Paranormal Activity 2 Reviews

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September 18, 2019
Despite its ambitions, Paranormal Activity 2 ends up demonstrating why horror sequels are so often not very sequential.
May 8, 2019
This is the rare sequel that proves to not only be better than the original, but actually makes the first film better as well.
August 26, 2015
Earns some really nice chills, especially once we hit the big finale.
April 28, 2015
This demon is more like a lousy roommate, turning the lights on, leaving the cabinets open and making loud noises in the kitchen while everybody's trying to sleep.
November 9, 2013
Paranormal Activity 2 is surprisingly boring, not scary and lazily made. This is hands down one of the worst horror movies that I've ever seen.
February 15, 2013
It's the scariest movie in years.
September 22, 2012
To put it simply, if you've seen the first film, then you've seen this film. There's nothing new offered here, so there's not much of a point in bothering with it.
November 24, 2011
July 14, 2011
While the meagre rationing of shocks is undoubtedly frustrating for the bulk of the movie, this allows the final act plenty of room to crank the fear factor up to 11.
April 17, 2011
The good ol' child-in-peril gimmick is the only new thing offered by Tod Williams' follow-up to Oren Peli's 2007 hit.
April 4, 2011
Instead of being trapped in one bedroom, this family has quite a few escape routes that they use quite a bit, which doesn't really help build a sense of dread. It just makes you think, "Get out of the house, fools. The door's right there."
March 9, 2011
The scares in Paranormal Activity 2 aren't as frequent or always as well built as the original film's, but those that exist are still pretty effective.
February 20, 2011
Not only drags out too long, it fails to pay off at the end.
February 10, 2011
[A] title card end[s] the film on another ominous ellipsis, ominous primarily because it guarantees the need for a third film, most likely to be released in 3D, it is assumed.
February 6, 2011
For me, the meager payoff wasn't worth the effort in time and patience. The bother wasn't worth the wait.
January 27, 2011
I enjoyed Paranormal Activity 2 and I'd recommend it even if you weren't a fan of the first.
January 27, 2011
I anxiously await the third leg in the series.
January 4, 2011
Like Oren Peli, who created the first film, director Tod Williams keeps the dialogue So-Cal dumb and colorless, which must be part of the scare plan but makes both these movies hard to sit through.
December 8, 2010
Revealing more of the mystery reduces the scare factor but ups the intrigue.
November 29, 2010
PA2 actually isn't that frightening, but it complicates the questions of documentation, memory, and history in ways that make any possible answers at least a little unnerving.
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