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August 26, 2017
A delightful comedy set in England's industrial textile mill community, this farcical romp starring Alec Guinness as the peculiarly aloof scientist is one of Ealing Studios most entertaining pleasures.
June 14, 2015
Only people who ever tried changing something will feel Sidney's pain. This movie depicts this experience incredibly well
½ March 21, 2015
Grade: Middle of the road 7/10

The Man in the White Suit is an Ealing studios comedy made in 1951, and what a little gem this could be. The film has it's humour, good acting and just a little old fun for all involved, although it isn't exactly perfect all together. It has fine acting lead by a true legend of British cinema and is written and directed well, no wonder it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Writing. Yes The Man in the White Suit is a funny old tale, and one that needs more explaining.

The true star of this movie is Alec Guinness, an absolute fine actor and although maybe or maybe not performing at his best here, I think all who have seen this must be in agreement, he does very well. In fact with this, the entire cast do well. I especially liked Cecil Parker in his role as mill owner Alan Birnley who although unlike able as a character, seems to make the scenes better off with him in. The actor playing Birnley's daughter Daphne is also good and a great speech she does in one certain point is very well done indeed, a great cast put together well.

The movie is smart and funny, now I have seen people saying about it not being funny and to be fair you can't expect laugh out loud humour. For one this is 1951 we have here but also it is more about the fun factor than the tears from laughter, but on that note there is humour, and a certain part with blowing up rooms is fairly funny. The film is directed well by Alexander Mackendrick who does a good job but Is over shadowed by the great script which I will come onto next.

Now then, this script, written by well the director too so in truth Mackendrick does a fine job with everything he has here and with contributions by John Dighton and Roger MacDougall it all comes together to create brilliance. The lines are well done and that is why they fit well into the pace of the film, I won't lie my attention faded at slight times but the script is what really brought me back into attention and it paid off too.

The overtones of this movie are also very important, this really was about the workers fighting the owners but also that both want to ruin Stratton's (Guinness) idea of the material. I think it also shows that although this is humour and not serious, it can have a more thought about side and again I come back to the script which basically serves as the base for this well done and well structured film. It also shows just how well Ealing studios can do a movie and I think this really set the precedent for Ealing made movies to be about the establishment fighting against the little guy.

This isn't flawless this movie I want to just add, it isn't so so far but the lack of laughs does mean as I mentioned, attention can be lost at times. I found it to be just about good and I think many will enjoy it no matter what age and no matter what tastes in film, if you listen well and watch in a rather happy mood then this is good viewing. This is good old British cinema and at it's finest back in the day, with so much going on here and a rather interesting plot despite the premise, this serves as a reminder never to underestimate films of the past.
½ March 21, 2015
Alec ...rarely wonderful
February 3, 2015
The Man in the White Suit is the story of a man who works for a clothing manufacturer who invents a fabric that does not wear down and will not stain. He views it as a brilliant discovery that will change the world, but his bosses view it as a brilliant discovery that will put them out of business. The film is actually a very unique look at the cause and effect of progress in industry. I didn't seem to connect as well with Alec Guiness' character in this movie, and I felt it was a bit light on the laughs. There was some funny stuff in the development scenes where he's coming up with the fabric, but I think I've come to expect a little more humor from these early Guiness performances. It raises some interesting debates, and it's hard to know exactly who to root for in some of the later scenes. In the end I did enjoy The Man in the White Suit but it's not one I'm anxious to watch again.
January 28, 2015
Before the socially awkward scientist with the crazy-brilliant ideas became a Disney staple in the 1960s (and revived in THE IMITATION GAME in the 20-teens), Alec Guinness established the template in THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT. There's good humor and some keen observation here, but the pacing doesn't quite work and the movie drags a bit.
November 15, 2014
Near perfect again from Ealing Studios golden age. From a time when things seemed simpler but the same morals and questions remain. A good laugh at any rate.
September 29, 2014
The story itself is pretty good and keeps you intrigued throughout even if the film get's a bit slow at times
September 4, 2014
A bit dated and needed a few more laughs but lots of great ideas and still quite entertaining.
August 14, 2014
Guinness is once more the star in this fine british comedy about a man who invents a fabric which can never get dirty and will last forever - much to the annoyance of the union and the bigwigs!
December 25, 2013
An Ealing Studio's satire on capital and labor's aligned suppression towards the revolutionary invention of an unbreakable and dirt-free fabric. A Cambridge graduate (Guinness) is debarred from a short-sighted garment manufacturer (Gough) to proceed his research, but with the help of another industrialist's daughter (Greenwood), he is financed by her father and unprecedentedly invents the fabric, which he thinks can benefit all mankind but both the workmen and their high-handed authority figures say otherwise, then a series of cat-and-mouse games ensues until an Achilles heel of the magical fabric pops out of left field ends the farce with everyone is happy except our protagonist.

Running snappily around 85 minutes, the story is unfolding concisely and takes an interesting turn after the cringe-worthy sequences of a nobody requests to meet an affluent personage but is routinely fended off by a hoity-toity butler. Guinness extracts a creditable poise of innocence and innocuousness besides a nerd's impulsion of his scientific pursuit, and one can read more through his inscrutable eyes. Greenwood is the darling girl here, clears barriers for Guinness when he is in trouble, a rarefied paragon from the upper class, even single-handedly engineers a persuasive feeler in the crucial moment. Vida Hope belongs to the opposite working class, who holds a secret admiration toward Guinness, and her rough and strong-arm simplicity is spot-on. Cecil Parker has a comical presence as an oscillating pushover, and a vulture-alike Ernest Thesiger has a grandstanding entrance as the mogul and decision-maker in the business.

Director Mackendrick and DP Slocombe utilizes a great contrast of Black & White cinematography to accentuate the luminous white suit, particularly in the chase set pieces. THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT is a prescient allegory tale which pinpoints the discovery of something new will upset the delicate market and self-seeking masses, it leaves a bitter taste for this technology-advanced era and meanwhile, it is an ingenious comedy deserves multiple watches anytime, anywhere.
November 24, 2013
Um químico descobre a fórmula para um tecido impermeável e indestrutível. Ao invés da invenção ser bem recebida, todo mundo se revolta contra ela, pois ameaça o status quo. Interessante a ingenuidade do químico que sonhava em libertar os trabalhadores das indústrias texteis.
½ October 5, 2013
Outstanding comedy classic from Ealing Studios. Highly Recommended!
September 1, 2013
A plot é levantada de Ibsen e Guinness sempre espectacular.
½ July 2, 2013
Few films are simultaneously this absurd and thoughtful. Dr. Strangelove, maybe.
June 8, 2013
A funny sort of comedy, in that its only humour is satirical, and it's profoundly pessimistic throughout
June 8, 2013
A young scientist has discovered an indestructible cloth that never gets dirty, a discovery that threatens the whole textile industry. Follows a pattern of witty and intelligent Ealing Studios comedies with dark undertones and a great performance by Alec Guinness in the leading role.
½ May 11, 2013
Fantastic Ealing film,one of the best
March 27, 2013
A clever little sci-fi comedy that hints at many aspects of this 21st century. Guinness was not only a leading Shakespearean actor - he was adept as a character actor as well. What a character!
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