Operation Condor (Fei ying gai wak) (Armour of God II)


Operation Condor (Fei ying gai wak) (Armour of God II)

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Jackie Chan returns to his adventuring Indiana Jones-esque Asian Hawk character with this rollicking action-adventure yarn. In this go-around, Jackie (aka the Asian Hawk) is looking for 240 tons of gold stolen by the Nazis and buried beneath the Sahara. Along the way, he teams up with a stuck-up archeologist named Ada (Carol Cheng), a Japanese tourist named Momoko (Shoko Ikeda), and Elsa (Eva Cobo De Garcia), the granddaughter of the Nazi captain who originally hid the booty. Opposing them is various groups of blackguards and mercenaries along with Adolf (Aldo Sanbrell) -- the last surviving soldier from the original company -- who is hell-bent on getting the gold himself. Soon, two of Jackie's companions find themselves sold into slavery while Jackie battles the baddies in a massive WWII-era wind tunnel. This film ran 100 percent over Chan's already lavish -- by Hong Kong standards -- budget, making it one of the most expensive films that industry has ever produced.

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Ken Goodman
as Adolf's Guard No. 1
Gregory Tartaglia
as Adolf's Guard No. 2
Lyn Percival
as Adolf's Guard No. 3
Bruce Fontaine
as Adolf's Guard No. 4
Wayne Archer
as Adolf's Guard No. 5
Brandon Charles
as Adolf's Guard No. 6
Ken Lo
as Adolf's Guard No. 7
Peter Klimenko
as Adolf's Guard No. 8
Christian Perrochaud
as Adolf's Guard No. 9
Bozidar Smiljanic
as Duke Scapio
Mark King
as Duke's Guard No. 1
Bryan Baker
as Duke's Guard No. 2
Charles Yeomans
as Man with Stolen Clothes
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  • Jun 04, 2012
    With first entry in the series Amour of God series nearly killing Chan and the third entry named Chinese Zodiac set to be release later this year. I'm also checking the out sequel which is still as enjoyable and gives a return of Chan character Asian Hawk. Operation Condor, accurate name is Amour of God 2: Operation Condor, is about Asian Hawk who's hired to find WW2 Nazi gold that's hidden in the Sahara desert. The story actually has an interesting historical background for what's Hawk's looking for. Another improvement in the sequel is the humor is better and takes of advantage on Chan new companions. My personal favorite being is Chan using a pet scorpion of another character to fake himself getting poison and possibly delivering the funniest fake death I've ever seen in a movie. Though one issues still remains and that's the fact that Chan needs to save his companions even more than in the first entry. Though this is somewhat forgivable since Chan rescues does give us some of the best moments in the movie. Just like the first Amour of God, it doesn't take itself to serious and focuses on just entertaining the audience. As for Asian Hawk he just as cool and entertaining as in the first entry in the series. Though one thing lacking is the troubled past relationship that made the first Amour of God work and the new characters don't have any history with Chan character. With improvement on the story humor you'll have an experience just as enjoyable as the first entry. One good thing about the dubbed version of the movie is that Chan provided his own voice for the dubbed version, though the movie quality doesn't matter on which version you watch. One major improvement over Amour of God is that the fight scenes are more thrilling and filmed better. The fight scenes have more elements of humor which was missing from the first the movie. Jackie Chan once again brings his game to humorous results with a decent supporting cast. While the Chan doesn't have the same interesting chemistry, the new cast is humorous at times. Though I do feel the actresses will get on some viewers nerve as they're constantly complaining throughout the movie. The change in scenery is also nice as the first entry in the Amour of God series didn't have a huge scope and you'll likely to be amazed by the cinematography in the desert. Operation Condor is an uneven sequel making improvements in some area while making new flaws as well. Operation Condor is not a sequel, but don't go into it expecting something better.
    Caesar M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 15, 2008
    really funny action movie. and the bloopers at the end are surprising and hysterical.
    Vincent T Super Reviewer
  • Nov 20, 2007
    Great little action/kung fu flick.
    Tim S Super Reviewer
  • May 16, 2007
    One of Jackies more eclectic offerings; it covers ground from Crocodile Dundee-esque comedy to Indiana Jones to James Bond spy territory. Fun, but silly even by Chan's standards, but it's great to see Jackie kicking some Nazi ass. But DUBBED!!
    xGary X Super Reviewer

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