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September 5, 2017
Moneyball is a great movie about baseball! If you like baseball it's the right movie for you to watch! It's a true story about Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics baseball team. It gives very thoughtful and good performances by Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and the rest of the cast. It's definitely one of Brad Pitt's best performances. The struggle the team goes through and how they never give up and try to win really shows a lot about the team and what the real people did.
½ September 3, 2017
Knowing little about baseball but a lot about sport, I could relate to many aspects of this movie. It lagged a bit towards the end but was still enjoyable. Winner or Loser? You decide. AAN GGN
½ August 19, 2017
(First and only viewing - 7/10/2012)
August 15, 2017
"Moneyball" entertains, and Brad Pitt is the spirit of the film. Baseball fans won't ever forget this.
August 12, 2017
Pretty Good and its a great movie its a must-watch on every movie critic's list
July 31, 2017
Good. The only good movie which actually have good ratings on this site. i don't know why so many less intelligent people are writing reviews on this site .
July 27, 2017
Love this movie! I've been meaning to watch it for the last couple of yrs after I finished reading the book and since I saw it, I can't stop watching it! I haven't been this addicted to a movie since Star Wars when I was a kid!
June 24, 2017
"What are you really worth?"
One of the most soulful baseball movie i ve seen ! Brad Pitts performance is really good !
May 31, 2017
For lovers of America's Great Pastime, Moneyball will deliver. Brad Pitt nails it and Jonah Hill shows off some acting chops of his own in this dramatic rendition of a real-life story.
Super Reviewer
May 27, 2017
well crafted but ultimately about a subject i have zero interest in. if it wasnt for some of the acting and the astute putting together it'd have been a snoozefest. interesting to see chris pratt again who i recently saw for the first time in guardians of the galaxy. also interesting to see jonah hill for a second time, my only previous sighting being in a similar sidekick type role in wolf of wall street. i think a film about any subject at all should be enticing to those who arent interested in the subject matter for it to be a success or it's just painting itself into a corner and it's all the harder to open that door when it's based on a factual timeline of events. like the GM was focused on the stat's this was less focused on any drama. however the director may have been doing the best with what he had to work with. truth sometimes isnt that dramatic.
May 7, 2017
I don't usually like this kind of movies but this was awesome.
April 30, 2017
Wow. As a baseball fan, this a true masterpiece and I love it dearly.
April 15, 2017
I'm a sucker for sports movies, even for sports I don't really like. This was a little boring at times...but still interesting.
April 11, 2017
Always a risk that this may have been a statistical bore, instead it's fast paced, well focussed, and insightful.
April 10, 2017
When we can see the difference what money can do when it buys us the best that money can buy talent & sales. When we can see the difference on and off the field to know how it looks, feels, and sounds like of seeing a team win & lose. When we see we can no longer see the team the way it was to need a drastic change when we can't compete with large budgets. When we see we can't compete with people whom like seeing money we don't have.

When we can see we have been seeing baseball from various perspectives, old tested methods that worked 150 years, what the players are like on and off the field. When what others see, is what we see that keeps us down and out when we see their point of view to see it is no longer working & relavent.

When we are seeing our team as another team to know we are playing their kind of baseball. When we need to destroy what others see to rebuild. When we see others are not seeing it our way when they can see what we are done and who we are to know we font see eye to eye. When we see the eyes, brains, body of the organization to know it does take 1 person to rebuild a team to see we are going no where.

When we see who knows more than meets the eye to see they see eye to eye with us. When we see we can get things that others undervalue. When we see the game for everything it is to know we can rebuild with the stats we see. When we see the world as 1, when everything has a final total in the end. When see we fo need to have some math & education to see the game not for it's talent & big budgets but what we can make out of somethings with the right team seeing the game differently. When we see we have to restore more then a team but faith in a club that loses sights on big talent and see nobodies to easily lose faith in a championship. When we are bidding for more eyes and sights when we need people to see & pay.

When we see we were once a promising prospect with all eyes on us to see others missed an opportunity that they couldn't see coming. When we have to see everything in order to whind it down to what we need and see whom can play for us. When we see the game in all perspectives to see we all see the game differently when we have many factors to consider. When we see we play it safe or play it hard to know we have see to it that we win big or go home when we have to see the big boss in the end and answer to him. When we see that we need to make others see to give confidence in the talent that they lack and other things we see they lack that others dont see.

When we see had plenty of ups and downs in our life to lose focus and hope to no longer see the game we used to see & play. When we see we are just a sob story when we are seen as a loser. When we see people are replaceable and others are not when what others see we don't see thst have many to doubt and be angry with. When what we see is a big business that only grows bigger and bigger with what others continuely see that makes the big bucks. When we see there are more people invested in what we are seeing then others might see. When what we see is a ongoing progress that can't fail. When we see that we need a boost when tones of doubts, speculations, and alot is riding on us to perform. When what we see, some people take serious when it's their job and livlihood that others stand in our way.

When we see this game is for the fans, America's past time, that grew from small crowds into what the game is now. When many players worked hard to get where they are now to see their chance at the big league come true. When we see baseball was build on chance when some fail and others succeed that we can't see coming. When others can see what makes winning, to know how we can manage with what we are given to see not everything easily we can put together can work. When what we can't see, we make sure we have the best eyes to see what we are lacking.

When somethings we don't see we lack, and we still see the same results. When we need to show progress in how good this team is the way we see it.

When we see negativity effects us all, in the way we perform and manage to not see it by others expectations. When we see we are in need of a boost, to only get a reality check of what we are not seeing to take somethings more serious then just a game. When we see we need a change things. When we see that we are starting to see the game more like business then clubhouse, with no hard feelings. When we don't see somethings coming that we need to uproot all the old weeds of from the ground before they grow any longer and ruin the entire longevity. When we see we need to make our team see us, when that's all this game is about seeing somethings coming to hit it right on target. When we can be seen as mean, when we show you others who are meaner to see we got it good. When we see some things are a working process when we see to it that each player we selected sees why we chose them, see what they can't see, and tinker a bit their eyes. When we see that we can't get any better to see our opportunity we can't pass up. When we can't see our team when we are superstitious. When we had enough seeing somethings when it all goes down south to know it's our fault. When what we see we font believe when we see we done the impossible and break the record. When we see we are best suited in other aspects we see ourselves in rather then what others see us for. When we see the game can and cannot be reinvented that we see there is room for more competition when we have different perspectives that challenge who sees the game better. When we see others see eye to eye with us to see we want the same thing that is worth every cent.

When the game we see has so many ways of seeing it, from a money, reputation, location, romantic passion, history stand point. When the game we see all show that we wish all stats showed us one place to stay and watch grow.
April 2, 2017
A great adaptation of a great story. I am not a baseball fan and there is no actual baseball scenes in this movie (only coaching) but by the end I felt like it was the most important sport in the world! That just tells you how good this movie is.
Real story, great acting, great editing. Perfect.
½ March 26, 2017
Pacy sports story with colourful characters with a colourful outlook that shakes up all others, which as the crux of the film is a pleasure to watch.
March 25, 2017
In all honesty, you really aren't missing a lot by not seeing this. That said, you won't feel like you completely wasted your time watching it either.
March 17, 2017
boring and typically fast talking mess from Sorkin. The story would make a better documentary than a film. The actors are game but they aren't given enough material to work with.
½ March 13, 2017
When economics statistics can make you win the game, true story about baseball lore and Billy Beane who changed the history of the game.
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