Sep 18, 2020
They are clearly having fun and playing well off each other.
Sep 2, 2017
An ineffective comical sci-fi cartoonish farce on Mormons and the porn film business.
Aug 14, 2007
Dec 24, 2006
Massively inventive and spiked with perversely wicked humor, "Orgazmo" is a delightful movie that showcases the multiple talents of Trey Parker as writer-director-star.
Dec 6, 2005
Jul 4, 2005
Parker and Stone are about to take over your funny bone.....A unique, amusing pic
Jul 1, 2005
Apr 8, 2005
If you're already a fan, consider the Special Edition DVD a must-own; if you've never seen Orgazmo before, be sure to make it a rental first. And hide the kiddies.
Feb 14, 2005
Jun 5, 2004
Stupid but also sharply funny.
Apr 2, 2004
Feb 8, 2004
Nov 28, 2003
The best movie about a Mormon porn star ever made.
Sep 8, 2003
.. and his sidekick, Choda Boy!
Jul 15, 2003
Perhaps the movie's single biggest joke is its NC-17 rating, which it must have earned solely for raunchy dialogue. The nudity is anything but erotic.
May 20, 2003
May 15, 2003
A film that isn't as funny as it should be, but should have been seen by more people.
Dec 8, 2002
Mar 19, 2002
Jan 1, 2000