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High-brow humorists doing low-brow humor never hit their stride.



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Would you believe Hugh Grant as a violent Mafioso from Kansas City? Don't worry if you can't: that's part of the joke in this romantic comedy. Michael Felgate (Hugh Grant) is a British expatriate living in Manhattan who runs a successful auction house dealing in rare and valuable art. When Michael meets Gina (Jeanne Tripplehorn), he's immediately smitten, and three months later he asks for her hand in marriage. Gina, however, tells Michael that she could never marry him because of her family. Crestfallen, Michael wants to find out what the trouble could be; and when he tracks down Gina's father Frank (James Caan), he discovers the nature of Gina's family problems: Frank is a Mafia kingpin, and several of Gina's previous boyfriends have met an ill fate trying to fit in with his criminal lifestyle. Frank, however, takes an immediate liking to Michael and asks him for a few small favors. Before long, Michael has inadvertently laundered mob money through his auction house and has to pass himself off to rival gangsters as Mickey Blue Eyes, a wiseguy from Kansas City. Mickey Blue Eyes was co-produced by Hugh Grant's significant other, Elizabeth Hurley, and directed by Kelly Makin, whose previous credits include the Kids in the Hall movie Brain Candy.


Hugh Grant
as Michael Felgate
James Caan
as Frank Vitale
Jeanne Tripplehorn
as Gina Vitale
Burt Young
as Vito Graziosi
James Fox
as Philip Cromwell
Gerry Becker
as Agent Connel
Paul Lazar
as Ritchie Vitale
Scott Thompson
as FBI Agent Lewis
John Ventimiglia
as Johnny Graziosi
Mark Margolis
as Gene Morgansen
Chris McGinn
as Tourist
Aida Turturro
as Waitress
Ben Wang
as Chinese Waiter
Beatrice Winde
as Mrs. Horton
Helen Lloyd Breed
as Emily Basset
Sybil Lines
as Caroline Cromwell
Alexis Brentani
as Bridesmaid
Rose Caiola
as Bridesmaid
Joseph R. Gannascoli
as Gina's Doorman
John DiBenedetto
as Harold Green
Bruno Gioiello
as Technician
Rich Topol
as FBI Chief-Truck
Frank Senger
as Delivery Driver
Lori Tan Chinn
as Chinese Waitress
Steve Mellor
as FBI Chef Leader
John DiResta
as Traffic Cop
Ephraim Benton
as Boy Student
Ed Wheeler
as Reporter
Tony Sirico
as First Risolli Man
Lorri Bagley
as Antoinette
Joe Rigano
as Mr. Risolli
Andy Redmond
as FBI Chef
Stephen Dym
as Cromwell Employee
Shelagh Ratner
as Art Patron
Tom King
as Art Patron
Sara Colton
as Auction Bidder
Kevin Kean Murphy
as Auction Bidder
Al Cerullo
as Helicopter Pilot
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Audience Reviews for Mickey Blue Eyes

  • Jan 08, 2013
    Quite funny in places, Seemed to drag on abit but worth watching for a cheap laugh.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Aug 26, 2011
    Not a terrible mafia comedy, but not inventive either.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Jul 23, 2011
    Fish out of water story has one good bit: Grant's attempts at a Lower East Side New York accent. You can skip the rest.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Jan 27, 2010
    one thing that I find interesting, is that about 10 years after the Godfather, a lot of the major cast members did Mob movies to try to duplicate the success of said Best movie ever by doing an italian mobish sort of movie. Pacino did Gigli, Brando did the Freshman (where they make billions of Godfather references) and now, this is James Caan's attempt. and I must say that like his fellow cast mates (although The Freshman was the only one I would give a fresh rating to at about 60%) he failed to make a movie that was very good. In this movie, Hugh Grant plays an art Auctioneer who want s to marry his High School teacher girlfriend, but finds that she wont let him because of Her father (James Caan) who is in the Mob (what a classic excuse). he eventually gets her to accept and he promises to try to avoid hm being integrated in her father's business, by working together with her. eventually her father tricks him into letting him use his art actioneering place, as a money laundering scam. one of the paintings, by the Don's son, almost gets sold to a very willing buyer instead of to the Mafia plant but thanks to Hugh Grant the Mafia plant gets it and of course the son wants revenge so he comes to Hugh Grant's apartment to kill him but as both HG and his Fiance are there. one thing leads to another and eventually the son is dead and now HG and his Bride to Be have to get the help of James Caan to try to avoid being killed. The movie does have it's moments of funny that I really enjoyed however a few things killed it a lot for me. First off, you can't make Hugh Grant into a mobster. it just doesn't work. he can't pull it off. also the acting in this movie was Sub-Par. nothing very good about it. and of course the ending is as about as predictable as you can get. two scenes before the last one I knew exactly how the movie was going to end. and I was completely right. so, we can add this attempt, along with most of the other ones, to make a gangster movie as good as the Godfather in the Rotten category. this movie wasn't completely horrible it just didn't have enough redeeming Qualities to make me really enjoy it.
    Lord N Super Reviewer

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