acting troupe as well. That's pretty strange, in light of a terrifically uncomfortable scene between Madeline and Evangeline's husband, and the aftermath/payback in Evangeline's car. Some of the film is shot from the perspective (I think) from inside Madeline's fevered consciousness.
Then it gets weird.
November 21, 2018
One of the bests of 2018 for sure. Such a incredible history, Helena Howard nailed it as Madeline
½ November 20, 2018
Disorienting, phenomenally acted, and designed as an exploration of acting rather than a story about actors, Madeline's Madeline is the peak of paralyzing experimental cinema
November 17, 2018
Between a 7/10 and 8/10, I'm content with what Decker achieves here, which is nothing less than singular. It's a film awash in risks, and the rewards are plenteous. The biggest one of all is Helena Howard's introduction to the world.
November 10, 2018
Beautiful film. Unfortunate that this flew under the radar.
October 22, 2018
One of the most innovative trailers that I've seen.? Almost all new released movies i find using boxxy software
½ October 21, 2018
Good performances but utter drivel. Thank God it was only 90 minutes.
½ October 19, 2018
best thing I saw at the Berlinale this year ;)? Have to watch this again on boxxy software
October 17, 2018
Unlike any other film I've seen. Great acting and marvelous cinematography
October 3, 2018
Liked this arthouse flick overall, and certain scenes in particular. I'm not educated enough to sensibly expand on that - for this film anyway.
September 24, 2018
I wanted to like this. There are some very talented people in this for sure. In the end, that isn't enough to make up for what amounts to several improv skits.
½ September 7, 2018
Inaccessible pretentious drivel. Good acting though.
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