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October 15, 2017
Personally I think this is a really underrated Disney classic. I think it's reallly great. Great characters, great story, great humour and great songs. It even has a really good action packed ending
October 4, 2017
This movie expressed the women's strength. The difference between this movie and other princesses' movie is whether there is a prince or not. It means this movie made Mulan as a gallant girl not a soft like other princess. Mulan had the courage and it moved members' hearts and lead to the winning. The scene when every members' performances of their trainings became perfect is really cool!
The only one thing that I mention as a bad point is there is not the typical song nevertheless there are some good songs.
If you feel bored for other princess movies, I recommend to watch this and fight with her!
September 30, 2017
Even though Mulan isn't the best hand drawing ever of a Chinese woman, this movie is pure pleasant eye candy what with depicting a Chinese girl, a funny dragon and a cute bug all teamed up with Three Stooges all against the Huns, the ISIS of Ancient China. This is one of the best hand-drawn animated films ever made, especially due to the movie's incredible sense of humor and well thought out understanding of comedy and how to make us laugh.
September 26, 2017
Imagining that the cricket, dragon, and ancestors are just coping mechanisms inside Mulan's head, just about makes up for the horrible music.
September 22, 2017
The life of a bride isn't for everyone. So this is about a young girl in China. She has been told that she needs to find a husband, but she struggles at making herself presentable. When the emperor puts out the call to arms to stop the invading Hun army, she decides to impersonate a man so as to save her elderly father from being drafted. This isn't going to be easy, though, and she's going to have to put in a lot of hard work if she wants to pull this off. Believe it or not, I have never seen this movie before. I am well aware of its immense popularity, but if you haven't found the time to go back and watch an old movie, there's only one way to fix that. That's exactly what I did with my wife this past weekend, and I really enjoyed myself. Now we don't get this animation of this style much anymore. We used to get it in bunches, but with the advancements in computer animation, there's no reason to make your job more difficult. Regardless, it was a refreshing sight to see. I like how we are getting something different than a standard princess tale, which is where Mulan really shines. It is a completely different culture, and one that is about honor, and this story really captures that while still having fun along the way. A lot of the humor is injected by Eddie Murphy as the tiny dragon Mushu, and he does great. This was right before the turning point in his career where he started to lose his sparkle. He keeps trying to reinvigorate his career unsuccessfully with these lame dramedies, and with his knack for animated voices, I think he should reconsider his game plan. There's a lot to like about this story. All of the side characters are lovable, and you walk away from this feeling good. It also has a good message as well, and it hits the topic of sexism squarely in the nose. Females can be more than just a wife, and I like how this inspired tons of girls to go out and be what they want to be in the face of adversary. It's been almost two decades, and Mulan has aged very well.
September 18, 2017
The music in this movie is astonishing. Very catchy music! Great storyline and mural.
½ September 17, 2017
Just re-watched this again in 2017 and I'm genuinely surprised at how this Disney animated movie did NOT age well. Eddie Murphy is no Robin Williams and he should never have tried to be.
September 11, 2017
Very good story and THE best princess
September 3, 2017
Wow you know this movie was good funny the graphics were well done especially when they were at war it looks so real. The battle was intense. My favorite song was my reflection so there is good music! So keep that in mind you may have s favorite song to enjoy. It was a funny movie, kids and family will like this movie I would bet
August 30, 2017
Favorite animated Disney film
½ August 26, 2017
Mulan may not offer the strongest comrade in the army, but it still contributed to it's job rather well.
Sure, she needs more help on her movements and she didn't really make that great of a first anthem, But her backstory is well thought out and
planned, where she came from is a beautiful place and she is good with the rest of the anthems.
Also, most of the other comrades have done their jobs well.
Speaking like a military general aside, i'd highly recommend it to Disney fans, history fans or feminists.
Even if I am a negative Nancy, I still won't deny that the film is good.
August 16, 2017
An animated masterpiece with lovable characters and intriguing story, Mulan, is a film all ages can enjoy teaching us about honor and how far one can go to find their true self.
August 6, 2017
I honestly found this movie kind of bland as a kid. I recently watched it again as an adult, wondering if I would feel any different. To my disappointment, I barely found it any different. The story is overly sappy and somewhat predictable, and the only thing I found remotely entertaining was, of course, Eddie Murphy's fantastic performance and the comedy surrounding Mushu. I give this movie a higher rating than I would normally because the voice acting's fine, as previously mentioned the comedy is very memorable, and the visuals are overall stunning. This, however, is not a movie I'd consider watching over and over again.
½ August 3, 2017
It's vibrant and wonderful! Mulan is an role model and an example of what's a heroine. The family and honor elemnts are here, the chinese traditions, the gorgeous animation, the beautiful and strong songs like ''Reflection'' and ''Make a man out of You''. It's such a nice experience with some hilarious momentes as well!

|It's an 8,8 out of 10|
July 30, 2017
Mulan breaks new grounds with its themes while also remaining faithful to the Disney princess' formula.
July 19, 2017
an amazing film with an amazing story with some of the beat artwork in any disney movie to date.

don't wait for a live action version. watch the disney animated version. if you have not then you are missing out on some of the best animation out there.
July 15, 2017
I liked this especially a good side performance from Eddie Murphy and a great soundtrack witch included a song from a very young Christina Aguilara.
½ June 28, 2017
This movie has superb music and is a spectacular adventure. One of the best from Disney. I can watch this movie over and over again because it is so fun and the characters are so likable. The plot is pretty simple but it is one I feel anyone can get behind. It delivers a positive message and I think it is an entertaining movie people of all ages can enjoy together.
June 11, 2017
This a great film for girls,and to empower them. But the hole film is made with so much detail. Can't wait to see the new one.
June 11, 2017
With Mulan, Disney finally tries something new. Rather than going for that typical whitewashing approach you see in many films nowadays, most of the voice actors are voiced by people of Asian descent. Ming-Na Wen, whom you probably know as May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., is very likable voicing the titular character. She is a strong female character who is willing to break the law and defy gender stereotypes if it means she'll get a chance to save China. Eddie Murphy, like Robin Williams in Aladdin, steals the show as Mushu...wait, Eddie Murphy voiced the comic relief who still served as a part of the story before Shrek? Seriously, though, he does great. The animation is brightly coloured and expressive and the action sequences are carried out creatively and not just mindless swordplay. The soundtrack is also enjoyable. Admit it, you totally loved "I'll Make a Man Out of You". I'm sure we can all agree it's the "Hellfire" of the film's soundtrack. With only a limited amount of soppy romance and the first Disney Princess (but, like Belle, she's not a princess...just a female protagonist) to enter "badass chick" territory, Mulan is a magnificently animated adventure that just might make a Disney fan out of you.
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