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August 21, 2017
It was a good movie I absolutely love the comic themed moments and is definitely on my list of the top 10 animanted movies
August 19, 2017
Over the Hedge might not be the best Dreamworks Movie, but it's not the worst either.
Sure, the story's bland and the main hero is an unlikable lead to an already forgettable cast,but it does still have funny jokes, masterfully crafted animation and a squirrel that we'll never forget.
I'd definitely recommend seeing this if you're just looking for a humorous experience with great visuals, but frankly, I enjoyed it albeit it's subpar writing .
August 14, 2017
Over the Hedge is an underrated movie. It is funny, witty, and fun. The animation could do a little better, but that's a nitpick.
August 12, 2017
I give 5 stars because I remember as a child I watched the movie and it impacted me alot. Watching it 10 years later at the age of 14. I am now having a similar impast as it did as a kid.The characters and jokes were funny and very well made. The voice's themselves are very well acted. The animation is clean and the final battle between the animals, bear, crazy lady(I call her bitch lady since I long forgotten her name), and the exterminator is hilarious and action packed. The music is well chosen and really puts you in a mood. Overall, Over the Hedge is a timeless and funny movie and should be shared in all households.
½ August 8, 2017
The message that it should deliver may get lost in the slapstick action, but the cast and most of the story stay on point.
½ August 2, 2017
Such an DreamWorks classic, one of my favourite childhood movies! Clever and hillarious story, characters and scenes, with great animation, soundtrack and vocal performances...it's an amazing family movie with this forest friends!

|8,8 out of 10|
June 25, 2017
This is such an underrated movie, especially for DreamWorks. However, it is among one of my favorite ones from the studio. It's filled with a lot of memorable moments, as well as a lot of funny ones too, and it's just an all around great movie. 8.5 out of 10. It may not be at the level of something like Shrek or How to Train your Dragon, but compared to a lot of other DreamWorks movies, definitely one of my favorites. You can watch it again and again, because trust me, I have!
½ June 7, 2017
Formula Kid Storyline Of Accepting Those You Don't Understand. The Soundtrack By Ben Folds Ain't Too Bad Tho.
June 1, 2017
Over the Hedge is an engaging, funny film about forest animals fighting back from urbanization.
½ May 31, 2017
It is some excellent satire, and lots of fun. Of course, there's some pretty bad jokes sprinkled in there throughout, too.
½ May 16, 2017
Very creative but has a dumb ending!
May 8, 2017
Silly, boring, cringy, any of these words could be used to describe this film. A movie with this much importance in teaching kids about deforestation should have been way better. Unfortunately, most of the jokes don't land and the whole thing just doesn't deliver.
May 5, 2017
Caught in a paradox of being both misanthropic and anthropomorphic, it still looks fun, has anti-working class music from Ben Folds and a huge sense of humour.
½ April 15, 2017
So Darn Funny And you Can't Deny It! :)
½ April 6, 2017
Only two words to describe this, fun and clever. Also, what happened to Steve Carell? He broke up with Dreamworks to make cash with Illuminati Animation.
March 23, 2017
Good movie, watched this one a few times.
March 10, 2017
Amazing nothing more that turtle be lit tho lmao hashtag lmao hashtag nigher
February 23, 2017
"One of Dreamworks more underrated movies."
½ December 24, 2016
That was unbiblical of this, but this is not DreamWorks best film of all time, but there have circular animal live by against neighbor house. Rj raccoon who have a deal with friend grizzly bear name Vincent both play by Bruce willis and nick volte while group there live in log here name Vernes is turles want have find something everyone is trust meeting what is wrong outside everyone don't go in there. but there have not have straight down the middle what come up with.
December 16, 2016
Oddly for a film which isn't considered an animation classic, Over the Hedge is somehow my favourite DreamWorks Animation movie of all time. I practically enjoyed the entire film for what it was. The film benefited from a talented cast, most of its characters were colourful both in terms of rendering and personalities, the film was pretty funny especially in the two shots of Earth from space - now those were good visual gags - and it even found seemed to have a heart as the film goes from a raccoon tricking a group of animals into helping him get food which primarily consists of fictional brands of crisps such as Spuddies (because DreamWorks didn't want to get in trouble with Pringles :p) to a film where he himself ends up learning a message about family. It makes me sad that a sequel is highly unlikely especially since Garry Shandling died this year, may he rest in peace, but overall this still remains my #1 favourite DreamWorks movie.
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