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½ September 18, 2017
Despite the logical fallacies the story presents, it's quite a watch.
August 9, 2017
A terrible, boring film with a horrible performance from all the actors. Surprisingly, one of the worst films I've seen.
March 19, 2017
I. LOVE. This. Movie.
Always have actually. A small town, light dramedy of an almost divorced middle aged woman who gets transported back to high school to relive meeting here husband.
The idea of a do-over is huge w me, and Coppola gets every detail right w sets, script, dialogue, and gets the perfect pitch and tone from his stars.
Hilarious high school antics, and then poignant and heartfelt moments at just the right time.

The witty deadpan comments about American culture then and now are brilliant and give this film a thinking man's layer; the comedy and drama keep things lively, and the moments of nostalgia - talking to a long gone relative on the phone again - brought a depth that got me thinking 'what if I could go back and change things?' I was drawn in completely.

Nostalgic to a 'T', thoughtful, great cast camaraderie, great costumes, and a few early Jim Carrey antics to boot.
The premise of going back and doing your life over again with what u know now - Awesome.
And used to full effect here, in Francis Ford Coppola's best grand, sweeping, storytelling style. It has some visual qualities like The Black Stallion, and is a female Back To The Future - a year before that movie hit the scene.

They particularly nailed the culture of 1960 too.
So many ways they got it right, and Kathleen Turner brings her Oscar nominated 'A' game.

5 out of 5 dreams that feel SO real..
March 13, 2017
It's a charming movie with hilarious moments and some meaningful moments scattered throughout even if it's cheesey and cliche through a lot of it as well. Not sure why Francis Ford Coppola did something like this but it's interesting to see on his resume.
½ January 26, 2017
Turner é ótima, mas os personagens são magros e unidimensionais e Nicolas Cage é (dã) bizarro
January 7, 2017
It doesn't seem like much happens, maybe I wasn't following it closely enough. Watchable and worth rewatching. Cool to see Nicholas Cage and Jim Carey though!
½ August 1, 2016
enjoyable movie and interesting concept that she flashed back to her high school days and remembered why she fell in love. Ending could have been better, but good cast and nice story overall
June 22, 2016
Peggy Sue, you had a do-over, go for the nerd!
June 20, 2016
The score alone makes this film so much more than I ever expected.
May 13, 2016
This is based on the fact I've only seen about 20-30 minutes of it. I didn't think I'd like it but it was slowly drawing me in when I had to leave. Nicholas Cage's voice is, however, completely ridiculous.
½ April 10, 2016
Just as fun as I remembered it being, but the ending sucks.
½ March 7, 2016
A nostalgic look at the 1950s. Not as entertaining as Back to the Future.
January 2, 2016
When comparing with Back to the Future, Peggy Sue fails to make us care about her final decision. Nicolas Cage is charismatic here.
June 7, 2015
A very cute film with a nice performance from Kathleen Turner. The real star of the show though is Nicolas Cage who once again makes me scratch my head at how his career spiraled out of control when he is capable of performances like this. Definitely one of his best. Jim Carrey pops up for a few scenes and is great and Kevin J. O'Conner gave a great performance as well. It is well written, has great costumes, and a delightful soundtrack
May 26, 2015
I never understood the appeal of this movie. The one thing that saves it at all is a great movie star turn by Kathleen Turner at the height of her stardom.
½ April 17, 2015
Interesting for some odd performances from the likes of Nicolas Cage and Jim Carrey but it's a stupid story that is so predictable that it's difficult to wait for it all to happen.
½ April 5, 2015
a charming, endearing, and warm film about looking back and seeing what might have been
the movie has a somber attitude, "Peggy Sue got married..." and that's it
when Peggy goes back in time to see where she got to in the present she begins to realize what she could have done different and not drifted so far apart from her children and her husband
she has a second chance to relive the old days of her grandparents and make things right with her high school experience
Coppola makes the trip back to the past a loving event
with such a large cast and positive feeling Kathleen Turner makes the viewer see the regrets and urges to avoid them later in life
doing things too fast or too rashly comes back to leave us with grief and disappointment
it is never too late to make the best of long and short-term decisions that will stick with us until the end of time
this is the kind of nostalgia that should have even the most happy viewer appreciate the stuff in the present and never dwell on the past
this is a gem of cinema from the 80's with Kathleen Turner rotating on all cylinders with glee
February 28, 2015
There's something about "Peggy Sue Got Married" that really stuck with me. It's like when the premise and way the movie was made is written on paper, you think "There's no way this is going to work" but then it does. I was really surprised with how much this picture affected me emotionally.

Kathleen Turner plays Peggy Sue Bodell, who is attending her 25-year high school reunion with her daughter Beth (Helen Hunt). Peggy Sue married right out of high school but now she and her husband, Charlie (Nicolas Cage) have separated. It's awkward enough answering the same questions over and over to the people that haven't seen you in decades but then her husband shows up and things go from bad to worse. She is nevertheless named "Prom Queen" and accepts the award, but when on stage, she faints. When she wakes up, she discovers that it's once again the spring of 1960. With her memories of the future, she tries to alter her past for the better. The film follows her as she rediscovers who she was at the time and tries to find a way to return to the present.

There's something about this movie that really hits home. Travelling back in time and altering the past is a desire that in a way, everyone has. Sure people tell you that they wouldn't go back and fix their past mistakes because "those mistakes made them who they are" but come on, we all know the day you wake up in your high-schooler's body, the first thing you're doing is buying Baseball cards to stash away, warning people about 9/11 and meeting Elvis in person, before he gets fat. Peggy Sue seizes the opportunity to do that stuff right away, but then gets side-tracked when she realizes that this trip back in time can be a very emotional experience. With the body of a teenager and the mind of a mother, she reacts very differently to her own parents and realizes how much she missed being a teenager, or being in the same house as her mother, father and sister, or her grandparents (who have in present day been dead for some time). There's something really touching about that and it makes you think back at your own teenage years; if you could go back, who would you be nicer to, who would you appreciate more, who would you stand up to? Yes it would be awesome to return to a time where you could amass money and power, or change history for the better, but there is also something uniquely appealing about just being able to interact with the people from your own past and get a new perspective on what the world was like back then.

One of my favorite moments in the film is when Peggy is talking to her then-boyfriend Charlie (Nicholas Cage). This isn't the same guy as he is years later. He's a nervous kid who is doing everything to impress her and is completely in love with the woman. He's anxious and vulnerable too. Check out the scene when Peggy, who now knows the man better than he does finds that she is once again, falling in love with him. She tries to initiate sex with him in his car, but the guy is so taken aback that he refuses and kicks her out. Isn't that what would really happen if you were confronted with someone that was 25 years older than you are, but was disguised as someone your own age? It's little moments like that that really make the movie because it doesn't feel contrived despite the outlandish premise, it feels absolutely genuine.

Another element that really helps make you buy into this whole situation are the performances. With excellent costumes and makeup, we have Jim Carrey, Nicolas Cage, Joan Allen, Catherine Hicks and others playing both adults and teenagers and the effect isn't perfect, but the performances sell them. Some of the people I was watching with found that Nicolas Cage as Charlie had a pretty irritating voice when he was 18, but I found that it was very believable that he would have a goofy, nervous voice when he was younger. I'm pretty sure if I looked at any recordings of myself at that age, I would have been pretty annoying too. The actor that really needs to have the spotlight on her is Kathleen Turner, who does a fantastic job. There's almost an implication that while inside the body of her 18-year old self, her mind goes back and forth between the maturity of her older and younger self. She pulls it off not with words, but with subtle changes in her face. Any scene where Peggy Sue is interacting with her mother contains many subtle nuances and although it seems impossible, the 32-year old actress convincingly plays a teenager. It's a spectacular performance and you're an aspiring actor/actress you need to check it out and study this film so get yourself a good Dvd and start wearing out that fast forward and rewind button.

It might take a bit of time for you to warm up to it, but there's something really special about this film. I love any story that has to do with time travel because of the moral implications, the possibilities and the dangers that are associated with it. In this case, it made me think about traveling to the past in a whole new way. I still think I'd go back in time to stop Skynet first, but I'd certainly make a point to visit my past because of my experience watching the film. This is the kind of movie that you watch and enjoy both for the technical aspect and the story. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing it again. (On Dvd, January 28, 2014)
February 16, 2015
One of my favorites from the '80s.
January 25, 2015
excellent work by Nicolas Cage
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