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Planet 51 squanders an interesting premise with an overly familiar storyline, stock characters, and humor that alternates between curious and potentially offensive.



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Planet 51 is a galactic-sized animated alien adventure comedy revolving around American astronaut Captain Charles "Chuck" Baker, who lands on Planet 51 thinking he's the first person to step foot on it. To his surprise, he finds that this planet is inhabited by little green people who are happily living in a white picket fence world reminiscent of a cheerfully innocent 1950s America, and whose only fear is that it will be overrun by alien Chuck! With the help of his robot companion "Rover" and his new friend Lem, Chuck must navigate his way through the dazzling, but bewildering, landscape of Planet 51 in order to escape becoming a permanent part of the Planet 51 Alien Invaders Space Museum.


Dwayne Johnson
as Chuck Baker
Gary Oldman
as General Grawl
John Cleese
as Professor Kipple

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  • Nov 11, 2018
    The film has a fun concept but the overall story is lacking and the voice cast is somewhat subdued. The twist on the 50s paranoia was an inspired choice and the fun is spotting all the pulp culture references, this is probably why I enjoyed this film more than the typical audience. The biggest flaw is the short running time and characters that don't connect as well as you would like. The turnaround to create this film is probably why it feels so shallow, it was half the production of a standard animated film. In a competitive market a film like Planet 51 fails to impress and when Dawyne Johnson is tamed right down, you begin to realise this film was a massive missed opportunity. Good for the kids and something you can sink your teeth into but not a great film. 08/11/2018.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Jul 16, 2015
    The Rock has landed in the animated family comedy Planet 51. When astronaut Chuck Baker visits a mysterious planet he discovers that it's populated and has a civilization that's not unlike his own. Featuring the voice talents of Dwayne Johnson, Justin Long, Seann William Scott, and Jessica Biel, the cast is pretty good. However, the comedy is rather broad; with a lot of cheap jokes and slapstick. Also, the animation style is pretty generic and a little rough in some spots. Still, there's a bit of charm and cleverness to the '50s sci-fi motif. For a kid's film Planet 51 isn't that bad, but older audiences won't find much here for them.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 11, 2012
    Gorgeous animation but it doesn't quite make the leap to fantastic.
    Sean S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 05, 2011
    The whole storyline is something everyone will know they have seen before. Some jokes were funny, others were embarassing and it treads too much into E.T territory Resultingly, Planet 51 isn't good family entertainment. The animation is pretty good but the characters are either cardboard cut out or borrowed from other better films.
    Directors C Super Reviewer

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