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Mystery Men

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Absurd characters and quirky gags are brought to life by a talented cast, providing this superhero spoof with lots of laughs.



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Based on the Dark Horse comic, Mystery Men. Seven lame superhero wannabes, who are called upon to use their dubious "powers" to save a bustling metropolis when Champion City's beloved real superhero-protector, Captain Amazing, is kidnapped. The wannabe heroes square off against the vile villain, Casanova Frankenstein, and his beautiful sidekick, Dr. Anabel Leek, as they try to stop Casanova's dastardly plot to take over the city.

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Hank Azaria
as The Blue Raja (Jeff)
Ben Stiller
as Mr. Furious (Roy)
Janeane Garofalo
as The Bowler
William H. Macy
as The Shoveler (Ed)
Greg Kinnear
as Captain Amazing
Geoffrey Rush
as Casanova Frankenstein
Paul Reubens
as The Spleen
Kel Mitchell
as The Invisible Boy
Wes Studi
as The Sphinx
Tom Waits
as Dr. Heller
Louise Lasser
as Violet (Jeff's Mom)
Lena Olin
as Dr. Annabel Leek
Ricky Jay
as Vic Weens
Mason Lucero
as Young Kid
Monet Mazur
as Becky Beaner
Adrian Armas
as Disco Boy
Gichi Gamba
as Disco Boy
Thomas Lake
as Disco Boy
Solo Scott
as Disco Boy
James Duke
as Big Tobacco
Michael Bay
as Frat Boy
Riki Rachtman
as Frat Boy
Noah Blake
as Frat Boy
Big Gipp
as Rapper
Sung Kang
as Susie
Jody Watley
as Disco Girl
Sunny Gorg
as Disco Girl
Sasha Bray
as Disco Girl
Marie Matiko
as Disco Girl
Artie Lange
as Big Red
Sarah Kane
as Old Party Goer
Ed Denette
as Old Veteran
Kiyoko Yamaguchi
as Back-Up Singer
Kiko Kiko
as Back-Up Singer
Nori T. Gehr
as Back-Up Singer
Mark Mothersbaugh
as Band Leader
Lu Gay
as Dancer
Stacey Travis
as Powerwoman
Joann Richter
as Powerwoman
Larkin Campbell
as Supervacman
Oliver Clark
as Reverse Psychologist
Jack Plotnick
as Mr. Pups
Dane Cook
as Waffler
Robert Musselman
as Disco Man/Ballerinaman
Doug Jones
as Pencilhead
Vincent Bowman
as Son of Pencilhead
Vylette Jezel Fagerholm
as Little Miss Vengeance
Dana Gould
as Squeegeeman
Brenden Williams
as Maintainer
Aaron Priest
as The Artiste
Robert B. Martin Jr.
as Big Billy Hill Billy
Gabrielle Conferti
as PMS Avenger
Elliot Durant III
as Martial Artist
Drinda E. Shaneyfelt
as Evil Dead Woman
Felix Castro
as Globalman
Michael Craig
as Gardener
Ronald Lasky
as Bullfighter
David Still
as Stilt Man
Jonathan Khan
as Fisherman
Jerry Farmer
as Thirstyman
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  • Aug 19, 2013
    Directors C Super Reviewer
  • Jul 01, 2013
    "Mystery Men" is a fully functional superhero spoof with an above average, comedic cast and a Burton-esque view at the underbelly of a city. Ben Stiller leads the ragtag gang of misfits with "special powers" which include wielding a shovel, throwing forks, and flatulation. No one stands out, no one really has a chance to shine and you could probably think of a handful of better actors that could have knocked these parts out of the park. Instead, we're left with a completely average action-comedy with a self-aware abuse of the genre and a tongue-in-cheek demeanor. Catapulting the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth, that's about the most memorable element to come out of this film, including a quick, but humorous cameo by Dane Cook.
    Christopher H Super Reviewer
  • Jun 24, 2013
    This would be successful if it was made today. The innocence and playfulness would be lost and this is why the film is a lost gem. Guilty pleasure or cult film, call it what you will. This is full of talent and they all look like are having fun. The film is a weird mix of humour and dark humour, but I honestly feel time has been very kind to this film. The film came out and was ahead of its time, much like other similar themed comic book style storylines over the years. If you have the chance, I highly recommend having another viewing of this film. 13/08/2019
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Jun 17, 2013
    Its like 30 minutes too long and I think one or two re-writes of the script would have made a world of improvement but the film is still a funny, effective spoof of the superhero genre. I love the cast and the fact that the visual design is somewhere between "Blade Runner" and Schumacher's Batman films.
    Alec B Super Reviewer

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